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Badger, J; Lal, J; Harder, R; Inouye, H; Gleber, SC; Vogt, S; Robinson, I; (2013) Three-dimensional imaging of crystalline inclusions embedded in intact maize stalks. Scientific Reports , 3 , Article 2843. 10.1038/srep02843. Green open access

Bagneris, C; DeCaen, PG; Hall, BA; Naylor, CE; Clapham, DE; Kay, CWM; Wallace, BA; (2013) Role of the C-terminal domain in the structure and function of tetrameric sodium channels. NATURE COMMUNICATIONS , 4 (ARTN 246) 10.1038/ncomms3465.

Bakewell, DJ; Bailey, J; Holmes, D; (2013) Advancing image quantification methods and tools for analysis of nanoparticle electrokinetics. AIP Advances , 3 (10) , Article 102101. 10.1063/1.4824435. Green open access

Bakewell, DJ; Holmes, D; (2013) Dual-cycle dielectrophoretic collection rates for probing the dielectric properties of nanoparticles. Electrophoresis , 34 (7) 987 - 999. 10.1002/elps.201200422. Green open access

Balmer, RS; Friel, I; Hepplestone, S; Isberg, J; Uren, MJ; Markham, ML; Palmer, NL; ... Lang, R; + view all (2013) Transport behavior of holes in boron delta-doped diamond structures. Journal of Applied Physics , 113 (3) 033702-033702. 10.1063/1.4775814.

Berridge, AM; Green, AG; (2013) Nonequilibrium conductivity at quantum critical points. PHYSICAL REVIEW B , 88 (22) 10.1103/PhysRevB.88.220512. Green open access

Biro, M; Romeo, Y; Kroschwald, S; Bovellan, M; Boden, A; Tcherkezian, J; Roux, PP; ... Paluch, EK; + view all (2013) Cell Cortex Composition and Homeostasis Resolved by Integrating Proteomics and Quantitative Imaging. CYTOSKELETON , 70 (11) pp. 741-754. 10.1002/cm.21142.

Blois, A; Rozhko, S; Hao, L; Gallop, JC; Romans, EJ; (2013) Proximity effect bilayer nano superconducting quantum interference devices for millikelvin magnetometry. JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS , 114 (23) 10.1063/1.4843856.

Boseggia, S; Springell, R; Walker, HC; Ronnow, HM; Rueegg, C; Okabe, H; Isobe, M; ... McMorrow, DF; + view all (2013) Robustness of Basal-Plane Antiferromagnetic Order and the J(eff)=1/2 State in Single-Layer Iridate Spin-Orbit Mott Insulators. PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS , 110 (11) 10.1103/PhysRevLett.110.117207.

Boseggia, S; Walker, HC; Vale, J; Springell, R; Feng, Z; Perry, RS; Moretti Sala, M; ... McMorrow, DF; + view all (2013) Locking of iridium magnetic moments to the correlated rotation of oxygen octahedra in Sr₂IrO₄ revealed by x-ray resonant scattering. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter , 25 (42) , Article 422202. 10.1088/0953-8984/25/42/422202.

Boseggia, S; Walker, HC; Vale, J; Springell, R; Feng, Z; Perry, RS; Sala, MM; ... McMorrow, DF; + view all (2013) Locking of iridium magnetic moments to the correlated rotation of oxygen octahedra in Sr2IrO4 revealed by x-ray resonant scattering. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter , 25 (42) , Article 422202. 10.1088/0953-8984/25/42/422202.

Bovo, L; Bloxsom, JA; Prabhakaran, D; Aeppli, G; Bramwell, ST; (2013) Brownian motion and quantum dynamics of magnetic monopoles in spin ice. NATURE COMMUNICATIONS , 4 (ARTN 153) 10.1038/ncomms2551. Gold open access

Bozkurt, M; Mahani, MR; Studer, P; Tang, J-M; Schofield, SR; Curson, NJ; Flatte, ME; ... Koenraad, PM; + view all (2013) Magnetic anisotropy of single Mn acceptors in GaAs in an external magnetic field. PHYSICAL REVIEW B , 88 (20) 10.1103/PhysRevB.88.205203.

Bruin, JAN; Borzi, RA; Grigera, SA; Rost, AW; Perry, RS; Mackenzie, AP; (2013) Study of the electronic nematic phase of Sr3Ru2O7 with precise control of the applied magnetic field vector. PHYSICAL REVIEW B , 87 (16) 10.1103/PhysRevB.87.161106.

Bruin, JAN; Sakai, H; Perry, RS; Mackenzie, AP; (2013) Similarity of Scattering Rates in Metals Showing T-Linear Resistivity. SCIENCE , 339 (6121) pp. 804-807. 10.1126/science.1227612.

Burnett, J; Lindström, T; Oxborrow, M; Harada, Y; Sekine, Y; Meeson, P; Tzalenchuk, AY; (2013) Slow noise processes in superconducting resonators. Physical Review B , 87 (14) 10.1103/PhysRevB.87.140501.


Calvo, F; Ege, N; Grande-Garcia, A; Hooper, S; Jenkins, RP; Chaudhry, SI; Harrington, K; ... Sahai, E; + view all (2013) Mechanotransduction and YAP-dependent matrix remodelling is required for the generation and maintenance of cancer-associated fibroblasts. NATURE CELL BIOLOGY , 15 (6) 637-+. 10.1038/ncb2756.

Caviglia, AD; Foerst, M; Scherwitzl, R; Khanna, V; Bromberger, H; Mankowsky, R; Singla, R; ... Cavalleri, A; + view all (2013) Photoinduced melting of magnetic order in the correlated electron insulator NdNiO3. PHYSICAL REVIEW B , 88 (22) 10.1103/PhysRevB.88.220401.

Cha, W; Jeong, NC; Song, S; Park, HJ; Thanh Pham, TC; Harder, R; Lim, B; ... Kim, H; + view all (2013) Core-shell strain structure of zeolite microcrystals. Nature Materials , 12 (8) pp. 729-734. 10.1038/nmat3698. Green open access

Challand, MR; Salvadori, E; Driesener, RC; Kay, CW; Roach, PL; Spencer, J; (2013) Cysteine Methylation Controls Radical Generation in the Cfr Radical AdoMet rRNA Methyltransferase. PLoS One , 8 (7) , Article e67979. 10.1371/journal.pone.0067979. Green open access

Chen, B; (2013) X-ray Imaging of Three-dimensional Spatial Structure of Coatings. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London).

Chen, B; Guizar-Sicairos, M; Xiong, G; Shemilt, L; Diaz, A; Nutter, J; Burdet, N; ... Robinson, I; + view all (2013) Three-dimensional structure analysis and percolation properties of a barrier marine coating. Scientific Reports , 3 , Article 1177. 10.1038/srep01177. Green open access

Chen, J; Li, X-Z; Zhang, Q; Michaelides, A; Wang, E; (2013) Nature of proton transport in a water-filled carbon nanotube and in liquid water. PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS , 15 (17) pp. 6344-6349. 10.1039/c3cp50218j.

Chen, J; Li, X-Z; Zhang, Q; Probert, MIJ; Pickard, CJ; Needs, RJ; Michaelides, A; (2013) Quantum simulation of low-temperature metallic liquid hydrogen. Nature communications , 4 , Article 2064. 10.1038/ncomms3064. Green open access

Clark, JN; Beitra, L; Xiong, G; Higginbotham, A; Fritz, DM; Lemke, HT; Zhu, D; ... Robinson, IK; + view all (2013) Ultrafast three-dimensional imaging of lattice dynamics in individual gold nanocrystals. Science , 341 (6141) pp. 56-59. 10.1126/science.1236034. Green open access

Conduit, GJ; Pedder, CJ; Green, AG; (2013) Fluctuation-induced pair density wave in itinerant ferromagnets. Physical Review B , 87 (12) , Article 121112. 10.1103/PhysRevB.87.121112. Green open access

Cui, A; Fenton, JC; Li, W; Shen, TH; Liu, Z; Luo, Q; Gu, C; (2013) Ion-beam-induced bending of freestanding amorphous nanowires: The importance of the substrate material and charging. Applied Physics Letters , 102 (21) , Article 213112. 10.1063/1.4807663. Green open access

Cui, A; Li, W; Shen, TH; Yao, Y; Fenton, JC; Peng, Y; Liu, Z; ... Gu, C; + view all (2013) Thermally Induced Shape Modification of Free-standing Nanostructures for Advanced Functionalities. Scientific Reports , 3 , Article 2429. 10.1038/srep02429. Green open access


Daraszewicz, SL; Duffy, DM; (2013) Hybrid continuum–atomistic modelling of swift heavy ion radiation damage in germanium. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms , 303 , Article C. 10.1016/j.nimb.2012.11.027. Green open access

Daraszewicz, SL; Giret, Y; Naruse, N; Murooka, Y; Yang, J; Duffy, DM; Shluger, AL; (2013) Structural dynamics of laser-irradiated gold nanofilms. Physical Review B , 88 (18) , Article 184101. 10.1103/PhysRevB.88.184101. Green open access

Dean, MPM; James, AJA; Springell, RS; Liu, X; Monney, C; Zhou, KJ; Konik, RM; ... Hill, JP; + view all (2013) High-Energy Magnetic Excitations in the Cuprate Superconductor Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+delta: Towards a Unified Description of Its Electronic and Magnetic Degrees of Freedom. PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS , 110 (14) 10.1103/PhysRevLett.110.147001.

Dehollain, JP; Pla, JJ; Siew, E; Tan, KY; Dzurak, AS; Morello, A; (2013) Nanoscale broadband transmission lines for spin qubit control. NANOTECHNOLOGY , 24 (1) 10.1088/0957-4484/24/1/015202.

Di Valentin, M; Meneghin, E; Orian, L; Polimeno, A; Buechel, C; Salvadori, E; Kay, CWM; (2013) Triplet-triplet energy transfer in fucoxanthin-chlorophyll protein from diatom Cyclotella meneghiniana: Insights into the structure of the complex. BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA ACTA-BIOENERGETICS , 1827 (10) pp. 1226-1234. 10.1016/j.bbabio.2013.07.003.

Di Valentin, M; Salvadori, E; Barone, V; Carbonera, D; (2013) Unravelling electronic and structural requisites of triplet-triplet energy transfer by advanced electron paramagnetic resonance and density functional theory. MOLECULAR PHYSICS , 111 (18-19) pp. 2914-2932. 10.1080/00268976.2013.807368.

Diemoz, PC; Endrizzi, M; Zapata, CE; Bravin, A; Speller, RD; Robinson, IK; Olivo, A; (2013) Improved sensitivity at synchrotrons using edge illumination X-ray phase-contrast imaging. In: Journal of Instrumentation (JINST). (pp. C06002-0). IOP: UK. Green open access

Diemoz, PC; Endrizzi, M; Zapata, CE; Pesic, ZD; Rau, C; Bravin, A; Robinson, IK; (2013) X-Ray Phase-Contrast Imaging with Nanoradian Angular Resolution. Physical review letters , 110 (13) , Article 138105. 10.1103/PhysRevLett.110.138105. Green open access

Driesener, RC; Duffus, BR; Shepard, EM; Bruzas, IR; Duschene, KS; Coleman, NJ-R; Marrison, APG; ... Roach, PL; + view all (2013) Biochemical and Kinetic Characterization of Radical S-Adenosyl-L-methionine Enzyme HydG. BIOCHEMISTRY , 52 (48) pp. 8696-8707. 10.1021/bi401143s.

Dzyapko, O; Kurebayashi, H; Demidov, VE; Demokritov, SO; (2013) Control of Pure Spin Current by Magnon Tunneling and Three-Magnon Splitting in Insulating Yttrium Iron Garnet Films. In: Wu, M and Hoffmann, A, (eds.) UNSPECIFIED (pp. 83-122). ELSEVIER ACADEMIC PRESS INC

Dzyapko, O; Kurebayashi, H; Demidov, VE; Evelt, M; Ferguson, AJ; Demokritov, SO; (2013) Effect of the magnetic film thickness on the enhancement of the spin current by multi-magnon processes. APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS , 102 (25) 10.1063/1.4812812.


Edgington, RJ; Thalhammer, A; Welch, JO; Bongrain, A; Bergonzo, P; Scorsone, E; Jackman, RB; (2013) Patterned neuronal networks using nanodiamonds and the effect of varying nanodiamond properties on neuronal adhesion and outgrowth. JOURNAL OF NEURAL ENGINEERING , 10 (5) 10.1088/1741-2560/10/5/056022.


Filidou, V; Mamone, S; Simmons, S; Karlen, SD; Anderson, HL; Kay, CWM; Bagno, A; ... Morton, JJL; + view all (2013) Probing the C-60 triplet state coupling to nuclear spins inside and out. PHILOSOPHICAL TRANSACTIONS OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY A-MATHEMATICAL PHYSICAL AND ENGINEERING SCIENCES , 371 (1998) 10.1098/rsta.2012.0475.

Fritzsche, M; Lewalle, A; Duke, T; Kruse, K; Charras, G; (2013) Analysis of turnover dynamics of the submembranous actin cortex. MOLECULAR BIOLOGY OF THE CELL , 24 (6) pp. 757-767. 10.1091/mbc.E12-06-0485. Gold open access


George, RE; Edwards, JP; Ardavan, A; (2013) Coherent spin control by electrical manipulation of the magnetic anisotropy. Phys. Rev. Lett. , 110 (2) , Article 027601. 10.1103/PhysRevLett.110.027601. Green open access

George, RE; Robledo, LM; Maroney, OJE; Blok, MS; Bernien, H; Markham, ML; Twitchen, DJ; ... Hanson, R; + view all (2013) Opening up three quantum boxes causes classically undetectable wavefunction collapse. PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA , 110 (10) pp. 3777-3781. 10.1073/pnas.1208374110.

Giret, Y; Naruse, N; Daraszewicz, SL; Murooka, Y; Yang, J; Duffy, DM; Shluger, AL; (2013) Determination of transient atomic structure of laser-excited materials from time-resolved diffraction data. Applied Physics Letters , 103 (25) , Article 253107. 10.1063/1.4847695. Green open access

Green, AG; (2013) An introduction to gauge-gravity duality and its application in condensed matter. Contemporary Physics , 54 (1) 33 - 48. 10.1080/00107514.2013.779477. Green open access

Greenland, PT; (2013) Should we eat Einstein's brain? CONTEMPORARY PHYSICS , 54 (2) pp. 97-99. 10.1080/00107514.2013.766638.


Hall, BA; Bagneris, C; Barrett, T; Kay, CWM; (2013) Structure of NEMO through EPR Spectroscopy and Multiscale Modelling. In: (Proceedings) 57th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical-Society. (pp. 567A-567A). CELL PRESS

Harder, R; Robinson, IK; (2013) Coherent X-Ray Diffraction Imaging of Morphology and Strain in Nanomaterials. JOM , 65 (9) pp. 1202-1207. 10.1007/s11837-013-0682-4. Green open access

Harris, AR; (2013) From the mechanical properties of single cells to those of simple tissues. Doctoral thesis (PhD), UCL (University College London). Green open access

Harris, AR; Bellis, J; Khalilgharibi, N; Wyatt, T; Baum, B; Kabla, AJ; Charras, GT; (2013) Generating suspended cell monolayers for mechanobiological studies. NATURE PROTOCOLS , 8 (12) pp. 2516-2530. 10.1038/nprot.2013.151.

Hegg, A; Krüger, F; Phillips, PW; (2013) Breakdown of self-averaging in the Bose glass. Physical Review B , 88 (13) , Article 134206. 10.1103/PhysRevB.88.134206.

Hermans, RI; Bailey, JM; Aeppli, G; (2013) Direct and alignment-insensitive measurement of cantilever curvature. Applied Physics Letters , 103 (3) , Article 034103. 10.1063/1.4813265. Green open access

Hirjibehedin, CF; (2013) SPINTRONICS How to live longer. NATURE PHYSICS , 9 (12) pp. 756-757. 10.1038/nphys2818.

Huang, X; Yan, H; Nazaretski, E; Conley, R; Bouet, N; Zhou, J; Lauer, K; ... Chu, YS; + view all (2013) 11 nm hard X-ray focus from a large-aperture multilayer Laue lens. Scientific Reports , 3 , Article 3562. 10.1038/srep03562. Green open access


Isakov, I; Panfilova, M; Sourribes, MJL; Tileli, V; Porter, AE; Warburton, PA; (2013) InAs1-xPx nanowires grown by catalyst-free molecular-beam epitaxy. NANOTECHNOLOGY , 24 (8) 10.1088/0957-4484/24/8/085707.

Isakov, I; Panfilova, M; Sourribes, MJL; Warburton, PA; (2013) Growth of ZnO and ZnMgO nanowires by Au-catalysed molecular-beam epitaxy. PHYSICA STATUS SOLIDI C: CURRENT TOPICS IN SOLID STATE PHYSICS, VOL 10, NO 10 , 10 (10) pp. 1308-1313. 10.1002/pssc.201200940.

Iwaya, K; Bowler, DR; Brazdova, V; Ferreira da Silva, A; Renner, C; Wu, W; Fisher, AJ; ... Aeppli, G; + view all (2013) Half-filled orbital and unconventional geometry of a common dopant in Si(001). PHYSICAL REVIEW B , 88 (3) , Article 035440. 10.1103/PhysRevB.88.035440. Green open access


James, AJA; Konik, RM; (2013) Understanding the entanglement entropy and spectra of 2D quantum systems through arrays of coupled 1D chains. PHYSICAL REVIEW B , 87 (24) 10.1103/PhysRevB.87.241103.

James, AJA; Konik, RM; Huang, K; Chen, WQ; Rice, TM; Zhang, FC; (2013) Magnetism and Superconductivity in the Pseudogap Phase of Underdoped Cuprates. 10TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON MATERIALS AND MECHANISMS OF SUPERCONDUCTIVITY (M2S-X) , 449 (UNSP 012) 10.1088/1742-6596/449/1/012006.


Kulaitis, G; Krüger, F; Nissen, F; Keeling, J; (2013) Disordered driven coupled cavity arrays: Nonequilibrium stochastic mean-field theory. Physical Review A , 87 (1) , Article 013840. 10.1103/PhysRevA.87.013840.

Kumar, S; Thomas, KJ; Smith, LW; Pepper, M; Farrer, I; Ritchie, DA; Jones, GAC; (2013) Effect of Low Transverse Magnetic Field on the Confinement Strength in a Quasi-1D Wire. In: Ihn, T and Rossler, C and Kozikov, A, (eds.) (Proceedings) 31st International Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors (ICPS). (pp. 245-+). AMER INST PHYSICS

Kurebayashi, H; Skinner, TD; Khazen, K; Olejnik, K; Fang, D; Ciccarelli, C; Campion, RP; ... Ferguson, AJ; + view all (2013) Uniaxial anisotropy of two-magnon scattering in an ultrathin epitaxial Fe layer on GaAs. APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS , 102 (6) 10.1063/1.4792269.


Lechner, BAJ; De Wijn, AS; Hedgeland, H; Jardine, AP; Hinch, BJ; Allison, W; Ellis, J; (2013) Atomic scale friction of molecular adsorbates during diffusion. Journal of Chemical Physics , 138 (19) 10.1063/1.4804269.

Lechner, BAJ; Hedgeland, H; Allison, W; Ellis, J; Jardine, AP; (2013) Note: A new design for a low-temperature high-intensity helium beam source. Review of Scientific Instruments , 84 (2) 10.1063/1.4791929.

Lechner, BAJ; Hedgeland, H; Ellis, J; Allison, W; Sacchi, M; Jenkins, SJ; Hinch, BJ; (2013) Quantum influences in the diffusive motion of pyrrole on Cu(111). Angewandte Chemie - International Edition , 52 (19) pp. 5085-5088. 10.1002/anie.201208868.

Lechner, BAJ; Sacchi, M; Jardine, AP; Hedgeland, H; Allison, W; Ellis, J; Jenkins, SJ; ... Hinch, BJ; + view all (2013) Jumping, rotating, and flapping: The atomic-scale motion of thiophene on Cu(111). Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters , 4 (11) pp. 1953-1958. 10.1021/jz400639c.

Li, W; Gu, C; Cui, A; Fenton, JC; Jiang, Q; Warburton, PA; Shen, TH; (2013) Three-dimensional nanostructures by focused ion beam techniques: Fabrication and characterization. JOURNAL OF MATERIALS RESEARCH , 28 (22) pp. 3063-3078. 10.1557/jmr.2013.324.

Lo, CC; Weis, CD; van Tol, J; Bokor, J; Schenkel, T; Morton, JJL; (2013) Spins in silicon MOSFETs: electron spin relaxation and hyperpolarization of nuclear spin. In: Drouhin, HJ and Wegrowe, JE and Razeghi, M, (eds.) (Proceedings) SPIE Symposium on Spintronics VI. SPIE-INT SOC OPTICAL ENGINEERING


Ma, H; Miller, B; Lee, S; Ahnood, A; Bauza, M; Milne, WI; Nathan, A; (2013) Amorphous silicon thin film transistor biosensing system. In: (pp. pp. 10-15).

Maiden, AM; Morrison, GR; Kaulich, B; Gianoncelli, A; Rodenburg, JM; (2013) Soft X-ray spectromicroscopy using ptychography with randomly phased illumination. NATURE COMMUNICATIONS , 4 (ARTN 166) 10.1038/ncomms2640.

Malboubi, M; Behroozi, M; Bowen, J; Chizari, M; Charras, G; Jiang, K; (2013) The Effect of Aperture Size on Gigaseal Formation. In: (Proceedings) 57th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical-Society. (pp. 673A-673A). CELL PRESS

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McKendry, RA; Kappeler, N; (2013) Good vibrations for bad bacteria. NATURE NANOTECHNOLOGY , 8 (7) pp. 483-484. 10.1038/nnano.2013.127.

Moeendarbary, E; Valon, L; Fritzsche, M; Harris, AR; Moulding, DA; Thrasher, AJ; Stride, E; ... Charras, GT; + view all (2013) The cytoplasm of living cells behaves as a poroelastic material. NATURE MATERIALS , 12 (3) pp. 253-261. 10.1038/NMAT3517.

Moeendarbary, E; Valon, L; Fritzsche, M; Harris, AR; Moulding, DA; Thrasher, AJ; Stride, E; ... Charras, GT; + view all (2013) The cytoplasm of living cells behaves as a poroelastic material. Nature Materials , 12 (3) pp. 253-261. 10.1038/nmat3517.

Mohiyaddin, FA; Rahman, R; Kalra, R; Klimeck, G; Hollenberg, LCL; Pla, JJ; Dzurak, AS; (2013) Noninvasive Spatial Metrology of Single-Atom Devices. Nano Letters , 13 (5) pp. 1903-1909. 10.1021/nl303863s.

Morley, GW; Lueders, P; Hamed Mohammady, M; Balian, SJ; Aeppli, G; Kay, CWM; Witzel, WM; ... Monteiro, TS; + view all (2013) Quantum control of hybrid nuclear-electronic qubits. Nature Materials , 12 (2) pp. 103-107. 10.1038/nmat3499.

Morley, GW; Lueders, P; Mohammady, MH; Balian, SJ; Aeppli, G; Kay, CWM; Witzel, WM; ... Monteiro, TS; + view all (2013) Quantum control of hybrid nuclear-electronic qubits. NATURE MATERIALS , 12 (2) pp. 103-107. 10.1038/NMAT3499.

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Plant, SR; Jevric, M; Morton, JJL; Ardavan, A; Khlobystov, AN; Briggs, GAD; Porfyrakis, K; (2013) A two-step approach to the synthesis of N@C-60 fullerene dimers for molecular qubits. CHEMICAL SCIENCE , 4 (7) pp. 2971-2975. 10.1039/c3sc50395j.

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