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Aeppli, G; Rosenbaum, TF; (1998) Quantum critical points - experiments. In: Skjeltorp, AT and Sherrington, D, (eds.) (Proceedings) NATO Advanced Study Institute on Dynamical Properties of Unconventional Magnetic Systems. (pp. pp. 107-122). SPRINGER


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Bao, W; Broholm, C; Aeppli, G; Carter, SA; Dai, P; Rosenbaum, TF; Honig, JM; ... Trevino, SF; + view all (1998) Magnetic correlations and quantum criticality in the insulating antiferromagnetic, insulating spin liquid, renormalized Fermi liquid, and metallic antiferromagnetic phases of the Mott system V2O3. PHYSICAL REVIEW B , 58 (19) pp. 12727-12748. 10.1103/PhysRevB.58.12727.

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Cowley, RA; Bryn-Jacobsen, C; Simpson, JA; McMorrow, DF; Ward, RCC; Wells, MR; (1998) The unusual phase diagram of the magnetic structures of holmium-erbium alloys. In: JOURNAL OF MAGNETISM AND MAGNETIC MATERIALS. (pp. 1012 - 1013). ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV

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Craciun, V; Craciun, D; Boyd, IW; (1998) Low temperature vacuum ultraviolet annealing of ZrO2 optical coatings grown by laser ablation. ELECTRONICS LETTERS , 34 (15) pp. 1527-1528. 10.1049/el:19981048.

Craciun, V; Craciun, D; Bunescu, MC; Vasile, E; Ioncea, A; Dabu, RV; Boyd, IW; (1998) Mechanisms of droplets formation in pulsed laser growth of thin oxide films. Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering , 3405 pp. 225-232. 10.1117/12.312756.

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Isaacs, ED; Marcus, M; Aeppli, G; Xiang, XD; Sun, XD; Schultz, P; Kao, HK; ... Haushalter, R; + view all (1998) Synchrotron x-ray microbeam diagnostics of combinatorial synthesis. Applied Physics Letters , 73 (13) pp. 1820-1822. 10.1063/1.122293.

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Nesbitt, S; Nesbit, A; Helfrich, M; Horton, M; (1998) Biochemical characterization of human osteoclast integrins. Osteoclasts express alpha v beta 3, alpha 2 beta 1 and alpha v beta 1 integrins. Journal of Biological Chemistry , 268 (22) pp. 16737-16745. Gold open access


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