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Achilleos, N; Arridge, CS; Bertucci, C; Jackman, CM; Dougherty, MK; Khurana, KK; Russell, CT; (2008) Large-scale dynamics of Saturn's magnetopause: Observations by Cassini. J GEOPHYS RES-SPACE , 113 (A11) , Article A11209. 10.1029/2008JA013265.

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Apatenkov, SV; Sergeev, VA; Amm, O; Baumjohann, W; Nakamura, R; Runov, A; Rich, F; (2008) Conjugate observation of sharp dynamical boundary in the inner magnetosphere by Cluster and DMSP spacecraft and ground network. Annales Geophysicae , 26 pp. 2771-2780. Gold open access

Aplin, KL; Sawyer, EC; Coates, AJ; Parker, DJ; Jones, GH; Bowles, NE; Whalley, MS; (2008) An electric field sensor to measure charged dust on the Marco Polo asteroid sample return mission. International Astronautical Federation - 59th International Astronautical Congress 2008, IAC 2008 , 3 pp. 1741-1748.

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Asai, A; Hara, H; Watanabe, T; Imada, S; Sakao, T; Narukage, N; CULHANE, JL; (2008) Strongly Blueshifted Phenomena Observed with Hinode/EIS in the 2006 December 13 Solar Flare. The Astrophysical Journal , 0805 4468-.

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BAKER, D; VAN DRIEL-GESZTELYI, L; CULHANE, JL; Kamio, S; HARRA, LK; Sun, J; Young, P; (2008) UNSPECIFIED Presented at: Hinode/EIS and XRT observations of hot jets - a failed escape attempt?.

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Bertucci, C; Achilleos, N; Dougherty, MK; Modolo, R; Coates, AJ; Szego, K; Masters, A; (2008) The magnetic memory of Titan's ionized atmosphere. SCIENCE , 321 (5895) 1475 - 1478. 10.1126/science.1159780.

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Bridges, JC; Kim, JR; Tragheim, DG; Muller, JP; (2008) Sedimentary Rocks in Becquerel Crater: Origin as Polar Layered Deposits During High Obliquity. … Planetary Science Conference,(Lunar and Planetary Science …

Burch, JL; Goldstein, J; Mokashi, P; Lewis, WS; Paty, C; Young, DT; Coates, AJ; (2008) Cause of the Saturn Plasma Periodicity. In: (pp. 07-).


COATES, AJ; (2008) Venus Express - Earth's evil twin. Astronomy Now pp. 30-34.

COATES, AJ; Frahm, RA; LINDER, DR; KATARIA, DO; SOOBIAH, Y; COLLINSON, G; Sharber, JR; (2008) Ionospheric photoelectrons at Venus: initial observations by ASPERA-4 ELS. Planetary and Space Science , 56 (6) pp. 802-806.

CULHANE, JL; Hara, H; Watanabe, T; Matsukaki, K; HARRA, LK; Cargill, PJ; Mariska, JT; (2008) UNSPECIFIED Presented at: Long duration flare observed with Hinode EIS.

Chester, MM; Wang, XY; Cummings, JR; Grupe, D; Hunsberger, SD; La Parola, V; Marshall, FE; (2008) GRB 070318: A case of prompt emission from the external shock? In: (pp. pp. 421-424).

Chester, MM; Wang, XY; Cummings, JR; Grupe, D; Hunsberger, SD; La Parola, V; Marshall, FE; (2008) GRB 070318: A Case of Prompt Emission from the External Shock? In: Galassi, M and Palmer, D and Fenimore, E, (eds.) American Institute of Physics Conference Series. (pp. 421-424 - 421-424).

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Hu, R; Bogdanova, YV; Owen, CJ; Foullon, C; Fazakerley, AN; Reme, H; (2008) Cluster observations of the mid-altitude cusp under strong northward Interplanetary Magnetic Field. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

Hu, R; Bogdanova, YV; Owen, CJ; Foullon, C; Fazakerley, AN; Reme, H; (2008) Cluster observations of the midaltitude cusp under strong northward interplanetary magnetic field. J GEOPHYS RES-SPACE , 113 (A7) , Article A07S05. 10.1029/2007JA012726.


Jagger, TH; Elsner, JB; SAUNDERS, MA; (2008) Forecasting U.S. insured hurricane losses, Chapter 10 (pp 189-208). In: Diaz, HF and Murnane, RJ, (eds.) Climate Extremes and Society. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge, UK.

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