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ATTRILL, GDR; HARRA, LK; van DRIEL-GESZTELYI, L; WILLIAMS, DRW; ALEXEEV, IV; (2007) Study of the physical properties of coronal ""waves"" and associated dimmings. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

Apatenkov, SV; Sergeev, VA; Kubyshkina, MV; Nakamura, R; Baumjohann, W; Runov, A; ALEXEEV, O; (2007) Multi spacecraft observation of plasma dipolarization/injection in the inner magnetosphere. Annales Geophysicae , 25 pp. 801-814. Gold open access


Barabash, S; Sauvaud, J-A; Gunell, H; Andersson, H; Grigoriev, A; Brinkfeldt, K; Holmstrom, M; (2007) The Analyser of Space Plasmas and Energetic Atoms (ASPERA-4) for the Venus Express mission. Planetary and Space Science , 55 (12) pp. 1772-1792.

Barcons, X; Carrera, FJ; Ceballos, MT; Page, MJ; Bussons-Gordo, J; Corral, A; Ebrero, J; (2007) XMM-Newton serendipitous survey. IV (Barcons+, 2007). VizieR Online Data Catalog , 347 61191-+ - 61191-+.

Blustin, A; (2007) Publication and citation statistics for UK astronomers. Astronomy and Geophysics , 48 pp. 32-6.

Branduardi-Raymont, G.; Bhardwaj, A.; Elsner, R.F.; Gladstone, G.R.; Ramsay, G.; Rodriguez, P.; Soria, R.; (2007) Latest results on Jovian disk X-rays from XMM-Newton. Planetary and Space Science , 55 (9) pp. 1126-1134. 10.1016/j.pss.2006.11.017. Green open access

Brook, C; Richard, S; Kawata, D; Martel, H; Gibson, BK; (2007) Two disk components from a gas-rich disk-disk merger. ASTROPHYS J , 658 (1) 60 - 64.

Brown, PJ; Dessart, L; Holland, ST; Immler, S; Landsman, W; Blondin, S; Blustin, AJ; (2007) Early ultraviolet, optical, and X-ray observations of the type IIPSN 2005cs in M51 with Swift. ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL , 659 (2) pp. 1488-1495. 10.1086/511968.


COATES, AJ; Frahm, RA; LINDER, DR; KATARIA, DO; SOOBIAH, Y; COLLINSON, G; Sharber, JR; (2007) Ionospheric photoelectrons at Venus: Initial observations by ASPERA-4 ELS. Planetary and Space Science Letters

CULHANE, JL; (2007) UNSPECIFIED Presented at: New spectroscopic views of the solar atmosphere: Lessons from new observations with the Hinode EUV imaging spectrometer (Invited talk).

CULHANE, JL; (2007) UNSPECIFIED Presented at: The Solar-B EUV Imaging Spectrometer: an Overview of the EIS Instrument.

CULHANE, JL; BONE, L; WILLIAMS, DR; Brooks, DH; VAN DRIEL-GESZTELYI, L; Hara, H; Veronig, A; (2007) Study of Two Long Duration Eruptive Flares with the Hinode and RHESSI Spacecraft. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

Carrera, FJ; Ebrero, J; Mateos, S; Ceballos, MT; Corral, A; Barcons, X; Page, MJ; (2007) The XMM-Newton serendipitous survey - III. The AXIS X-ray source counts and angular clustering. ASTRON ASTROPHYS , 469 (1) 27 - U51. 10.1051/0004-6361:20066271.

Chaston, CC; Wilber, M; Mozer, FS; Fujimoto, M; Goldstein, ML; Acuna, M; Reme, H; (2007) Mode conversion and anomalous transport in Kelvin-Helmholtz vortices and kinetic Alfvén waves at the Earth's magnetopause. Physical Review Letters , 99 (17) 10.1103/PhysRevLett.99.175004. Green open access

Chifor, C; Del Zanna, G; Mason, HE; Sylwester, J; Sylwester, B; Phillips, KJH; (2007) A benchmark study for CHIANTI based on RESIK solar flare spectra. ASTRON ASTROPHYS , 462 (1) 323 - 330. 10.1051/0004-6361:20066261.

Copperwheat, C; Cropper, M; Soria, R; Wu, K; (2007) Irradiation models for ULXs and fits to optical data. MON NOT R ASTRON SOC , 376 (3) 1407 - 1423. 10.1111/j.1365-2966.2007.11551.x.

Copperwheat, C.M.; (2007) The optical emission from ultraluminous x-ray sources. Doctoral thesis, University of London. Green open access

Cropper, M; Putte, DV; (2007) Star formation in the Galactic bulge: The role of collisions. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

Cropper, M; Zane, S; Turolla, R; Zampieri, L; Chieregato, M; Drake, J; Treves, A; (2007) XMM-Newton observations of the isolated neutron star 1RXS J214303.7+065419/RBS1774. pp. 161-166. 10.1007/978-1-4020-5998-8-22.

Culhane, JL; Pohjolainen, S; van Driel-Gesztelyi, L; Manoharan, PK; Elliott, HA; (2007) Study of CME transit speeds for the event of 07-NOV-2004. ADVANCES IN SPACE RESEARCH , 40 (12) pp. 1807-1814. 10.1016/j.asr.2007.01.005.

Culhane, JL; Siscoe, GL; (2007) The Sun-Earth Workshop: A Summary of the Outcome. Solar Physics (ISSN=0038-0938) , 244 pp. 3-12.


DARTNELL, LR; Ward, JM; COATES, AJ; (2007) Martian sub-surface radiation field: biosignatures and geology. Biogeosciences , 4 (iss.) 445 - 492.

Dartnell, L; (2007) Life in the universe: a beginner's guide. [Book]. Oneworld Pubns Ltd

Dartnell, LR; Desorgher, L; Ward, JM; Coates, AJ; (2007) Martian sub-surface ionising radiation: Biosignatures and geology. Biogeosciences Discussions , 4 (1) pp. 455-492. Gold open access

Dere, KP; Doschek, GA; Mariska, JT; HARRA, LK; Matsuzaki, K; Hansteen, V; Thomas, RJ; (2007) The Structure and Dynamics of the Quiet Corona from Observations with the Extreme ultraviolet Imaging Spectrometer. AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts , 53 1046-.

Dere, KP; Doschek, GA; Mariska, JT; Hansteen, VH; Harra, LK; Matsuzaki, K; Thomas, RJ; (2007) The structure and dynamics of the quiet corona from observations with the Extreme ultraviolet Imaging Spectrometer on Hinode. PUBL ASTRON SOC JPN , 59 S721 - S726.

Dubinin, EM; Maksimovic, M; Cornilleau-Wehrlin, N; Fontaine, D; Travnicek, P; Mangeney, A; Alexandrova, O; (2007) Coherent whistler emissions in the magnetosphere Cluster observations. Annales Geophysicae , 25 pp. 303-315. Gold open access

Dwelly, T; Seymour, N; McHardy, IM; Moss, D; Page, M; Hopkins, A; Loaring, N; (2007) Measuring the cosmic star-formation rate density using deep radio surveys. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.


FORSYTH, C; Lester, M; Milan, SE; Grocott, A; Frey, HU; Lucek, E; Reme, H; (2007) Observations of tail dynamics using ground and space based instruments during a period of multiple substorm events. Presented at: Eighth International Conference on Substorms - ICS8.

Forgács-Dajka, E; Bailai, I; Van Driel-Gesztelyi, L; (2007) Astronomische Nachrichten: Editors' note. [Scholarly edition].


GOFF, C; VAN DRIEL-GESZTELYI, L; Demoulin, P; CULHANE, J; MATTHEWS, S; HARRA, L; Mandrini, CH; (2007) A multiple flare scenario where the classic long duration flare was not the source of a CME. Solar Physics , 240 (2) pp. 283-299. 10.1007/s11207-007-0260-4.

Green, L; (2007) Green: International Heliophysical Year: International Heliophysical Year is here. Astronomy and Geophysics , 48 pp. 21-2.

Green, L; (2007) Reaching out through the heliosphere. Astronomy and Geophysics , 48 pp. 24-4.

Griffin, M; Abergel, A; Ade, P; Andr, P; Baluteau, J-P; Bock, J; Franceschini, A; (2007) The Herschel-SPIRE instrument and its capabilities for extragalactic astronomy. Advances in Space Research , 40 pp. 612-619.

Griffiths, AD; Coates, AJ; Jaumann, R; Josset, J-L; Michaelis, H; Paar, G; Barnes, D; (2007) The Panoramic Camera (Pancam) Instrument For The Exomars Rover. In: (Proceedings) European Mars Science and Exploration Conference: Mars Express & ExoMars.

Griffiths, ADAC; A, J; (2007) Hyperspectral Stereo Camera Final Report.

Guo, JG; Shi, JK; Zhang, TL; Liu, ZX; FAZAKERLEY, AN; Reme, H; Dandouras, I; (2007) The correlations of ions density with geomagnetic activity and solar dynamic pressure in cusp region. Chinese Science Bulletin , 52 (7) pp. 967-971.


HARRA, LK; Crooker, NU; Mandrini, CH; van DRIEL-GESZTELYI, L; Dasso, S; Wang, J; Elliot, H; (2007) How Does Large Flaring Activity from the Same Active Region Produce Oppositely Directed Magnetic Clouds? Solar Physics , 244 pp. 85-114.

Harra, L; (2007) Solar flares: the observations. Advances in Space Research , 78 236-.


Kataria, DO; Collinson, G; Coates, AJ; Fazakerley, A; Owen, CJ; Taylor, B; Bradley, L; (2007) Performance of a prototype electrostatic analyzer for future solar and heliophysics mission - art. no. 668912. In: Fineschi, S and Viereck, RA, (eds.) SOLAR PHYSICS AND SPACE WEATHER INSTRUMENTATION II. (pp. 68912 - 68912). SPIE-INT SOC OPTICAL ENGINEERING

Kawata, D; Cen, R; Ho, LC; (2007) Gravitational stability of circumnuclear disks in elliptical galaxies. ASTROPHYS J , 669 (1) 232 - 240.

Kilgard, RE; SORIA, R; Prestwich, AH; Kalogera, V; (2007) UNSPECIFIED Presented at: X-ray binaries in the Fornax Local Group Dwarf.

Kraev, U.M.; (2007) Flares on active M-type stars observed with XMM-Newton and Chandra. Doctoral thesis, University of London. Green open access


LI, C; Tang, YH, ; Dai, Y, ; Zong, WG, ; Fang, C, ; (2007) The acceleration characteristics of solar energetic particles in the 2000 July 14 event. A&A , 461 pp. 1115-1119. 10.1051/0004-6361:20065754.

La Palombara, N; Mignani, RP; Hatziminaoglou, E; Schirmer, M; Bignami, GF; Caraveo, P; (2007) Multiwavelength observations of the two unidentified EGRET sources 3EG J0616-3310 and 3EG J1249-8330. \apss , 309 209-213-209-213. 10.1007/s10509-007-9447-2.

Lefebvre, B; Schwartz, SJ; FAZAKERLEY, A; (2007) Electron dynamics and cross-shock potential at the quasi-perpendicular Earth's bow shock. Journal of Geophysical Research , 112, A (A09212) 10.1029/2007JA012277.

Leibacher, J; Sakurai, T; Van Driel-Gesztelyi, L; (2007) Editorial appreciation. [Scholarly edition].

Lewis-Bowen, J.; (2007) Modelling grid architecture. Doctoral thesis, University of London. Green open access


Marchaudon, A; Cerisier, J-C; Bosqued, J-M; BOGDANOVA, Y; OWEN, C; (2007) Dayside magnetic reconnection: properties and impact on the magnetosphere-ionosphere system,. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

McGowan, KE; Vestrand, WT; Kennea, JA; Zane, S; Cropper, M; Córdova, FA; (2007) X-ray observations of PSR B0355+54 and its pulsar wind nebula. pp. 309-316. 10.1007/978-1-4020-5998-8-39.

Melrose, DB; Klimchuk, JA; Benz, AO; Craig, IJD; Gopalswamy, N; Harrison, RA; Kozlovsky, BZ; (2007) Commission 10: Solar Activity. (IAU Transactions 26A, R , pp. pp. 75-88 ). Cambridge University Press: Cambridge.

Michielsen, D; Koleva, M; Prugniel, P; Zeilinger, WW; De Rijcke, S; Dejonghe, H; Pasquali, A; (2007) Toward a solution for the CaII triplet puzzle: Results from dwarf elliptical galaxies. ASTROPHYS J , 670 (2) L101 - L104.

Morthekai, P; Jaina, M; Dartnell, LR; Murray, A; Bøtter-Jensen, L; Desorgher, L; (2007) Dose-rate variations with depth in the Martian regolith: Model simulations and constraints. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A , 580 (1) pp. 667-670.

Muller, J; (2007) Assessment of the potential of MERIS Near-infrared Water Vapour Products to Correct ASAR Interferometric Measurements. International Journal of Remote Sensing , 27 (1-2) 349 - 365. 10.1080/01431160500307342.

Muller, J; (2007) Potential applications of thermal fisheye imagery in urban environments. IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters , 4 (1) 56 - 59. 10.1109/LGRS.2006.885890.

Muller, J; Preusker, R; Fischer, J; Zuhlke, M; Brockmann, C; Regner, P; (2007) ALBEDOMAP: MERIS land surface albedo retrieval using data fusion with MODIS BRDF and its validation using contemporaneous EO and in situ data products. IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, IGARSS 2007 2404 - 2407. 10.1109/IGARSS.2007.4423326.

Muller, J.-P.; Denis, M.-A.; Dundas, R.D.; Mitchell, K.L.; Naud, C.; Mannstein, H.; (2007) Stereo cloud-top heights and cloud fraction retrieval from ATSR-2. International Journal of Remote Sensing , 28 (9) pp. 1921-1938. 10.1080/01431160601030975.

Murphy, KR; Kale, A; Rae, IJ; Mann, IR; Dent, ZC; (2007) Pi2 pulsation periodicity and variations in magnetotail flows. Presented at: Eighth International Conference on Substorms - ICS8, Banff, Canada.


Naud, C; Mitchell, KL; Muller, J-P; Clothiaux, EE; Albert, P; Preusker, R; Fischer, J; (2007) Comparison between ATSR-2 stereo, MOS O(2)-A band and ground-based cloud top heights. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF REMOTE SENSING , 28 (9) 1969 - 1987. 10.1080/01431160600641806.

Niemi, S-M; Nurmi, P; Heinämäki, P; Valtonen, M; (2007) Are the nearby groups of galaxies gravitationally bound objects? Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society , 382 (4) pp. 1864-1867. 10.1111/j.1365-2966.2007.12498.x. Green open access

Nowicki, S.M.J.; (2007) Modelling the transition zone of marine ice sheets. Doctoral thesis, University of London. Green open access


Pasetto, S; Chiosi, C; (2007) Planar distribution of the galaxies in the Local Group: a statistical and dynamical analysis. ASTRON ASTROPHYS , 463 (2) 427-U24. 10.1051/0004-6361:20066031.

Pasetto, S; Chiosi, C; (2007) Planar distribution of galaxies in the local group. In: Vallenari, A and Tantalo, R and Portinari, L and Moretti, A, (eds.) (Proceedings) International Conference From Stars to Galaxies - Building the Pieces to Build up the Universe held in honor of Cesare Chiosis 65th Birthday. (pp. pp. 267-272). ASTRONOMICAL SOC PACIFIC

Pellegrini, S; Baldi, S; Kim, DW; Fabianno, G; SORIA, R; Siemiginowska, A; Elvis, M; (2007) A deep Chandra look at hte Low-LB elliptical NGC821. The Astrophysical Journal , 667 (2) pp. 731-748. 10.1086/520710.


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Rae, IJ; Mann, IR; Milling, DK; Dent, ZC; Kale, A; (2007) Pi2 pulsations: Field Line Resonances or a Driven Response? Presented at: Eighth International Conference on Substorms - ICS8, Banff, Canada.

Rogers, B; Ferreras, I; Lahav, O; Bernardi, M; Kaviraj, S; Yi, SK; (2007) Decoding the spectra of SDSS early-type galaxies: new indicators of age and recent star formation. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society , 382 pp. 750-760.

Rogers, B; Ferreras, I; Lahav, O; Bernardi, M; Kaviraj, S; Yi, SK; (2007) Decoding the spectra of SDSS early-type galaxies: new indicators of age and recent star formation. MON NOT R ASTRON SOC , 382 (2) 750 - 760. 10.1111/j.1365-2966.2007.12446.x.

Rousson, E; JONES, GH; Krupp, N; Paranicas, C; Mitchell, DG; Lagg, A; Woch, J; (2007) Electron microdiffusion in the Saturnian radiation belts: Cassini MIMI/LEMMS observations of energetic electron absorption by the icy moons. Journal of Geophysical Research - Space Physics , 112 (A6) 10.1029/2006JA012027.

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SORIA, R; WU, K; Kuncic, Z; (2007) UNSPECIFIED Presented at: Characteristics temperatures and spectral appearance of ULX disks.

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Saunders, MA; Yuen, PC; Roberts, FP; Lea, AS; Lloyd-Hughes, B; (2007) Tropical Storm Risk. UNSPECIFIED

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Sittler, EC; Thomsen, M; Johnson, RE; Hartle, RE; Burger, M; Chornay, D; Shappirio, MD; (2007) Cassini observations of Saturn's inner plasmasphere: Saturn orbit insertion results (vol 54, pg 1197, 2006). PLANETARY AND SPACE SCIENCE , 55 (14) pp. 2218-2220. 10.1016/j.pss.2006.11.022.

Smith, MC; Ruchti, GR; Helmi, A; Wyse, RFG; Fulbright, JP; Freeman, KC; Navarro, JF; (2007) The RAVE survey: constraining the local Galactic escape speed. MONTHLY NOTICES OF THE ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY , 379 (2) pp. 755-772. 10.1111/j.1365-2966.2007.11964.x.

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Soobiah, Y; Coates, AJ; Linder, DR; Kataria, DO; Winningham, JD; Frahm, RA; Sharber, JR; (2007) Erratum to "Observations of magnetic anomaly signatures in Mars Express ASPERA-3 ELS data" [Icarus 182 (2006) 396-405] (DOI:10.1016/j.icarus.2005.10.034). Icarus , 187 (2) pp. 623-625. 10.1016/j.icarus.2005.11.025.

Stenberg, GT; Oscarsson, M; André, A; Vaivads, M; Backrud-Ivgren, Y; Khotyaintsev, L; Rosenqvist, F; (2007) Internal structure and spatial dimensions of whistler wave regions in the magnetopause boundary layer. Annales Geophysicae pp. 2439-2451. Gold open access

Symeonidis, M; Rigopoulou, D; Huang, JS; Davis, M; Ashby, MLN; Barmby, P; Egami, E; (2007) AEGIS: Infrared spectral energy distributions of MIPS 70 mu m-selected sources. ASTROPHYS J , 660 (1) L73 - L76.


Tennyson, J.; Brown, D.B.; Munro, J.J.; Rozum, I.; Varambhia, H.N.; Vinci, N.; (2007) Quantemol-N: an expert system for performing electron molecule collision calculations using the R-matrix method. In: 5TH EU-Japan Joint Symposium on Plasma Processing, 7-9 March 2007, Belgrade, Serbia. (pp. 012001:1-012001:12). Institute of Physics Publishing Ltd: Bristol, UK. Green open access

Teste, A; Fontaine, D; Sauvaud, J-A; Maggiolo, R; Canu, P; FAZAKERLEY, A; (2007) CLUSTER observations of electron outflowing beams carrying downward currents above the polar cap by northward IMF. Annales Geophysicae , 25 pp. 953-969. Gold open access


Walton, NA; Cropper, M; Gilmore, G; Irwin, M; Van Leeuwen, F; (2007) Gaia Data Flow System (GDFS) Project: The UK's contribution to Gaia data processing. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

Watanabe, T; Hara, H; Culhane, L; Harra, LK; Doschek, GA; Mariska, JT; Young, PR; (2007) Temperature and density structures of solar corona - A test of iron line diagnostic capability of EIS instrument on board hinode. Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan , 59 (SPEC. IS)

Wei, XH; Cao, JB; Zhou, GC; Santolík, O; Reme, H; Dandouras, I; Cornilleau-Wehrlin, N; (2007) Cluster observations of wafes in the Whistler frequency range associated with magnetic reconnection in the Earth's magnetotail. Journal of Geophysical Research , 112 (A10225) 10.1029/2006JA011771.


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Zhang, Y; Wang, J; ATTRILL, GDR; HARRA, LK; Yang, Z; Xiangtao, H; (2007) Coronal Magnetic Connectivity and EUV Dimmings. Solar Physics (ISSN=0038-0938) , 241 pp. 329-349.

Zhang, YC; Liu, ZX; Shen, C; FAZAKERLEY, AN; Dunlop, M; Reme, H; Lucek, E; (2007) The magnetic structure of an Earthward-moving flux rope observed by Cluster in the near-tail. Annales Geophysicae , 25 (7) 1471 - 1476. Gold open access

Zharkov, SI; Gavryuseva, EV; Zharkova, VV; (2007) The latitudinal distributions of sunspot areas and magnetic fields and their correlation with the background solar magnetic field in the cycle 23. ADVANCES IN SPACE RESEARCH , 39 (11) pp. 1753-1761. 10.1016/j.asr.2007.03.087.

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