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Bale, SD; Owen, CJ; Bougeret, JL; Goetz, K; Kellogg, PJ; Lepping, RP; Manning, R; (1997) Evidence of currents and unstable particle distributions in an extended region around the lunar plasma wake. Geophysical Research Letters , 24 (11) 1427 - 1430. 10.1029/97GL01193. Green open access

Ball, AJ; TROW, MW; SMITH, A; Zarnecki, JC; (1997) Laboratory development of the MUPUS densitometer for the Rosetta Comet Lander. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

Bamber, JL; Muller, JP; Mandanayake, A; (1997) A global 5 arc-minute Digital Elevation Model derived from the geodetic phase of ERS-1. In: (Proceedings) ERS Symposium. ESA. To be published as an ESA-SP ERS Symposium Conference Proceedings. http://florence97.ers-symposium.org/: Florence, 17-21 April 1997.

Barnsley, MJ; Hu, B; Li, X; Lewis, P; Muller, JP; Strahler, AH; Wanner, W; (1997) UNSPECIFIED Presented at: Global BRDF and albedo from the EOS MODIS and MISR sensors.

Bee, S; Hopkinson, GR; Harboe-Sorenen, A; Adams, L; SMITH, A; (1997) UNSPECIFIED Presented at: Data Workshop at RADECS '97.

Bentley, RD; (1997) Diagnostics of energy release in the X-ray corona. Presented at: Coronal Physics from Radio and Space Observations: CESRA Workshop.

Bentley, RD; Sylwester, J; Lemen, JR; (1997) Calcium abundance measurements using the Yohkoh BCS. Advances in Space Research , 20 (12) pp. 2275-2278. 10.1016/S0273-1177(97)00898-3.

Bindman, D; (1997) Introduction. In: Bindman, D and Wilcox, S, (eds.) Among the Whores and Thieves: William Hogarth and The Beggar's Opera. (pp. 5-12). Yale Center for British Art: New Haven.

Branduardi-Raymont, G; Aarts, HJM; Den Boggende, AJ; Brinkman, AC; Dubbel-dam, L; Den Herder, JW; Kaastra, JS; (1997) The Reflection Grating Spectrometer (RGS) on-board the X- ray Multi-Mirror (XMM) Mission. Presented at: X-ray imaging and spectroscopy of cosmic hot plasmas, Proc. Int. Symp. on X-ray Astronomy.

Branduardi-Raymont, G; Romero-Colmenero, E; Carrera, F; Mason, KO; Mittaz, JPD; Jones, LR; McHardy, IM; (1997) ROSAT PSPC spectra of X-ray selected narrow emission line galaxies. Presented at: X-ray imaging and spectroscopy of cosmic hot plasmas, Proc. Int. Symp. on X-ray Astronmy.

Brown, SJ; Harris, AR; Mason, IM; Zavody, AM; (1997) New aerosol robust sea surface temperature algorithms for the along-track scanning radiometer. J GEOPHYS RES , 102 (No. C1) 27,973-27,989.


Capes, R; Haynes, M; Lawrence, G; SMITH, A; Muller, JP; Parsons, B; England, P; (1997) UNSPECIFIED Presented at: CivInSAR quake assessment: an integration of differential SAR interferometry into a GIS to assist in earthquake risk management (Abstract on page 18).

Coates, AJ; (1997) Destination Saturn. ASTRONOMY NOW , Octobe pp. 41-44.

Cordova, F; Sasseen, T; Ho, C; Priedhorsky, W; Mason, K; Cropper, MS; Hunt, R; (1997) Multiwavelength Astronomy with the Optical/UV Monitor on XMM. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

Cordova, FA; Sasseen, T; Ho, C; Priedhorsky, WC; Mason, K; Cropper, MS; Hunt, R; (1997) The Optical/UV monitor on the X-ray Multi-Mirror Mission. BULL AMERICAN ASTR SOC , 191 -No.

Cropper, MS; Ramsay, GTB; Wu, K; (1997) White dwarf masses in magnetic CVs: multi-temperature fits to GINGA data. Presented at: Proc. IAU Coll., J. PASP (Conf. Series).

Culhane, JL; (1997) Yohkoh Observations of the Solar Corona. ADV SPACE RES , 19 (12) pp. 1839-1848.


Disney, M; Muller, J; Lewis, P; Barnsley, M; (1997) Production and validation of BRDF and albedo extracted from airborne and spaceborne data. Presented at: 7th International Symposium Physical Measurements and Signatures in Remote Sensing.


Foley, CR; Culhane, JL; Acton, LW; (1997) YOHKOH Soft X-ray Determination of Plasma Parameters in a Polar Coronal Hole. ASTROPHYS J , 491 pp. 933-938.


Gallagher, PT; Phillips, KJH; Harra-Murnion, LK; Keenan, FP; (1997) CDS observations of the quiet sun EUV network. In: (pp. pp. 395-399).

Gimenez, A; Mas-hesse, JM; Jamar, C; Mcbreen, B; Culhane, JL; Fabregat, J; Swings, JP; (1997) UNSPECIFIED Presented at: Proc. 2nd INTEGRAL Workshop 'The Transparent Universe'.

Green, LM; Roche, P; Hoenig, M; (1997) Cepheus X-4. (IAU Circ. 6698 ).

Griffiths, AD; McDonnell, JAM; Drolshagen, G; (1997) Debris production from solar array surface impact spallation: Results from the Hubble Space Telescope. Advances in Space Research , 19 (2) pp. 253-256.


HARRA, LK; Plunkett, S; Helsdon, SF; Phillips, KJH; VAN DRIEL-GESZTELYI, L; Schmieder, B; Rompolt, B; (1997) Analysis of long duration flares. Advances in Space Research , 20 (12) 2333 - 2336. 10.1016/S0273-1177(97)00905-8.

Handler, G; Pikall, H; O'Donoghue, D; Buckley, DAH; Vauclair, G; Chevreton, M; Giovannini, O; (1997) New Whole Earth Telescope observations of CD-24 7599: steps towards delta Scuti star seismology. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society , 286 303 - 314.

Harra-Murnion, LK; Akita, K; Watanabe, T; (1997) Investigating the nonthermal velocity of small Goes-class flares observed by Yohkoh. Astrophysical Journal , 479 (1 PART I) pp. 464-469. 10.1086/303857.

Harra-Murnion, LK; Culhane, JL; Hudson, HS; Fujiwara, T; Kato, T; Sterling, AC; (1997) Isolating the footpoint characteristics of a solar flare loop. Solar Physics , 171 (1) pp. 103-122.

Harrison, RA; Fludra, A; Pike, CD; Payne, J; Thompson, WT; Poland, AI; Breeveld, ER; (1997) High-resolution observations of the extreme ultraviolet sun. SOL PHYS , 170 (1) 123 - 141.


Jones, LR; McHardy, IM; Merrifield, MR; Mason, KO; Smith, PJ; Abraham, RG; Branduardi-Raymont, G; (1997) X-ray QSO evolution from a very deep ROSAT survey. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society , 285 (3) 547 - 560.

Jones, MS; Allen, M; Guymer, TH; Saunders, MA; Challenor, P; (1997) Comparisons of altimetric sea surface height and radiometric sea surface temperature in the South Atlantic. Presented at: Proc. 3rd ERS Scientific Symp, Space at the Service of our Environment.


Mason, KO; (1997) The potential of HTXS for cataclysmic variable research. Presented at: Proc. High throughput X-ray spectroscopy workshop.

Mason, KO; (1997) NGXO and Galactic X-ray Astronomy. Presented at: Proc. of Workshop - The Next Generation of X-ray Observatories.

McDonald, L; Harra-Murnion, LK; Culhane, JL; Schwartz, ; (1997) An investigation of small goes flares with intense hard X-ray bursts. Advances in Space Research , 20 (12) pp. 2327-2331.

Morley, JG; Muller, JP; Madden, S; (1997) UNSPECIFIED In: Guyenne, TD and Danesy, D, (eds.) (Proceedings) Wetland monitoring in Mali using SAR interferometry. (pp. pp. 151-166). European Space Agency: Noordwijk, The Netherlands.

Muller, JP; (1997) DEM accuracy assessment: evaluation of global 30" DEMs using ERS-1 radar altimetry. University College London: London.

Muller, JP; (1997) DEM accuracy assessment: evaluation of global 30" DEMs using point datasets. University College London: London.

Muller, JP; (1997) UNSPECIFIED Presented at: The potential of ERS tandem for global 100 m topography by the year 2000.

Muller, JP; Mandanayake, A; Murray, K; Holland, D; (1997) UNSPECIFIED Presented at: Assessment of interferometric SAR DEM for UK national mapping.

Muller, JP; Mandanayake, A; Upton, M; (1997) UNSPECIFIED Presented at: Accuracy assessment of DEMs derived from ERS tandem interferometry and comparison with SPOT-stereo.

Muller, JP; Ourzik, C; Kim, T; Dowman, I; (1997) Assessment of the effects of resolution on automated DEM and building extraction. In: Gruen, A and Baltsavias, EP and Henricsson, O, (eds.) UNSPECIFIED (pp. 233-242). Birkh„user: Basel.

Muller, JP; Upton, M; Morley, JG; Wadge, G; Stevens, N; Murray, JB; (1997) UNSPECIFIED In: (Proceedings) On the accuracy of differential SAR interferometry over Mt. Etna. (pp. 189-).

Mumford, B; Muller, JP; Mandanayake, A; (1997) UNSPECIFIED Presented at: Assessment of land cover mapping potential in Africa using tandem ERS interferometry.


Page, MJ; (1997) X-ray Evolution and Variability of Active Galactic Nuclei. Doctoral thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Potter, S; Cropper, MS; Mason, KO; Hough, JH; Bailey, JA; (1997) UNSPECIFIED Presented at: Proc. IAU Coll. (Keele CV Conference).

Puchnarewicz, EM; Mason, KO; Carrera, FJ; Brandt, WN; Cabrera-Guera, F; Carballo, R; Hasinger, G; (1997) Optical and X-ray properties of the RIXOS AGN: II - Emission lines. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society , 291 177 - 202.


Ramsay, GTB; Howell, S; Sirk, M; Cropper, MS; Poter, S; Rosen, S; (1997) Polarisation observations of RE1844-74. Presented at: IAU Colloquium 163, PASP Conf. Series.

Ridley, HM; Atkinson, PM; Aplin, P; Muller, JP; Dowman, I; (1997) Evaluating the potential of the forthcoming commercial U.S. high-resolution satellite sensor imagery at the Ordnance Survey. Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing , 63 pp. 997-1005.


Saunders, MA; (1997) The 1997 Major El Nino and Potention European Impacts. (Commissioned Report for Benfield Greig Hazard Research Centre , pp. p. 4 ).

Saunders, MA; (1997) The 1997 Major El Nino and Potention UK Impacts. (Commissioned Report for Benfield Greig Hazard Research Centre , pp. p. 4 ).

Saunders, MA; (1997) The 1997 Major El Nino and Probable Australian Impacts. (Commissioned Report for Benfield Greig Hazard Research Centre , pp. p. 4 ).

Saunders, MA; (1997) Ocean warming behind 1995 hurricane upsurge. REACTIONS MAGAZINE , July pp. 25-26.

Saunders, MA; Harris, AR; (1997) Sea warming as a dominant factor behind the near-record 1995 Atlantic hurricane activity. Presented at: Proc. 22nd Conf. on Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology.

Saxton, C; Wu, K; Pongracic, H; (1997) Stability of accretion shocks with a composite cooling function. PASA , 14 pp. 164-169.

Shin, D; Pollard, JK; Muller, JP; (1997) Accurate geometric correction of ATSR images. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing , 35 pp. 997-1006.

Slavin, JA; Fairfield, DH; Lepping, RP; Szabo, A; Reiner, MJ; Kaiser, M; Owen, CJ; (1997) WIND, GEOTAIL, and GOES 9 observations of magnetic field dipolarization and bursty bulk flows in the near-tail. Geophysical Research Letters , 24 (8) 971 - 974. 10.1029/97GL00542. Green open access

Slavin, JA; Owen, JCJ; Connerney, JEP; Christon, SP; (1997) Mariner 10 observations of field-aligned currents at Mercury. PLANETARY AND SPACE SCIENCE , 45 (1) pp. 133-141. 10.1016/S0032-0633(96)00104-3.

Stevens, NF; Morley, JG; Muller, JP; Murray, JB; Upton, M; Wadge, G; (1997) UNSPECIFIED In: Griffiths, G and Pearson, D, (eds.) (Proceedings) The volume and morphology of lava flows from orbital radar interferometry. (pp. pp. 66-71). Remote Sensing Society: Nottingham.

Stevens, NF; Williams, CA; Wadge, G; Murray, A; Muller, JP; Morley, JG; Upton, M; (1997) UNSPECIFIED In: (Proceedings) Three-dimensional mapping of lava flows at Mount Etna volcano derived from satellite observation and an application of the results to localised models of flank loading.

Söding, A; Glassmeier, K-H; Johnstone, A; Neubauer, FM; Coates, AJ; (1997) Pick-up ions and associated wave energy transport at Comet P/Halley: A case study. Geophysical Research Letters , 24 (3) 305 - 308. 10.1029/97GL00105. Green open access


Van Driel-Gesztelyi, L; Manoharan, PK; Pick, M; Démoulin, PP; (1997) Reorganization of the solar corona following a C4.7 flare. Advances in Space Research , 19 (12) pp. 1883-1886.


Wadge, G; Achache, L; Ferretti, A; Francis, PW; Morley, J; Muller, JP; Murray, JB; (1997) UNSPECIFIED In: (Proceedings) Volcano monitoring using interferometric SAR. (pp. pp. 469-473). European Space Agency: Noordwijk.

Walker, A; Muller, JP; Morley, J; Naden, P; (1997) Accumulation network extraction from Digital Elevation Models and their use in continental and global scale hydrological models. In: (Proceedings) ISPRS/IGU International Workshop on Dynamic and multi-dimensional GIS. (pp. 12pp - ?). ISPRS: Hong Kong, PRC, August 1997.

Walker, A; Muller, JP; Naden, P; Morley, J; (1997) UNSPECIFIED In: (Proceedings) Remote sensing and hydrology: accumulation network extraction from digital elevation models and their use in continental and global scale hydrological models. (pp. pp. 14-22). Remote Sensing Society: Nottingham.

Walker, A; Muller, JP; Naden, P; Morley, J; (1997) UNSPECIFIED In: (Proceedings) Remote sensing and hydrology: accumulation network extraction from digital elevation models and their use in continental and global scale hydrological models. (pp. 11-). Hong Kong Polytechnic University: Hong Kong.

Wanner, W; Strahler, A; Hu, B; Lewis, P; Li, X; Muller, J; Barnsley, M; (1997) Global BRDF and Albedo from the EOS MODIS and MISR Sensors. Chin Jo Rem Sens , 1 pp. 143-148.

Wanner, W; Strahler, AH; Hu, B; Lewis, P; Muller, JP; Li, X; Schaaf, CLB; (1997) Global retrieval of bidirectional reflectance and albedo over land from EOS MODIS and MISR data: Theory and algorithm. Journal of Geophysical Research - Atmospheres , 102 (D14) 17143 - 17161. 10.1029/96JD03295. Green open access

Watanabe, T; Sterling, AC; Hudson, H; Harra, LK; (1997) Active Region Energetics via Yohkoh/BCS and SOHO/CDS. Presented at: Fifth SOHO Workshop: The Corona and Solar Wind Near Minimum Activity.

Wiik, JE; Van Driel-Gesztelyì, L; Schmieder, B; Heinzel, P; (1997) Dynamics and evolution of the post-flare loops of June 1992. Advances in Space Research , 20 (12) pp. 2345-2349.

Williams, CA; Wadge, G; Morley, JG; Muller, JP; Upton, M; Murray, JB; (1997) Three-dimensional numerical modelling of the deformation field at Mt. Etna volcano, Sicily, constrained with SAR interferometry. In:

Wu, K; Cropper, MS; Ramsay, GTB; (1997) The masses of white dwarfs in magnetic CVs from X-ray observations. Presented at: Proc. IAU Symp. - Fundamental Stellar Properties: the interaction between observations and theory.

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