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Abdulla, S; Alderton, RP; Glynne, RJ; Gut, IG; Hosking, LK; Jackson, A; Kelly, A; ... Beck, S; + view all (1996) DNA sequencing of the MHC class II region and the chromosome 6 sequencing effort at the Sanger Centre. DNA SEQUENCE , 7 (1) 5 - 7.

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Bamber, JL; Mansley, JAD; Wingham, DJ; (1996) Global land topography derived from the geodetic phase of the ERS altimeter mission. International Journal of Remote Sensing , 17 pp. 3089-3092.

Bari, MA; Booij, WE; Tarte, EJ; Blamire, MG; Warburton, PA; Takeuchi, I; Trajanovic, Z; (1996) Conduction mechanisms in c-axis and a-axis oriented YBCO/PBCO/YBCO trilayer junctions. In: (Proceedings) Workshop on HTS Devices.

Barker, P; Wegener, M; McIntyre, TJ; Rubinsztein-Dunlop, H; (1996) Optical diagnostic methods for superorbital test facilities. Conference Proceedings - Lasers and Electro-Optics Society Annual Meeting-LEOS pp. 431-432.

Barlow, MJ; NguyenQRieu, ; TruongBach, ; Cernicharo, J; GonzalezAlfonso, E; Liu, XW; Cox, P; ... Trams, N; + view all (1996) The rich far-infrared water vapour spectrum of W Hya. ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS , 315 (2) L241-L244.

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Biemont, E; Storey, PJ; Zeippen, CJ; (1996) Theoretical radiative lifetimes for the 3p(3)(S-4(0))4s S-5(0) and S-3(0) states in S I. ASTRON ASTROPHYS , 309 (3) 991 - 996.

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Brinkman, AC; Aarts, HJ; den Boggende, AJ; Bootsma, TM; Dubbeldam, L; den Herder, J-W; Kaastra, JS; ... Erd, C; + view all (1996) UNSPECIFIED In: (Proceedings) Reflection Grating Spectrometer on board XMM. (pp. pp. 463-480).

Brinkman, AC; Aarts, HJM; den Boggende, AJF; Dubbeldam, L; den Herder, JW; Kaastra, JS; de Korte, PAJ; ... Zehnder, A; + view all (1996) UNSPECIFIED In: (Proceedings) X-ray spectroscopy with the Reflection Grating Spectrometer on-board of XMM.. (pp. pp. 675-676).

Brody, DC; Hughston, LP; (1996) Geometry of Quantum Statistical Inference. Physical Review Letters , 77 2851 - 2854. 0031-9007y96y77(14)y2851. Green open access

Bromage, BJI; Breeveld, AA; Kent, BJ; Pike, CD; Harrison, RA; (1996) Report of the Pre-launch Calibration of CDS. (UCLan Report CFA/96/09 UCLan Re ). : UCLan, UK.

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Campostrini, M; Cucchieri, A; Mendes, T; Pelissetto, A; Rossi, P; Sokal, AD; Vicari, E; (1996) Application of the O(N)-hyperspherical harmonics to the study of the continuum limits of one-dimensional sigma-models and to the generation of high-temperature expansions in higher dimensions. In: NUCLEAR PHYSICS B. (pp. 759 - 762). ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV

Capes, R; Haynes, M; Lawrence, G; Smith, A; Muller, J-P; Parsons, B; England, P; (1996) CivInSAR™ Quake Assessment: An integration of differntial SAR interferometry into a GIS to assist earthquake risk management. In: Guyenne, T-D and Danesy, D, (eds.) (Proceedings) "FRINGE 96" Workshop on ERS SAR interferometry.. (pp. 18 (abstract only)-). ESA: Zurich, Swizterland, 30 September - 2 October 1996.

Caracciolo, S; Edwards, RG; Mendes, T; Pelissetto, A; Sokal, AD; (1996) Comparison between theoretical four-loop predictions and Monte Carlo calculations in the two-dimensional N-vector model for N=3,4,8. In: NUCLEAR PHYSICS B. (pp. 763 - 766). ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV

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