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Alouges, F; Conti, S; DeSimone, A; Pokern, Y; (2004) Energetics and switching of quasi-uniform states in small ferromagnetic particles. ESAIM-MATH MODEL NUM , 38 (2) 235 - 248. 10.1051/m2an:2004011.

Andrew, A; Fearn, T; (2004) Transfer by orthogonal projection: making near-infrared calibrations robust to between-instrument variation. CHEMOMETR INTELL LAB , 72 (1) 51 - 56. 10.1016/j.chemolab.2004.02.004.

Archambeau, C; Delbeke, J; Veraart, C; Verleysen, M; (2004) Prediction of Visual Perceptions with Artificial Neural Networks in a Visual Prosthesis for the Blind. Artificial Intelligence in Medicine , 32 (3) pp. 183-194.

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Cornell, SJ; Isham, VS; (2004) Ultimate extinction of the promiscuous bisexual Galton-Watson metapopulation. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Statistics , 46 (1) pp. 87-98. 10.1111/j.1467-842X.2004.00315.x.

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De Iorio, M; Griffiths, RC; (2004) Importance sampling on coalescent histories. II: Subdivided population models. ADV APPL PROBAB , 36 (2) pp. 434-454.

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He, C; Girolami, M; (2004) Novelty detection employing an L-2 optimal non-parametric density estimator. PATTERN RECOGN LETT , 25 (12) pp. 1389-1397. 10.1016/j.patrec.2004.05.004.

He, C; Girolami, M; Ross, G; (2004) Employing optimized combinations of one-class classifiers for automated currency validation. PATTERN RECOGN , 37 (6) pp. 1085-1096. 10.1016/j.patcog.2004.02.002.

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Sullivan, CO; Omar, RZ; Forrest, CB; Majeed, A; (2004) Adjusting for case mix and social class in examining variation in home visits between practices. FAM PRACT , 21 (4) 355 - 363. 10.1093/fampra/cmh403.

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Wallace, P; Barber, J; Clayton, W; Currell, R; Fleming, K; Garner, P; Haines, A; (2004) Virtual outreach: A randomised controlled trial and economic evaluation of joint teleconferenced medical consultations. Health Technology Assessment , 8 (50)

Wallace, P; Barber, J; Clayton, W; Currell, R; Fleming, K; Garner, P; Haines, A; (2004) Virtual outreach: a randomised controlled trial and economic evaluation of joint teleconferenced medical consultations. HEALTH TECHNOL ASSES , 8 (50) 1 - +. Green open access

Webberley, KM; Hurst, GDD; Husband, RW; Schulenburg, HJ; Sloggett, JJ; Isham, VS; Buszko, J; (2004) Host reproduction and a sexually transmitted disease: causes and consequences of <i>Coccipolipus hippodamiae</i> distribution on coccinellid beetles. Journal of Animal Ecology , 73 pp. 1-10.

Webberley, KM; Hurst, GDD; Husband, RW; Schulenburg, JHGVD; Sloggett, JJ; Isham, V; Buszko, J; (2004) Host reproduction and a sexually transmitted disease: causes and consequences of Coccipolipus hippodamiae distribution on coccinellid beetles. J ANIM ECOL , 73 (1) 1 - 10.

Wilkinson-Herbots, HM; Ettridge, R; (2004) The effect of unequal migration rates on F-ST. THEOR POPUL BIOL , 66 (3) 185 - 197. 10.1016/j.tpb.2004.06.001.

Proceedings paper

Al-Shahib, A; He, C; Tan, AC; Girolami, M; Gilbert, D; (2004) An assessment of feature relevance in predicting protein function from sequence. In: Yang, ZR and Everson, R and Yin, H, (eds.) INTELLIGENT DATA ENGINEERING AND AUTOMATED LEARNING IDEAL 2004, PROCEEDINGS. (pp. 52 - 57). SPRINGER-VERLAG BERLIN

Archambeau, C; Butz, T; Popovici, V; Verleysen, M; Thiran, J-P; (2004) Supervised Nonparametric Information Theoretic Classification. In: Kittler, J and Petrou, M and Nixon, M, (eds.) (pp. pp. 414-417). IEEE Computer Society: Los Alamitos, US.

Archambeau, C; Vrins, F; Verleysen, M; (2004) Flexible and Robust Bayesian Classification by Finite Mixture Models. In: Verleysen, M, (ed.) (pp. pp. 75-80). d-side: Evere, Belgium.

Diethe, TR; Dickson, BT; Schmorrow, D; Raley, C; (2004) Toward an augmented cockpit. In: Vincenzi, DA and Mouloua, M and Hancock, PA, (eds.) HUMAN PERFORMANCE, SITUATION AWARENESS AND AUTOMATION: CURRENT RESEARCH AND TRENDS, VOL 2. (pp. 65 - 69). LAWRENCE ERLBAUM ASSOC PUBL

Fearn, T; (2004) Bayesian statistics and the agro-food production chain. In: VanBoekel, MAJ and Stein, A and VanBruggen, AHC, (eds.) BAYESIAN STATISTICS AND QUALITY MODELLING IN THE AGRO-FOOD PRODUCTION CHAIN. (pp. 11 - 16). SPRINGER

Girolami, M; Kaban, A; (2004) Simplicial mixtures of Markov chains: Distributed modelling of dynamic user profiles. In: Thrun, S and Saul, K and Scholkopf, B, (eds.) ADVANCES IN NEURAL INFORMATION PROCESSING SYSTEMS 16. (pp. 9 - 16). M I T PRESS

Northrop, PJ; (2004) Information-sharing models for flood frequency estimation. In: Proceedings of the British Hydrological Society International Conference. (pp. 194 - 202). British Hydrological Society, London

Vrins, F; Archambeau, C; Verleysen, M; (2004) Entropy Minima and Distribution Structural Modifications in Blind Separation of Multimodel Sources. In: Fischer, R and Preuss, R and von Toussaint, U, (eds.) (pp. pp. 589-596). American Institute of Physics


Didelez, V; Edwards, D; (2004) Collapsibility of graphical CG-regression models.

Nelson, JDB; Fu, S; (2004) A yaw and tilt invariant vehicluar ego-position model.

Conference item

Azzopardi, L; Girolami, M; van Rijsbergen, CJ; (2004) Topic based language models for ad hoc information retrieval. Presented at: IEEE International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN), Budapest, HUNGARY.

Fried, R; Didelez, V; Lanius, V; (2004) Partial Correlation Graphs and Dynamic Latent Variables for Physiological Time Series,. Presented at: Proceeding 27th Annual GfKI Conference.

Northrop, PJ; Traiger, E; (2004) Information-sharing models for flood frequency estimation. Presented at: Hydrology: Science and Practice for the 21st Century.

Roberts, RD; Galbraith, RF; Yoshida, H; (2004) Margins of error: their meaning, measurement and magnitude in Luminescence dating. Robertson Workshop on Environmental Geochemistry and Geochronology, Robertson, NSW. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

Siddiqui, A; Bartholomew, E; Marnay, C; Oren, S; (2004) Risk Aversion and the New York Independent System Operator’s Market for Transmission Congestion Contracts. Presented at: 6th European Conference of the International Association for Energy Economics.

Sweeting, TJ; Datta, GS; Ghosh, M; (2004) Predictive relative entropy loss and prior specification. Presented at: International Society for Bayesian Analysis 2004 World Meeting.


Allen, E.J.; (2004) Multi-organ rheumatological disease: Statistical analysis of outcome measures and their interrelationships. Doctoral thesis, University of London. Green open access

Bate, S.M.; (2004) Generalized linear models for large dependent data sets. Doctoral thesis, University of London. Green open access

Chappas, C.C.; (2004) Estimation methodology for portfolio construction under uncertainty. Doctoral thesis, University of London. Green open access

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