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Ambler, G; Brady, AR; Royston, P; (2002) Simplifying a prognostic model: a simulation study based on clinical data. Stat Med , 21 (24) pp. 3803-3822. 10.1002/sim.1422.

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Russo, P; Capone, A; Baio, G; Di Martino, M; Degli Esposti, L; Buda, S; Degli Esposti, E; (2002) [Evaluation model of the effect of Rofecoxib on the co-prescription of gastroprotective agents observed during the treatment of osteoarthritis]. Reumatismo , 54 (4) pp. 331-339. Gold open access

Russo, P; Capone, A; Baio, G; Di Martino, M; Degli Esposti, L; Buda, S; Degli Esposti, E; (2002) Evaluation model of the effect of rofecoxib on the co-prescription of gastroprotective agents observed during the treatment of ostheoarthritis. Reumatismo , 54 (4) pp. 331-339. Gold open access

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Book chapter

Fearn, T; (2002) Discriminant Analysis. In: Chalmers, JM and Griffiths, PR, (eds.) Handbook of Vibrational Spectroscopy. (pp. 2086-2093). Wiley: Chichester.

Wade, AM; (2002) Statistics. In: Kalra, PA, (ed.) Essential Revision Notes for MRCP. PasTest Ltd

Proceedings paper

Al-Ruzzeh, SM; Asimakopoulos, G; Ambler, G; Omar, R; Hasan, R; Fabri, B; El-Gamel, A; (2002) Off-pump coronary artery bypass (OPCAB) surgery reduces morbidity and risk-stratified mortality. Local and national comparisons: Initial UK multi-centre analysis of early clinical outcome. In: CIRCULATION. (pp. 377 - 377). LIPPINCOTT WILLIAMS & WILKINS

Benoudjit, N; Archambeau, C; Lendasse, A; Lee, JA; Verleysen, M; (2002) Width Optimization of the Gaussian Kernels in Radial Basis Function Networks. In: Verleysen, M, (ed.) (pp. pp. 425-432). D-side: Evere, Belgium.

Crossland, MD; Sims, M; Galbraith, RF; Culham, LE; Rubin, GS; (2002) A new quantitative technique to determine the number and extent of preferred retinal loci in macular disease. In: INVESTIGATIVE OPHTHALMOLOGY & VISUAL SCIENCE. (pp. U1052 - U1052). ASSOC RESEARCH VISION OPHTHALMOLOGY INC

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Chandler, RE; (2002) GLIMCLIM: Generalized linear modelling for daily climate time series (software and user guide). University College London: Department of Statistical Science.

Fried, R; Didelez, V; (2002) Decomposability and Selection of graphical models for time series. University of Dortmund

Conference item

Arnalds, T; Fearn, T; Downey, G; (2002) Meat speciation using an hierarchical approach and logistic regression. Presented at: Near Infrared Spectroscopy: Proceedings of the 10th International Conference.

Chandler, RE; Wheater, HS; Isham, V; Onof, C; Bate, S; Northrop, PJ; Cox, DR; (2002) Generation of spatially consistent rainfall data. Presented at: Continuous river flow simulation: methods, applications and uncertainties.

Hennig, C; (2002) Confronting Data Analysis with Constructivist Philosophy. Presented at: Classification, Clustering, and Data Analysis.


Gr nwald, PG; Dawid, AP; (2002) Game theory, maximum generalized entropy, minimum discrepancy, robust Bayes and Pythagoras. Proceedings of the 2002 IEEE Information Theory Workshop., ITW 2002.

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