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Achilleos, N; Tennyson, J; Miller, S; Lam, HA; Dinelli, B-M; (1996) Time Evolution of Jupiter’s Global Thermosphere and Ionosphere. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

Ackerstaff, K; Alexander, G; Allison, J; Altekamp, N; Ametewee, K; Anderson, KJ; Anderson, S; (1996) Measurement of the mass of the W boson in e(+)e(-) collisions at root s=161 GeV. PHYS LETT B , 389 (2) 416 - 428.

Adams, DL; Akchurin, N; Belikov, NI; Bravar, A; Bystricky, J; Corcoran, MD; Cossairt, JD; (1996) Single-spin asymmetries and invariant cross sections of the high transverse-momentum inclusive pi(0) production in 200 GeV/c pp and (p)over-bar-p interactions. PHYS REV D , 53 (9) 4747 - 4755.

Alexander, G; Allison, J; Altekamp, N; Ametewee, K; Anderson, KJ; Anderson, S; Arcelli, S; (1996) Prompt J/psi production in hadronic Z(0) decays. PHYS LETT B , 384 (1-4) 343 - 352.

Alexander, G; Allison, J; Altekamp, N; Ametewee, K; Anderson, KJ; Anderson, S; Arcelli, S; (1996) Multiplicity dependence of Bose-Einstein correlations in hadronic Z(0) decays. Z PHYS C PART FIELDS , 72 (3) 389 - 398.

Atkinson, A; Johnson, T; Harker, AH; Jain, SC; (1996) Film edge-induced stress in substrates and finite film. Thin Solid Films , 274 (1-2) pp. 106-112.


Bain, AJ; Chandna, P; Butcher, G; (1996) Strong molecular alignment in anisotropic fluid media. Chemical Physics Letters , 260 (3-4) pp. 441-446. 10.1016/0009-2614(96)00841-X.

Barlow, MJ; Nguyen-Q-Rieu, ; Truong-Bach, ; Cernicharo, J; González-Alfonso, E; Liu, XW; Cox, P; (1996) The rich far-infrared water vapour spectrum of W Hya. Astronomy and Astrophysics , 315 (2)

Borstnik, ; Robinson, GW; Haymet, ADJ; Paulaitis, ME; Luzar, A; Hummer, G; Skipper, NT; (1996) General discussion. FARADAY DISCUSS , 103 (103) 203 - 226.

Bravar, A; Adams, DL; Akchurin, N; Belikov, NI; Bonner, BE; Bystricky, J; Corcoran, MD; (1996) Single-spin asymmetries in inclusive charged pion production by transversely polarized antiprotons. PHYS REV LETT , 77 (13) 2626 - 2629.

Bull, MJ; McEwen, KA; Osborn, R; Eccleston, RS; (1996) Neutron intermultiplet spectroscopy of UPd3 and UPt3. In: PHYSICA B-CONDENSED MATTER. (pp. 175 - 177). ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV

Butterworth, JM; Forshaw, JR; Seymour, MH; (1996) Multiparton interactions in photoproduction at HERA. Z PHYS C PART FIELDS , 72 (4) 637 - 646.


Cacialli, F; Bruschi, P; (1996) Site-selective chemical-vapor-deposition of submicron-wide conducting polypyrrole films: Morphological investigations with the scanning electron and the atomic force microscope. J APPL PHYS , 80 (1) 70 - 75.

Cernicharo, J; Barlow, MJ; González-Alfonso, E; Cox, P; Clegg, PE; Nguyen-Q-Rieu, ; Omont, A; (1996) The ISO/LWS far infrared spectrum of IRC+10216. Astronomy and Astrophysics , 315 (2)

Cohen, RE; (1996) Periodic slab LAPW computations for ferroelectric BaTiO3. Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids , 57 pp. 1393-1396.

Coldea, R; Tennant, DA; Cowley, RA; McMorrow, DF; Dorner, B; Tylczynski, Z; (1996) Neutron scattering study of the magnetic structure of Cs2CuCl4. J PHYS-CONDENS MAT , 8 (40) 7473 - 7491.

Cox, P; González-Alfonso, E; Barlow, MJ; Liu, XW; Lim, T; Swinyard, BM; Cernicharo, J; (1996) The ISO/LWS spectrum of the Egg nebula, AFGL 2688. Astronomy and Astrophysics , 315 (2)


D'Arrigo, P; Diego, F; Walker, DD; (1996) Active compensation of flexure on the WHT ISIS spectrograph. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society , 281 (2) 679 - 686.

Diego, F; Radley, A; Walker, DD; (1996) A Short Focal Length Camera for UCLES. (Report of design study commissioned by the Anglo Australian Observatory ).

Diego, F; Walker, DD; Pettini, M; (1996) Gemini HROS Functional Requirements Document: version 4.1. UNSPECIFIED

Dietrich, B; Bugiel, E; Frankenfeldt, H; Harker, AH; Jagdhold, U; Tillack, B; Wolff, A; (1996) Strain measurement in thin pseudomorphic SiGe layers of submicron wires using Raman spectroscopy. Solid-State Electronics , 40 (1-8) pp. 307-310.

Duffy, DM; Harding, JH; Stoneham, AM; (1996) A calculation of the structure and energy of the Nb/Al2O3 interface. Acta Materialia , 44 (8) 3293 - 3298. 10.1016/1359-6454(95)00424-6. Green open access

delaTorre, MAL; Fernandez, JR; McEwen, KA; (1996) The spin-glass state of Y1-xUxPd3. In: JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS. (pp. 6364 - 6366). AMER INST PHYSICS


Evans, A; Geballe, TR; Rawlings, JMC; Scott, AD; (1996) Infrared spectroscopy of nova cassiopeiae 1993 .1. The pre-dust phase. MON NOT R ASTRON SOC , 282 (3) 1049 - 1058.


Fak, B; Vettier, C; Flouquet, J; Bourdarot, F; Raymond, S; Verniere, A; Lejay, P; (1996) Influence of sample quality on the magnetic properties of URu2Si2. J MAGN MAGN MATER , 154 (3) 339 - 350.

Faldt, G; Wilkin, C; (1996) Bound state and continuum production in large momentum transfer reactions. PHYS LETT B , 382 (3) 209 - 213.

Finney, JL; (1996) Hydration processes in biological and macromolecular systems. FARADAY DISCUSS , 103 (103) 1 - 18.

Folkes, SR; Lahav, O; Maddox, SJ; (1996) An artificial neural network approach to the classification of galaxy spectra. MON NOT R ASTRON SOC , 283 (2) 651 - 665.

Ford, IJ; (1996) A model of hollow particle production by a sol-gel process. Journal of Aerosol Science , 27 (SUPPL.1)

Ford, IJ; (1996) Models of crystallisation in evaporating droplets. In: Im, JS and Park, B and Greer, AL and Stephenson, GB, (eds.) THERMODYNAMICS AND KINETICS OF PHASE TRANSFORMATIONS. (pp. 637 - 642). MATERIALS RESEARCH SOC

Furlong, JM; Newell, WR; (1996) Total cross section measurement for the metastable a(3)pi state in CO. J PHYS B-AT MOL OPT , 29 (2) pp. 331-338.


García De Polavieja, G; Fulton, NG; Tennyson, J; (1996) Quantum transport, recurrence and localization in H<inf>3</inf><sup>+</sup>. Molecular Physics , 87 (3) pp. 651-667.

Gazey, NGJ; Lockwood, M; Grande, M; Perry, CH; Smith, PN; Coles, S; Aylward, AD; (1996) EISCAT/CRRES observations: Nightside ionospheric ion outflow and oxygen-rich substorm injections. ANN GEOPHYS-ATM HYDR , 14 (10) 1032 - 1043. Gold open access

Green, AG; Kogan, II; Tsvelik, AM; (1996) Skyrmion liquid in SU(2)-invariant quantum Hall systems. Physical Review B , 53 (11) 6981 - 6983. 10.1103/PhysRevB.53.6981. Green open access

Green, AG; Kogan, II; Tsvelik, AM; (1996) Skyrmions in the quantum Hall effect at finite Zeeman coupling. Physical Review B , 54 (23) , Article 16838. 10.1103/PhysRevB.54.16838. Green open access

Green, M; Mels, A; Lahav, O; Tarre, S; (1996) Biological-ion exchange process for ammonium removal from secondary effluent. In: WATER SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. (pp. 449 - 458). PERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTD

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Harkins, JV; Donovan, PE; (1996) The structure and magnetization of gadolinium/molybdenum multilayers. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter , 8 (6) pp. 685-697. 10.1088/0953-8984/8/6/009.

Hartquist, TW; Williams, DA; Caselli, P; (1996) Comments on some possible models of TMC-1. ASTROPHYS SPACE SCI , 238 (2) 303 - 308.

Hayden, SM; Aeppli, G; Perring, TG; Mook, HA; Doǧan, F; (1996) High-frequency spin waves in YBa2Cu3O6.15. Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics , 54 (10)

Hemley, RJ; Cohen, RE; (1996) Structure and bonding in the deep mantle and core. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London Series a-Mathematical Physical and Engineering Sciences , 354 pp. 1461-1479.

Hermit, S; Santiago, BX; Lahav, O; Strauss, MA; Davis, M; Dressler, A; Huchra, JP; (1996) The two-point correlation function and morphological segregation in the optical redshift survey. MON NOT R ASTRON SOC , 283 (2) 709 - 720.

Hucknall, PK; Sugden, S; Sofield, CJ; Harker, AH; Machler, E; Locquet, J-P; (1996) Ion scattering for in situ characterization of composition of La2 - xSrxCuO4 films. Applied Physics Letters , 69 (20) pp. 3081-3083. 10.1063/1.117311.


Inbar, I; Cohen, RE; (1996) Comparison of the electronic structures and energetics of ferroelectric LiNbO3 and LiTaO3. Physical Review B , 53 pp. 1193-1204.

Iwai, S; Tokizaki, T; Nakamura, A; Tanimura, K; Itoh, N; Shluger, A; (1996) One-center small polarons as short-lived precursors in self-trapping processes of holes and electron-hole pairs in alkali iodides. PHYS REV LETT , 76 (10) 1691 - 1694.


Johnson, PC; Asher, J; Chivers, DC; Findlay, DJS; Harker, AH; (1996) Carrier lifetime control: processes and modelling. In: (Proceedings) IEE Colloquium on new developments in power semiconductor devices.

Justtanont, K; Barlow, MJ; Skinner, CJ; Roche, PF; Aitken, DK; Smith, CH; (1996) Mid-infrared spectroscopy of carbon-rich post-AGB objects and detection of the PAH molecule chrysene. ASTRON ASTROPHYS , 309 (2) 612 - 628.

Justtanont, K; Barlow, MJ; Skinner, CJ; Roche, PF; Aitken, DK; Smith, CH; (1996) Mid-infrared spectroscopy of carbon-rich post-AGB objects and detection of the PAH molecule chrysene. Astronomy and Astrophysics , 309 (2) pp. 612-628.


Kerr, TH; Hibbins, RE; Miles, JR; Fossey, SJ; Somerville, WB; Sarre, PJ; (1996) Molecular rotational contour fitting of ultra-high-resolution profiles of diffuse interstellar bands. MON NOT R ASTRON SOC , 283 (4) L105 - L109.

Kim, S-W; Rees, D; Walker, DD; Bingham, R; Brooks, D; Humm, B; Jamshidi, H; (1996) OGL, an Innovative Computer Controlled Polishing Machine. In: (Proceedings) SPIE Conference. (pp. pp. 491-496).

Kim, S-W; Rees, D; Walker, DD; Bingham, RG; Brooks, D; Humm, B; Jamshidi, H; (1996) OGLP-400: An Innovative Computer Controlled Polishing Machine. In: (Proceedings) SPIE. (pp. pp. 491-496).


Lahav, O; (1996) Probing density fluctuations at low and high redshift. In: HELVETICA PHYSICA ACTA. (pp. 388 - 399). BIRKHAUSER VERLAG AG

Lahav, O; Naim, A; Sodre, L; Storrie-Lombardi, MC; (1996) Neural computation as a tool for galaxy classification: Methods and examples. MON NOT R ASTRON SOC , 283 (1) 207 - 221.

Lam, HA; Achilleos, N; Miller, S; Tennyson, J; Trafton, LM; Geballe, TR; Ballester, GE; (1996) A Baseline Spectroscopic Study of the Infrared Aurorae of Jupiter. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

Lancaster, M; Waters, DZEUSC; (1996) Measurement of elastic ω photoproduction at HERA. Zeitschrift für Physik C , 73 (1) pp. 73-84. 10.1007/s002880050297.

Lancaster, M; Waters, DZEUSC; (1996) Measurement of the reaction ?*p ? ?p in deep inelastic e+p scattering at HERA. Physics Letters B , 380 pp. 220-234.

Li, XC; Kraft, A; Cervini, R; Spencer, GCW; Cacialli, F; Friend, RH; Gruener, J; (1996) The synthesis and optoelectronic properties of oxadiazole-based polymers. In: Jen, AKY and Lee, CYC and Dalton, LR and Rubner, MF and Wnek, GE and Chiang, LY, (eds.) ELECTRICAL, OPTICAL, AND MAGNETIC PROPERTIES OF ORGANIC SOLID STATE MATERIALS III. (pp. 13 - 22). MATERIALS RESEARCH SOC

Liseau, R; Ceccarelli, C; Larsson, B; Nisini, B; White, GJ; Ade, P; Armand, C; (1996) Thermal H2O emission from the Herbig-Haro flow HH 54. ASTRON ASTROPHYS , 315 (2) L181-L184.

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LyndonBell, RM; Robinson, GW; Luzar, A; Soper, AK; Soumpasis, DM; Adya, AK; Finney, JL; (1996) General discussion. FARADAY DISCUSS , 103 (103) 91 - 116.


Maichen, W; Renzoni, F; Mazets, I; Korsunsky, E; Windholz, L; (1996) Transient coherent population trapping in a closed loop interaction scheme. PHYS REV A , 53 (5) 3444 - 3448.


Nikulin, VN; Boudard, A; Clajus, M; Fabbro, B; Garcon, M; Kessler, RS; Lytkin, LK; (1996) The (d)over-right-arrow p->He-3 pi(0) reaction near threshold. PHYS REV C , 54 (4) 1732 - 1740.

Nisini, B; Lorenzetti, D; Cohen, M; Ceccarelli, C; Giannini, T; Liseau, R; Molinari, S; (1996) LWS-spectroscopy of Herbig Haro objects and molecular outflows in the Cha II dark cloud. ASTRON ASTROPHYS , 315 (2) L321-L324.


Obatomi, DK; Kaler, B; Anthonypillai, V; Brant, S; Thanh, NTK; Bach, PH; (1996) Comparative cytotoxicity of atratyloside in rat renal and liver slices. In: Human Experimental Toxicology. (pp. 689 - 689).

Ochs, D; MausFriedrichs, W; Brause, M; Gunster, J; Kempter, V; Puchin, V; Shluger, A; (1996) Study of the surface electronic structure of MgO bulk crystals and thin films. SURF SCI , 365 (2) 557 - 571.


Pettini, M; Walker, DD; Diego, F; (1996) Gemini HROS Operational Concepts Definition Document: version 5.0. UNSPECIFIED

Polyansky, OL; Jensen, P; Tennyson, J; (1996) The potential energy surface of (H2O)-O-16. J CHEM PHYS , 105 (15) 6490 - 6497.


Radha, S; Park, JG; Roy, SB; Coles, BR; Nigam, AK; McEwen, KA; (1996) Study of electrical transport properties of (U1-xYx)Ru2Si2. In: PHYSICA B-CONDENSED MATTER. (pp. 195 - 197). ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV


Santiago, BX; Strauss, MA; Lahav, O; Davis, M; Dressler, A; Huchra, JP; (1996) The optical redshift survey .2. Derivation of the luminosity and diameter functions and of the density field. ASTROPHYS J , 461 (1) 38 - 54.

SchroderSmeibidl, B; Metz, A; Manns, M; Steiner, M; Moolenaar, A; McEwen, KA; (1996) Hyperfine induced magnetic order in Pr: Neutron diffraction at mK temperatures. In: CZECHOSLOVAK JOURNAL OF PHYSICS. (pp. 2203 - 2204). CZECHOSLOVAK JNL OF PHYSICS

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Thorne, RS; (1996) F2(x,Q**2) and F(L)(x,Q**2) at leading order, in ln(1/x) as well as alpha(s)(Q**2). Presented at: Workshop on Future Physics at HERA.

Thorne, RS; (1996) A leading order, in ln(1/x) as well as alpha(s)(Q**2), calculation of structure functions. Presented at: International Workshop on Deep Inelastic Scattering and Related Phenomena (DIS 96).


Walker, DD; (1996) Off-telescope requirements for HROS and Other Instruments (HROS Conceptual Design Review). UNSPECIFIED

Walker, DD; (1996) Preliminary (eg algebraic) Opto-Mechanical Specifications (HROS Conceptual Design Review). UNSPECIFIED

Walker, DD; (1996) TN#16 Results of Immersed Echelle Proof-of-Concept (HROS Conceptual Design Review). UNSPECIFIED

Walker, DD; (1996) TN#2 Preliminary Echelle Format Calculations (HROS Conceptual Desgin Review). UNSPECIFIED

Walker, DD; (1996) TN#27 Maintenance and Operations Outline (HROS Conceptual Design Review). UNSPECIFIED

Walker, DD; (1996) TN#28 The Strategy for Optical Coatings (HROS Conceptual Design Review). UNSPECIFIED

Walker, DD; (1996) TN#3 Cross Disperser Calculations (HROS Conceptual Design Review). UNSPECIFIED

Walker, DD; (1996) TN#30 Response to Review Committee's Recommendations on Immersed Echell Proof of Concept (HROS Conceptual Design Review). UNSPECIFIED

Walker, DD; (1996) TN#31 The HROS Thermal Environment (HROS Conceptual Design Review). UNSPECIFIED

Walker, DD; Bingham, RG; (1996) TN#24 Echelle Specification (HROS Conceptual Design Review). UNSPECIFIED

Walker, DD; D'Arrigo, P; (1996) On the stability of Cassegrain spectrographs. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society , 281 (2) 673 - 678.

Walker, DD; Diego, F; Charalambous, A; D'Arrigo, P; (1996) TN#4 Immersed Echelle Proof-of-Concept Experiment Definition (HROS Conceptual Design Review). UNSPECIFIED

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Zinkin, MP; McMorrow, DF; Hill, JP; Cowley, RA; Lussier, JG; Gibaud, A; Grubel, G; (1996) Synchrotron x-ray-scattering study of the normal-incommensurate phase transition in Rb2ZnCl4. PHYS REV B , 54 (5) 3115 - 3124.

Zundel, G; Halle, B; Bruni, FB; Westhof, E; Wuthrich, K; Soumpasis, DM; Moore, BD; (1996) General discussion. FARADAY DISCUSS , 103 (103) 295 - 311.

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