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Barany, I; (2007) Convex bodies, random polytopes, and approximation. In: Weil, W, (ed.) Stochastic Geometry. (pp. 77-114). Springer: Berlin, Heidelberg, New York.

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Brody, DC; Hughston, LP; Macrina, A; (2007) Beyond Hazard Rates: a New Approach to Credit Risk Modelling. In: Elliott, R and Fu, M and Jarrow, R and Yen, JY, (eds.) Advances in Mathematical Finance: Festschrift Volume in Honour of Dilip Madan. (231 - 257). Birkhauser

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Melbourne-Thomas, J; Johnson, CR; Fung, T; Seymour, RM; (2007) ). Decision support tools for managing coral reefs at local to regional scale. Presented at: Proceedings of the Environmental Research Event, 2007: Global Problems - Local Solutions, James Cook University, Cairns Australia.


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