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Alexander, DC; Jansons, KM; (2002) Spin echo attenuation to diffusion density: a general inversion for measurements on a sphere. Presented at: ISMRM workshop on diffusion MRI: Biophysical issue (what can we measure?).

Alexander, DC; Jansons, KM; (2002) Spin echo attenuation to diffusion density: a general inversion for measurements on a sphere. Presented at: International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine Workshop on Diffusion MRI: Biophysical Issues (What can we measure?).

Anderson, JM; Hinkkanen, A; (2002) The oscillation of harmonic and quasiregular mappings. Mathematische Zeitschrift , 239 (4) pp. 703-713. 10.1007/s002090100326.

Anyanwu, AC; Treasure, T; (2002) Unrealistic expectations arising from mortality data reported in the cardiothoracic journals. J THORAC CARDIOV SUR , 123 (1) 16 - 20. 10.1067/mtc.2002.119057.


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Baltanas, JP; Zaikin, A; Feudel, F; Kurths, J; Sanjuan, MAF; (2002) Noise-induced effects on the chaotic advection of fluid flow. PHYS LETT A , 297 (5-6) 396 - 401.

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Bollob s, B; Scott, AD; (2002) Better bounds for Max Cut. In: UNSPECIFIED (pp. 185-246).

Bowles, RI; Calay, P; Flores, R; Formosa, J; Goda, D; Malabar, I; Norrington, P; (2002) UNSPECIFIED Presented at: 'Deep and surface learning in undergraduate mathematics'. In Undergraduate Mathematics Teaching Conference, 2-5 September.

Brody, DC; (2002) Efficient Simulation of Quantum State Reduction. Journal of Mathematical Physics , 43 (11) 5254 - 5261.

Brody, DC; Hughston, LP; (2002) Entropy and Information in the Interest Rate Term Structure. Quantitative Finance , 2 70 - 80.

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Cohn, PM; (2002) Basic algebra, groups, rings and fields. [Book]. (1 vols). Springer: London.

Cohn, PM; (2002) Non-commutative localization. Presented at: British Mathematics Colloquium.

Cohn, PM; (2002) C.14. Infinite-dimensional division rings, C.23. Free ideal rings and free algebras, C.25. Principal ideal domains. In: Mikhalev, AV and Pilz, GF, (eds.) The concise handbook of Algebra. (198, 231,-202, 235,). Kluwer Academic Publishers: Dordrecht.

Cohn, PM; (2002) Localization in general rings a historical survey. Presented at: Noncommutative localization in algebra and topology.

Consani, C; Kim, M; (2002) The Picard-Lefschetz formula and a conjecture of Kato: the case of Lefschetz fibrations. Mathematical Research Letters , 9 (5-6) pp. 621-631.

Csornyei, M; (2002) Lipschitz image of Lipschitz functions. Real Analysis Exchange , 27 (2) pp. 735-738.

Csornyei, M; (2002) An example illustrating $P^g(K)\neq P_0^g(K)$ for compact sets of finite premeasure. Real Analysis Exchange , 27 (1) pp. 65-70.


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Dunn, DC; McDonald, NR; Johnson, ER; (2002) The evolution of an initially circular vortex near an escarpment. Part I: analytical results. EUR J MECH B-FLUID , 21 (6) 657 - 675.


Epps, H; Hurley, M; Utley, M; (2002) Development and evaluation of a single value score to assess global range of motion in juvenile idiopathic arthritis. ARTHRIT RHEUM-ARTHR , 47 (4) 398 - 402. 10.1002/art.10533.

Eps, HA; Utley, M; Southwood, T; Gallivan, S; Hurley, M; Ginnelly, L; Sculpher, M; (2002) A multi-centred randomised controlled trial investigating the effectiveness of hydrotherapy in children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis. In: ARTHRITIS AND RHEUMATISM. (pp. S608 - S608). WILEY-LISS

Esler, JG; Waugh, DW; (2002) A method for estimating the extent of denitrification of Arctic polar vortex air from tracer-tracer scatter plots. J GEOPHYS RES-ATMOS , 107 (D13) , Article 4169. 10.1029/2001JD001071. Green open access


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Ford, SMS; Unsworth-White, MJ; Aziz, T; Tooze, JA; van Besouw, JP; Bevan, DH; Treasure, T; (2002) Platelet pheresis is not a useful adjunct to blood-sparing strategies in cardiac surgery. J CARDIOTHOR VASC AN , 16 (3) 321 - 329. 10.1053/jcan.2002.124141.

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Gallivan, S; Mills, M; Utley, M; (2002) Estimating short to medium term workload for the NCAA - the epidemiology of failure.

Gallivan, S; Mills, M; Utley, M; Bridle, A; (2002) Estimating short to medium term workload for NCAA - the epidemiology of failure - Interim Report.

Gallivan, S; Utley, M; (2002) Capacity needs for patient choice - a mathematical modelling study.

Gallivan, S; Utley, M; (2002) Cautionary tales related to Patient Choice systems.

Gallivan, S; Utley, M; Treasure, T; Valencia, O; (2002) Authors respond to criticisms of booked inpatient admissions and hospital capacity study. BMJ (Clinical Research Ed.) , 325 433-.

Gallivan, S; Utley, M; Treasure, T; Valencia, O; (2002) Authors respond to criticisms of booked inpatient admissions and hospital capacity study. BRIT MED J , 325 (7361) 443 - 443.

Gallivan, S; Utley, M; Treasure, T; Valencia, S; (2002) Booked inpatient admissions and hospital capacity: mathematical modelling study. BRIT MED J , 324 (7332) 280 - 282.

Galmiche, M; Hunt, JCR; (2002) The formation of shear and density layers in stably stratified trubulent flows: linear processes. Journal of Fluid Mechanics , 455 243 - 262. 10.1017/S002211200100739X. Green open access

Galmiche, M; Hunt, JCR; (2002) The formation of shear and density layers in stably stratified turbulent flows: linear processes. Journal of Geophysical Research - Space Physics , 455 pp. 243-262.

Gowin, W; Saparin, P; Felsenberg, D; Kurths, J; Zaikin, A; Prohaska, S; Hege, HC; (2002) Regional structural skeletal discordance assessed by measures of complexity. OSTEOPOROSIS INT , 13 S123 - S123.

Green, JEF; Waters, SL; Cummings, LJ; van den Berg, JB; Siggers, JH; Grief, A; (2002) Atherosclerotic plaque rupture. Presented at: Proceedings of the 3rd Mathematics in Medicine Study Group.


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Hunt, JCR; Walker, L; (2002) Heat on cities to changes Times Higher Education Supplement. The Times pp. 16-17.

Hunt, JCR; Wlaker, L; (2002) Heat on Cities to Change. Times Higher Education Supplement , 1522 pp. 16-17.

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