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Anderson, JM; Hinkkanen, A; (1997) Renewal sequences and ordered partitions. Annals of Numerical Mathematics , 4 pp. 11-27.

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Clarke, SR; Johnson, ER; (1997) Topographically forced long waves on a sheared coastal current. Part 2. Finite amplitude waves. J FLUID MECH , 343 153 - 168. 10.1017/S0022112097005697. Green open access

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Gallivan, S; O'Rourke, M; (1997) UNSPECIFIED Presented at: MIE 97 Fourteenth International Congress, Greece.

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Goodyear, OM; Sozou, PD; Gallivan, S; (1997) UNSPECIFIED Presented at: Healthcare computing conference (HC98) Harrogate.


Haight, J; Seymour, RM; (1997) Demonstration of a multi-unit Vickrey auction. (Version two ve). [Software]. privately commissioned by ELSE (centre for economic learning an

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Lovegrove, J; Sherlaw-Johnson, C; Gallivan, S; Valencia, O; Treasure, T; (1997) UNSPECIFIED Presented at: Risk and performance in cardiac surgery - EURO XV conference, Barcelona.

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Sherlaw-Johnson, C; Gallivan, S; (1997) UNSPECIFIED Presented at: An evaluation of hormone replacement therapy to reduce the incidence of osteoporotic bone fracture in women.

Sherlaw-Johnson, C; Jenkins, D; Gallivan, S; (1997) An evaluation of the early removal of low-risk women from cervical cancer screening programmes. Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica , 76 (suppl) p. 33.

Smith, FT; (1997) Free transition onset in separations or wakes. PROC WORKSHOP ON TURBOMACHINERY

Sozou, PD; Goodyear, OM; Gallivan, S; (1997) A study of finite-period of waiting times in hospitals.


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Treasure, T; Child, A; Chow, T; Gallivan, S; Reynolds, C; Valencia, O; (1997) Improving decisions associated with aortic root replacement for Marfan syndrome. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

Treasure, T; Child, A; Chow, T; Gallivan, S; Reynolds, C; Valencia, O; (1997) A computer system for assisting aortic root replacement for Marfan syndrome. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

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