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Barker, JE; Bakhle, YS; Anderson, J; Treasure, T; Piper, PJ; (1996) Reciprocal inhibition of nitric oxide and prostacyclin synthesis in human saphenous vein. BRIT J PHARMACOL , 118 (3) 643 - 648.

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Obukhov, YN; Hehl, FW; (1996) On the relation between quadratic and linear curvature Lagrangians in Poincare gauge gravity. In: ACTA PHYSICA POLONICA B. (pp. 2685 - 2693). POLISH ACAD SCIENCES INST PHYSICS Gold open access


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Rothman, P; (1996) Women in the history of mathematics- from antiquity to the nineteenth century. [Book]. (Vol.1). (1 vols). (1 ed.). University College London: London.


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