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Agar, J; (2013) It's springtime for science: Renewing China-UK scientific relations in the 1970S. Notes and Records of the Royal Society , 67 (1) pp. 7-24. 10.1098/rsnr.2012.0052.

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Entradas, M; Miller, S; Peters, HP; (2013) Preaching to the converted? An analysis of the UK public for space exploration. Public Underst Sci , 22 (3) pp. 269-286. 10.1177/0963662511411255.


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Maxwell, N; (2013) How to Create a Better World: Bring about a Revolution in Universities. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://www.compassonline.org.uk/how-to-create-a-be... Green open access

Maxwell, N; (2013) The Urgent Need for an Academic Revolution: From Knowledge to Wisdom. [Lecture]. Presented at: TEDx UCL, University College London (UCL). Green open access

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Werrett, S; (2013) Recycling in early modern science. British Journal for the History of Science , 46 (4) pp. 627-646. 10.1017/S0007087412000696. Green open access

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