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Aicardi, C; (2009) The analytic spirit and the paris institution for the deaf-mutes, 1760-1830. History of Science , 47 (2) pp. 176-221.


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Bultitude, K; (2009) Breaking the Chains: Enhancing innovation in science communication, outreach & public engagement (Invited Keynote Lecture). [Lecture]. Presented at: Third Annual Science, Engineering Communications & Outreach Conference, Dublin, Ireland.

Bultitude, K; (2009) Careers in Science Communication (Invited Presentation). Presented at: Scottish Science Communication Conference, Glasgow, UK.

Bultitude, K; (2009) Evaluation – an Overview (Session Chair and Organiser). Presented at: ECSITE Annual Conference, Milan, Italy.

Bultitude, K; (2009) Finding Funds (Session Chair and Organiser). Presented at: British Interactive Group (BIG) Annual Event, Royal Institution of Great Britain, London UK.

Bultitude, K; (2009) Meet the Gene Machine (Invited Presentation). Presented at: Evolving Science Communication Symposium, Bristol, UK.

Bultitude, K; (2009) Science Communication – why and how? (Invited Keynote Lecture). [Lecture]. Presented at: Science Communication Conference, Pilsen, Czech Republic.

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Bultitude, K; Lloyd, A; (2009) Careers – A Science communicators’ skills and career paths (Invited Presentation). Presented at: British Interactive Group Little Event, Birmingham, UK.



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Daly, A; Bultitude, K; Grant, L; (2009) Changing classroom practice through teacher-led research: A case study of the Girls into Physics: Action Research Programme (Invited Presentation). Presented at: The Science and Technology Education Group Seminar Series, Kings College London, London, UK.

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Day, N; Stilgoe, J; (2009) knowledge nomads why science needs migration.


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