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Agar, J; (2008) What happened in the sixties? British Journal for the History of Science , 41 (4) 567 - 600. 10.1017/S0007087408001179. Green open access

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Bultitude, K; (2008) The Enhancement & Enrichment Agenda (Invited Presentation). Presented at: The Biosciences Federation Education Colloquium, York, UK.

Bultitude, K; (2008) Hands-on Science in Schools: the Enhancement & Enrichment Perspective. Science in Parliament , 65 (3)

Bultitude, K; (2008) The STEM Directories: A New Way Forwards (Invited Keynote Lecture). [Lecture]. Presented at: South West STEMNET Regional Conference, Bristol, UK.

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Overton, T; Bultitude, K; Cartwright, H; (2008) Hands-on Science in Schools (Invited Keynote Lecture). [Lecture]. Presented at: Meeting of the Parliamentary and Scientific Committee, London, UK.


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Stilgoe, J; Farook, F; (2008) The talking cure: why conversation is the future of healthcare.

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Wilkinson, C; Dawson, E; Bultitude, K; (2008) Talking robots: examining public engagement with emergent robotic technologies. Presented at: The British Sociological Association Annual Conference “Social Worlds, Natural Worlds”, Warwick, UK.

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