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Alexander, DE; (1998) Do natural disasters lead to the deliberate ending of human life? Natural Hazards Observer , 23 p. 4.

Alexander, DE; (1998) Review of "Perils of a Restless Planet: Scientific Perspectives on Natural Disasters," by E. Zebrowski Jr. Progress in Physical Geography: an international review of geographical work in the natural and environmental sciences , 23 (4) pp. 576-578.

Alexander, DE; (1998) Vulnerabilità alle calamità naturali e mitigazione del rischio: la lezione del passato e la via del futuro. In: Zanferrari, A and Crosilla, F, (eds.) La scienza e i terremoti: analisi e prospettive dall'esperienza del Friuli, 1976-1996. (pp. 9-18). Forum: Udine, Italy.

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Coogan, LA; MacLeod, CJ; Dick, HJB; Robinson, PT; Allerton, S; JR31, SP; (1998) Chemical variability in gabbros from Atlantis Bank, SW Indian Ridge. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

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MacLeod, CJ; Allerton, S; Dick, HJB; Robinson, PT; JR31, SP; (1998) High-resolution geological mapping and sampling of the lower ocean crust from a near-bottom video and wireline drilling survey. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

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Pereira, AJSC; Carter, A; Hurford, AJ; Neves, LJPF; Godinho, MM; (1998) Evidence for the unroofing history of Hercynian granitoids in central Portugal derived from late Palaeozoic and Mesozoic sedimentary zircons. In: (pp. pp. 173-186).

Pickering, KT; Hilton, VC; (1998) Turbidite systems of Southeast France. [Book]. Vallis Pr


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Stofan, ER; Guest, J; Anderson, SW; Smrekar, SE; (1998) Development of planetary lava flow fields. Presented at: 29th Annual Lunar and Planetary Science Conference.


Tapper, SW; Stofan, ER; Guest, J; (1998) Preliminary Analysis of an expanded corona database. Presented at: 29th Annual Lunar and Planetary Science Conference.

Tessarotto, M; Nicolini, P; Faoro, L; Pozzo, M; (1998) Propagation of Perturbations in Relativistic Kinetic Theory. Presented at: 20th IUPAP International Conference on Statistical Physics, Paris, France.

Tessarotto, M; Pozzo, M; Zorat, R; White, RB; (1998) Direct Perturbative Gyrokinetic Approach for Non Hamiltonian Systems. Presented at: 7th European Fusion Theory Conference, Juelich, Germany.


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Yoshida, S; Clint, OC; Sammonds, PR; (1998) Electric potential changes prior to shear fracture in dry and saturated rocks. Geophysical Research Letters , 25 (10) 1577 - 1580. 10.1029/98GL01222. Green open access

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