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Abraham, MH; (2003) Can we identify models for intestinal absorption, blood-brain barrier distribution and intestinal absorption? EUROQSAR DESIGNING DRUGS AND CROP PROTECTANTS : PROCESSES, PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS ED M FORD , D LIVINGSTONE , J DEARDEN AND H VAN DE WATERBEEMD , BLACKWELL , OXFORD pp. 5-7.

Abraham, MH; (2003) Can we identify models for intestinal absorption, blood-brain barrier distribution and intestinal absorption? In: Ford, M and Livingstone, D and Dearden, J and van de Waterbeemd, H, (eds.) EuroQSAR Designing drugs and crop protectants: processes, problems and solutions. (pp. 5-7). Blackwell: Oxford.

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Anderson, JE; de Meijere, A; Kozhushkov, SI; Lunazzi, L; Mazzanti, A; (2003) Conformational Studies by Dynamic NMR. 95.1 Rotation Around the Adamantyl-Alkyl Bond. Remote Substituent Effect on Conformational Equilibrium. Journal of Organic Chemistry , 68 pp. 8494-8499.

Arce, AJ; Machado, R; De Sanctis, Y; Gonz lez, T; Atencio, R; Deeming, AJ; (2003) Reactions of the clusters [Os3(CO)10(MeCN)2)] and [Ru3(CO)12] with (2-aminophenyl)phosphine P(2-NH2C6H4)H2. A comparison of the reactivity of amino and phosphino groups with clusters. Inorganica Chimica Acta , 344 pp. 123-127.

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Cai, Y; Roberts, BP; (2003) Vicinal Alkylation-Carboxymethylation of Electron-Poor Alkenes by Radical-Chain Reactions with O-Alkyl O-Silyl Ketene Acetals and their [3+2] Annulation by Reaction with O-Cyclopropylcarbinyl O-Silyl Ketene Acetals. Tetrahedron Letters , 45 pp. 1485-1488.

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Ganellin, CR; Leurquin, F; Akinleminu, TT; Halai, S; Zhao, YH; Stark, H; Schunak, W; (2003) Design of potent non-imidazole histamine H3-receptor antagonists. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

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Gbahou, R; Rouleau, A; Morisset, S; Parmentier, R; Crochet, S; Lin, J; Ligneau, X; (2003) UNSPECIFIED Presented at: Protean agonism at histamine H3 receptors in vitro and in vivo.

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Powell, HS; (2003) Navigating History. Art Margins

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