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Abraham, MH; Al-Hussaini, AJ; (2002) Solvation descriptors for N-nitrosodialkylamines; calculation of some of their properties of environmental significance. J Environ Monit , 4 (5) pp. 743-746.

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Barker, CM; Gleeson, D; Kaltsoyannis, N; Catlow, CRA; Sankar, G; Thomas, JM; (2002) On the structure and coordination of the oxygen-donating species in Ti-MCM-41/TBHP oxidation catalysts: a density functional theory and EXAFS study. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics , 4 (7) pp. 1228-1240.

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Bursten, BE; Chisholm, MH; Clark, RJH; Firth, S; Hadad, CM; Macintosh, AM; Wilson, PJ; (2002) Oxalate-Bridged Complexes of Dimolybdenum and Ditungsten Supported by Pivalate Ligands: (<sup>t</sup>BuCO<sub>2</sub>)<sub>3</sub>M<sub>2</sub>(?-O<sub>2</sub>CCO<sub>2</sub>)M<sub>2</sub>(O<sub>2</sub>C<sup>t</sup>Bu)<sub>3</sub>. Correlation of the Solid-State, Molecular, and Electronic Structures with Raman, Resonance Raman, and Electronic Spectral Data. Journal of the American Chemical Society , 124 (12) pp. 3050-3063. 10.1021/ja011786j.

Bursten, BE; Chisholm, MH; Clark, RJH; Firth, S; Hadad, CM; Wilson, PJ; Woodward, PM; (2002) Perfluoroterephthalate Bridged Complexes with M-M Quadruple Bonds: (<sup>t</sup>BuCO<sub>2</sub>)<sub>3</sub>M<sub>2</sub>(?-O<sub>2</sub>CC<sub>6</sub>F<sub>4</sub>CO<sub>2</sub>)M<sub>2</sub>(O<sub>2</sub>C<sup>t</sup>Bu)3, where M = Mo or W. Studies of Solid-State, Molecular, and Electronic Structure and Correlations with Electronic and Raman Spectral Data. Journal of the American Chemical Society , 124 (41) pp. 12244-12254. 10.1021/ja020248j.

Caddick, S; Geoffrey, F; Cloke, N; Hitchcock, PB; Leonard, J; Lewis, AKD; McKerrecher, D; (2002) The first example of simple oxidative addition of an aryl chloride to a discrete palladium N-heterocyclic carbene amination precatalyst. ORGANOMETALLICS , 21 (21) 4318 - 4319. 10.1021/om020552l.

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Carling, SG; Visser, D; Hautot, D; Watts, ID; Day, P; Ensling, J; Gutlich, P; (2002) Polarized neutron diffraction and Mossbauer spectral study of short-range magnetic correlations in the ferrimagnetic layered compounds (PPh4) [(FeFeIII)-Fe-II(ox)(3)] and (NBu4) [(FeFeIII)-Fe-II(ox)(3)]. PHYS REV B , 66 (10) , Article 104407. 10.1103/PhysRevB.66.104407.

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