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Abbink, OA; Callomon, JH; Riding, JB; Williams, PDB; Wolfard, A; (2001) Biostratigraphy of Jurassic-Cretaceous boundary strata in the Terschelling Basin, The Netherlands. Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society , 53 (4) pp. 275-302.

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Doherty, S; Hogarth, G; Waugh, M; Scanlan, TH; Elsegood, MRJ; Clegg, W; (2001) Migratory insertion and CO substitution reactions of the β,γ-Unsaturated Esters and Amides [Fe<sub>2</sub>(CO)<sub>5</sub>(μ-PPh<sub>2</sub>)(μ-η<sup>1/sup>:η<sup>2</sup>-{NuC(O)CH<sub>2</sub>}C=CH<sub>2</sub>}] (Nu=OMe, OEt, OPri, NHPh, NHBut): synthesis and characterisation of acyl-bridged [Fe<sub>2</sub>(CO)<sub>4</sub>L<sub>2</sub>(μ-PPh<sub>2</sub>)(?-C=O{C=CH<sub>2</sub>}CH<sub>2</sub>C(0)Nu)](L<sub>2</sub>=dppm,dppe) and alkenyl-bridged[Fe<sub>2</sub>(CO)<. Journal of Organometallic Chemistry , 620 pp. 150-164.

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French, SA; Sokol, AA; Bromley, ST; Catlow, CR; Rogers, SC; King, F; Sherwood, P; (2001) From CO(2) to Methanol by Hybrid QM/MM Embedding This work was supported by EU Esprit IV project 25047. S.A.F. is grateful to ICI and Synetix for funding. K. Waugh, L. Whitmore, S. Cristol, and P. Sushko are thanked for their helpful insights. QM/MM=quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl , 40 (23) pp. 4437-4440.

Frunzke, J; Hansen, T; Harrison, A; Lord, JS; Oakley, GS; Visser, D; Wills, AS; (2001) Magnetic ordering in diluted kagome antiferromagnets. JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY , 11 (1) pp. 179-185.

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