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Abraham, MH; Ballantine, DS; Callihan, BK; (2000) Revised linear solvation energy relationship coefficients for the 77-phase McReynolds data set based on an updated set of solute descriptors. Journal of Chromatography A , 878 (1) pp. 115-124.

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Andy, P; Martin, D; Guisnet, M; Bell, RG; Catlow, CRA; (2000) Molecular Modeling of Carbonaceous Compounds Formed Inside the Pores of FER Zeolite during Skeletal Isomerization of n-Butene. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B , 104 4827-. 10.1021/jp994169e.

Angerstein, JL; (2000) A hemispherical acoustic resonator for the measurement of the speed of sound in gases. Doctoral thesis, University of London. Green open access


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