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Aaker y, CB; Nieuwenhuyzen, M; Price, SL; (1998) Three polymorphs of 2-amino-5-nitropyrimidine: experimental structures and theoretical predictions. Journal of the American Chemical Society , 120 pp. 8986-8993.

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Arunasalam, VC; Baxter, I; Darr, JA; Drake, SR; Hursthouse, MB; Malik, KMA; Mingos, DMP; (1998) Insertion reactions of small molecules into group 2 metal alkoxides; structural characterization of [Mg-9(mu(5)-CO3)(O2COMe)(8)(mu(3)-OMe)(8)(MeOH)(13)]center dot MeOH center dot C7H8. 641 - 657.

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Baxter, IA; Darr, JA; Drake, SR; Hursthouse, MB; Malik, KMA; Mingos, DMP; (1998) The synthesis and X-ray structure of [Sr-2(OSiPh3)(4)(NH3)(5)]center dot 0.5C(7)H(8). 221 - 226.

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Bromidge, SM; Dabbs, S; Davies, DT; Duckworth, DM; Forbes, IT; Ham, P; Jones, GE; (1998) Novel and selective 5-HT2C/2B receptor antagonists as potential anxiolytic agents: synthesis, quantitative structure-activity relationships, and molecular modeling of substituted 1-(3-pyridylcarbamoyl)indolines. J Med Chem , 41 (10) pp. 1598-1612. 10.1021/jm970741j.

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