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Aasland, S; Einarsrud, MA; Grande, T; Grzechnik, A; McMillan, PF; (1997) The structure of ternary fluorozirconate glasses. Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids , 213-21 pp. 341-344.

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Abraham, MH; Chadha, HS; Leitao, RAE; Mitchell, RC; Lambert, WJ; Kaliszan, R; Nasal, A; (1997) Determination of solute lipophilicity, as log P(octanol) and log P(alkane) using poly(styrene-divinylbenzene) and immobilised artificial membrane stationary phases in reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography. J CHROMATOGR A , 766 pp. 35-47.

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Akhtar, MJ; Akhtar, ZN; Dragun, JP; Catlow, CRA; (1997) Electrical conductivity and extended x-ray absorption fine structure studies of SrFe1-xNbxO3 and BaFe1-xNbxO3 systems. SOLID STATE IONICS , 104 (1-2) pp. 147-158.

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Aliev, AE; Harris, KDM; (1997) Dynamic properties of cyclohexane guest molecules constrained within the zeolite H-ZSM-5 host structure: A wide-line solid state H-2 NMR investigation. J PHYS CHEM A , 101 (25) 4541 - 4547.

Allen, GC; Carmalt, CJ; Cowley, AH; Hector, AL; Kamepalli, S; Lawson, YG; Norman, NC; (1997) Preparation and characterization of a material of composition BiP (bismuth phosphide) and other intergroup 15 element phases. CHEM MATER , 9 (6) 1385 - 1392.

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Anderson, JE; Casarini, D; Ijeh, AI; Lunazzi, L; (1997) Preference for eclipsed conformations in acyclic neopentyldialkylamines and the stereodynamical consequences: an NMR and molecular mechanics investigation. J AM CHEM SOC , 119 pp. 8050-8057.

Andrews, MJI; Tabor, AB; (1997) Synthesis of an orthogonally-protected bifunctional amino acid for conformationally constrained peptides. TETRAHEDRON LETT , 38 (17) 3063 - 3066.

Apaya, RP; Bondi, M; Price, SL; (1997) The orientation of N-HúúúO=C and N-HúúúN hydrogen bonds in biological systems: how good is a point charge as a model for a hydrogen bonding atom? J COMPUT -AIDED MOL DESIGN , 11 pp. 479-490.

Arce, AJ; Machado, R; de Sanctis, Y; Capparelli, MV; Atencio, R; Manzur, J; Deeming, AJ; (1997) Synthesis, structures, isomerism, and dynamic behavior of metalated derivatives of methyl-substituted pyrroles in triruthenium clusters. Organometallics , 16 pp. 1735-1742.

Arduengo, AJ; Carmalt, CJ; Clyburne, JAC; Cowley, AH; Pyati, R; (1997) Nature of the bonding in a carbene-phosphinidene: A main group analogue of a Fischer carbene complex? Isolation and characterisation of a bis(borane) adduct. CHEM COMMUN (10) 981 - 982.

al Dulaimi, JP; Clark, RJH; Humphrey, DG; (1997) Oxidative and reductive activation of tetra-n-butylammonium trans-tetrabromobis(tert)-butylisocyanide)ruthenium(III): a spectroelectrochemical study. J CHEM SOC DALTON pp. 2535-2536.


Badro, J; Gillet, P; McMillan, PF; Polian, A; Itié, JP; (1997) A combined XAS and XRD study of the high-pressure behaviour of GaAsO4 berlinite. Europhysics Letters , 40 (5) pp. 533-538. 10.1209/epl/i1997-00500-3.

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Baxter, I; Darr, JA; Drake, SR; Hursthouse, MB; Malik, KMA; Mingos, DMP; (1997) Triorganosiloxy and tetraphenyldisiloxydiolate complexes of the heavier alkaline-earth metals. Crystal structures of [Sr-3(tmhd)(3)(OSiPh3)(3)]center dot 0.5C(6)H(5)Me (tmhd = 2,2,6,6-tetramethylheptane-3,5-dionate) and [Sr-2{O(SiPh2O)(2)}(3)(tetraglyme)(2)]center dot 0.5C(6)H(5)Me [tetraglyme = CH3O(CH2CH2O)(4)CH3]. 2875 - 2885.

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Bonfand, E; Motherwell, WB; Pennell, AMK; Uddin, MK; Ujjainwalla, F; (1997) A novel route to 4-aryl-5,6-dihydro-1,2-oxathiin-2,2-dioxides and related heterocyclic systems. HETEROCYCLES , 46 523 - 534.

Bromidge, SM; Duckworth, M; Forbes, IT; Ham, P; King, FD; Thewlis, KM; Blaney, FE; (1997) 6-Chloro-5-methyl-1-[[2-[(2-methyl-3-pyridyl)oxy]-5-pyridyl]carbamoyl]- indoline (SB-242084): the first selective and brain penetrant 5-HT2C receptor antagonist. J Med Chem , 40 (22) pp. 3494-3496. 10.1021/jm970424c.

Burgio, L; Ciomartan, DA; Clark, RJH; (1997) Pigment identification on medieval manuscripts, paintings and other artefacts by Raman microscopy: applications to the study of three German manuscripts. J MOL STRUCTURE , 405 pp. 1-11.

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Buxton, A.J.; (1997) The thermophysical properties of gases determined using an annular acoustic resonator. Doctoral thesis, University of London. Green open access


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Cai, J; Davison, BE; Ganellin, CR; Thaisrivongs, S; Wibley, KS; (1997) Potential HIV protease inhibitors: preparation of di-N-alkylated 2-, 6-, and 2,6-amonodeoxy-derivatives of D-glucose by direct displacement and by a novel reductive-alkylation procedure. CARBOHYDR RES , 300 pp. 109-117.

Campos, R; Beckwith-Hall, BM; Galanakis, D; Ganellin, CR; Dunn, PM; Jenkinson, DH; (1997) Bis-quinolinium cyclophanes: a novel class of potent blockers of the apamin-sensitive Ca2+-activated K+ channel. BIOORG MED CHEM LETTERS , 7 pp. 7-10.

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Carty, AJ; Hogarth, G; Enright, G; Frapper, G; (1997) Synthesis of Fe4(CO)8(æ-PPh2)2(æ4-h1,h1,h2-C2Ph)2 via coupling of acetylides at a binuclear centre: a molecule with through-the-cluster carbon-carbon bonding? CHEM COMMUN pp. 1883-1884.

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Clark, RJH; Curri, ML; Henshaw, G; Laganara, C; (1997) Characterization of brown-black and blue pigments in glazed pottery fragments from Castel Fiorentino (Foggia, Italy) by Raman microscopy, X-ray powder diffractometry and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. J RAMAN SPECTROSC , 28 pp. 105-109.

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Clark, RJH; Dann, JR; Foley, LJ; (1997) Photochemical reaction of ozone with 2-iodopropane and the four polyfluoroiodoethanes C2F5I, CF3CH2I, CF2HCF2I and CF3CFHI in solid argon at 14 K. FTIR spectra of the iodoso-intermediates (Z-IO), the iodyl-intermediates (Z-IO2), and the various complexes. J PHYS CHEM A , 101 pp. 9260-9271.

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Clark, RJH; Liu, SY; Maunder, GH; Sella, A; Elsegood, MRJ; (1997) Eight-co-ordination in lanthanide pyrazolylborate chemistry: Crystal structures of [LaTp(2)(Me,Me)(MeCN)(O3SCF3)]center dot MeCN,[NdTp(2)(Me,Me)(MeCN)(2)][O3SCF3] and [LaTp(2)(Me,Me)(NO3)]center dot MeCN[Tp(Me,Me) equals tris(3,5-dimethylpyrazolyl)hydroborate]. J CHEM SOC DALTON (13) 2241 - 2247.

Clark, RJH; Liu, SY; Maunder, GH; Sella, A; Elsegood, MRJ; (1997) Eight-co-ordination in lanthanide pyrazolylborate chemistry: crystal structures of [LaTpMe,Me2(MeCN)(O3SCF3)]úMeCN, [NdTpMe,Me2(MeCN)2][O3SCF3] and [LaTpMe,Me2(NO3)]úMeCN [TpMe,Me = tris(3,5-dimethylpyrazolyl)hydroborate]. J CHEM SOC DALTON pp. 2241-2247.

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Coffey, TA; Hogarth, G; (1997) Synthesis and structure of [Mo2(NR)2(h2-S2CNEt2)2(æ-S)(æ-h2-h2-S2)] (R = 2,6-Pri2C6H3): a molecular model for molybdenum trisulphide? Polyhedron , 16 pp. 165-169.

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