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Aasland, S; Einarsrud, MA; Grande, T; McMillan, PF; (1996) Spectroscopic investigations of fluorozirconate glasses in the ternary systems ZrF<inf>4</inf>-BaF<inf>2</inf>-AF (A = Na, Li). Journal of Physical Chemistry , 100 (13) pp. 5457-5463.

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Aliev, AE; Smart, SP; Shannon, IJ; Harris, KDM; (1996) Structural and dynamic properties of the 1,10-dibromodecane/urea inclusion compound, investigated by variable-temperature powder X-ray diffraction, solid-state H-2 NMR lineshape analysis and solid-state H-2 NMR spin-lattice relaxation time measurements. J CHEM SOC FARADAY T , 92 (12) 2179 - 2185.

Anderson, PA; Bell, RG; Catlow, CRA; Chang, FL; Dent, AJ; Edwards, PP; Gameson, I; (1996) Matrix-Bound Nanochemical Possibilities. Chemistry of Materials , 8 2144-. 10.1021/cm960167k.

Brown, WA; Sharma, RK; King, DA; Haq, S; (1996) Adsorption and reactivity of NO and N2O on Cu{110}: Combined RAIRS and molecular beam studies. J PHYS CHEM-US , 100 (30) 12559 - 12568.

Carmalt, CJ; Cowley, AH; (1996) Main Group Chemistry with Arms. Main Group Chemistry News , 4 pp. 4-10.

Carmalt, CJ; Cowley, AH; Decken, A; Lawson, YG; Norman, NC; (1996) Bis(diphenylphosphino)methane disulfide. ACTA CRYSTALLOGR C , 52 931 - 933.

Carmalt, CJ; Cowley, AH; Decken, A; Lawson, YG; Norman, NC; (1996) Synthesis, structures, and reactivity of biphenylylene complexes of bismuth(III). ORGANOMETALLICS , 15 (2) 887 - 890.

Carmalt, CJ; Farrugia, LJ; Norman, NC; (1996) Coordination Chemistry of Thallium(III) Chloride. Main Group Chemistry pp. 339-344.

George, RD; Chou, CW; Williams, P; Burrows, VA; McMillan, PF; (1996) Laser ablation time-of-flight mass spectral studies of metal-substituted phthalocyanines. Langmuir , 12 (23) pp. 5736-5738.

Gryko, J; McMillan, PF; Sankey, OF; (1996) NMR studies of Na atoms in silicon clathrate compounds. Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics , 54 (5) pp. 3037-3039.

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Grzechnik, A; Zheng, JZ; Wright, D; Petuskey, WT; McMillan, PF; (1996) LaSe2-x compounds: Vibrational and electrical properties. Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids , 57 (11) pp. 1625-1634. 10.1016/0022-3697(96)00058-3.

Grzechnik, A; Zimmermann, HD; Hervig, RL; King, PL; McMillan, PF; (1996) FTIR micro-reflectance measurements of the CO32- ion content in basanite and leucitite glasses. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology , 125 (4) pp. 311-318.

James, R; Woodley, SM; (1996) Extraction of Green's functions from total energy plane wave pseudopotential calculations. Solid State Communications , 97 (11) pp. 935-939. 10.1016/0038-1098(95)00815-2.

Kaszkur, ZA; Jones, RH; Bell, RG; Catlow, CRA; Thomas, JM; (1996) The location of <i>para</i>-xylene in the pores of a model ferrierite catalyst: a powder diffraction and computational study. Molecular Physics , 89 1345-. 10.1080/002689796173228.

Lee, JH; Xu, Y; Burrows, VA; McMillan, PF; (1996) New method for the electronic and chemical passivation of GaAs surfaces using CS2. Materials Research Society Symposium - Proceedings , 406 pp. 529-535.

Lee, JH; Xu, Y; Burrows, VA; McMillan, PF; (1996) New method for the electronic and chemical passivation of GaAs surfaces using CS2. Materials Research Society Symposium - Proceedings , 405 pp. 421-427.

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Rohl, AL; Gay, DH; Davey, RJ; Catlow, CRA; (1996) Interactions at the organic/inorganic interface: Molecular modeling of the interaction between diphosphonates and the surfaces of barite crystals. J AM CHEM SOC , 118 (3) pp. 642-648.

Thomas, JM; Lewis, DW; (1996) Towards rational design of solid acid catalysts. Z PHYS CHEM , 197 37 - 48.

Wills, AS; Harrison, A; (1996) Structure and magnetism of hydronium jarosite, a model Kagome antiferromagnet. J CHEM SOC FARADAY T , 92 (12) pp. 2161-2166.

Book chapter

Giles, PR; Marson, CM; (1996) Vilsmeier and related reagents. In: Denmark, S, (ed.) Encyclopedia of Reagents for Organic Synthesis. (001-007). Wiley: New York.

Staunton, J; Hailes, HC; (1996) Biosynthesis and Metabolic Pathways: Deuterium NMR. In: Grant, DM and Harris, RK, (eds.) Encyclopedia of Nuclear magnetic Resonance. (pp. 964-968). Wiley: Chichester.

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