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Aasland, S; Einarsrud, MA; Grande, T; McMillan, PF; (1996) Spectroscopic investigations of fluorozirconate glasses in the ternary systems ZrF<inf>4</inf>-BaF<inf>2</inf>-AF (A = Na, Li). Journal of Physical Chemistry , 100 (13) pp. 5457-5463.

Aasland, S; Grande, T; Grzechnik, A; McMillan, PF; (1996) Formation of fluorozirconate glasses under high pressures. Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids , 195 (1-2) pp. 180-187.

Aboutayab, K; Caddick, S; Jenkins, K; Joshi, S; Khan, S; (1996) Preparation of organostannanes by intermolecular radical substitution reactions. TETRAHEDRON , 52 (34) 11329 - 11340.

Aliev, AE; Smart, SP; Shannon, IJ; Harris, KDM; (1996) Structural and dynamic properties of the 1,10-dibromodecane/urea inclusion compound, investigated by variable-temperature powder X-ray diffraction, solid-state H-2 NMR lineshape analysis and solid-state H-2 NMR spin-lattice relaxation time measurements. J CHEM SOC FARADAY T , 92 (12) 2179 - 2185.

Allen, PG; Bucher, JJ; Denecke, MA; Edelstein, NM; Kaltsoyannis, N; Nitsche, H; Reich, T; (1996) Application of synchrotron radiation techniques to chemical issues in the environmental sciences. In: DAmico, KL and Terminello, LJ and Shuh, DK, (eds.) SYNCHROTRON RADIATION TECHNIQUES IN INDUSTRIAL, CHEMICAL AND MATERIALS SCIENCE. (pp. 169 - 185). PLENUM PRESS DIV PLENUM PUBLISHING CORP

Anderson, JC; Siddons, DC; Smith, SC; Swarbrick, ME; (1996) The silicon-assisted aza-[2,3]-Wittig sigmatropic rearrangement. J ORG CHEM , 61 (14) 4820 - 4823.

Anderson, JC; Taylor, BF; Viney, C; Wilson, GJ; (1996) Preparation of alkynepentacarbonyltriphenylphosphinedicobalt complexes using ultra violet light. J ORGANOMET CHEM , 519 (1-2) 103 - 106.

Anderson, PA; Bell, RG; Catlow, CRA; Chang, FL; Dent, AJ; Edwards, PP; Gameson, I; (1996) Matrix-Bound Nanochemical Possibilities. Chemistry of Materials , 8 2144-. 10.1021/cm960167k.

Anderson, PA; Bell, RG; Catlow, CRA; Chang, FL; Dent, AJ; Edwards, PP; Gameson, I; (1996) Matrix-bound nanochemical possibilities. CHEM MATER , 8 (8) 2114 - 2120.

Andrews, MJI; Tabor, AB; (1996) Synthesis of a residue for peptide conformational restraint. In: ABSTR PAP AM CHEM S. (pp. 62 - ORGN). AMER CHEMICAL SOC


Baldwin, JE; Adlington, RM; Marquess, DG; Pitt, AR; Porter, MJ; Russell, AT; (1996) Evidence for an insertion-homolysis mechanism for carbon-sulphur bond formation in penicillin biosynthesis .1. Synthesis of tripeptide probes. TETRAHEDRON , 52 (7) 2515 - 2536.

Baldwin, JE; Adlington, RM; Marquess, DG; Pitt, AR; Porter, MJ; Russell, AT; (1996) Evidence for an insertion-homolysis mechanism for carbon-sulphur bond formation in penicillin biosynthesis .2. Incubation and interpretation. TETRAHEDRON , 52 (7) 2537 - 2556.

Barrett, PA; Jones, RH; Thomas, JM; Sankar, G; Shannon, IJ; Catlow, CRA; (1996) Rational design of a solid acid catalyst for the conversion of methanol to light alkenes: Synthesis, structure and performance of DAF-4. CHEM COMMUN (17) 2001 - 2002.

Barrett, PA; Sankar, G; Catlow, CRA; Thomas, JM; (1996) X-ray absorption spectroscopic study of Bronsted, Lewis, and redox centers in cobalt-substituted aluminum phosphate catalysts. J PHYS CHEM-US , 100 (21) 8977 - 8985.

Batey, RA; Harling, JD; Motherwell, WB; (1996) Some novel electron transfer mediated cascade ring-opening reactions of bicyclo[4.1.0]ketones. In: TETRAHEDRON. (pp. 11421 - 11444). PERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTD

Baxter, DV; Chisholm, MH; Gama, GJ; DiStasi, VF; Hector, AL; Parkin, IP; (1996) Molecular routes to metal carbides, nitrides, and oxides .2. Studies of the ammonolysis of metal dialkylamides and hexamethyldisilylamides. CHEM MATER , 8 (6) 1222 - 1228.

Bhambri, S; Tocher, DA; (1996) Cyclohexadienyl derivatives of (eta(6)-arene)(hydridotris(pyrazolyl) borato) ruthenium(II) compounds. J ORGANOMET CHEM , 507 (1-2) 291 - 293.

Bhambri, S; Tocher, DA; (1996) Synthesis and characterization of (arene)ruthenium(II)poly(pyrazolyl)borate and poly(pyrazolyl)methane complexes. POLYHEDRON , 15 (16) 2763 - 2770.

Blazdell, PF; Xiang, QF; Edirisinghe, MJ; Evans, JRG; (1996) A 3D jet printing method for the production of multilayer devices. Presented at: Materials Research Society Spring Meeting, San Francisco.

Bramwell, ST; Carling, SG; Harding, CJ; Harris, KDM; Kariuki, BM; Nixon, L; Parkin, IP; (1996) The anhydrous alums as model triangular-lattice magnets. J PHYS-CONDENS MAT , 8 (9) L123 - L129.

Bramwell, ST; Nixon, L; Parkin, IP; Kariuki, BM; Harris, KDM; Carling, SG; Harding, CJ; (1996) The anhydrous alums: A versatile new series of model triangular lattice magnets. J APPL PHYS , 79 (8) 6150 - 6150.

Breitwieser, A; Kupcu, S; Howorka, S; Weigert, S; Langer, C; HoffmannSommergruber, K; Scheiner, O; (1996) 2-D protein crystals as an immobilization matrix for producing reaction zones in dipstick-style immunoassays. BIOTECHNIQUES , 21 (5) 918 - &.

Brettle, R; Dunmur, DA; Farrand, LD; Marson, CM; (1996) Synthesis and mesogenic properties of 3,6-disubstituted cyclohex-2-en-1-ones. J MATER CHEM , 6 (5) 747 - 751.

Brown, WA; Sharma, RK; King, DA; Haq, S; (1996) Adsorption and reactivity of NO and N2O on Cu{110}: Combined RAIRS and molecular beam studies. J PHYS CHEM-US , 100 (30) 12559 - 12568.


Caddick, S; Aboutayab, K; Jenkins, K; West, RI; (1996) Intramolecular radical substitution reactions: A novel approach to fused [1,2-a]indoles. J CHEM SOC PERK T 1 (7) 675 - 682.

Caddick, S; Gazzard, L; Motherwell, WB; Wilkinson, JA; (1996) Preparation of 1-fluoroglycosides from 1-arylthio and 1-arylselenoglycosides using 4-methyl(difluoroiodo)benzene. TETRAHEDRON , 52 (1) 149 - 156.

Caddick, S; Jenkins, K; (1996) Dynamic resolutions in asymmetric synthesis. CHEM SOC REV , 25 (6) 447 - &.

Caddick, S; Jenkins, K; (1996) A new dynamic resolution strategy for asymmetric synthesis. TETRAHEDRON LETT , 37 (8) 1301 - 1304.

Camus, S; Harris, KDM; Price, SL; (1996) A computational investigation of the dynamics of urea molecules in solids. MOL SIMULAT , 18 (5) 303 - 323.

Carmalt, CJ; Clegg, W; Elsegood, MRJ; Errington, RJ; Havelock, J; Lightfoot, P; Norman, NC; (1996) Tetrahydrofuran adducts of bismuth trichloride and bismuth tribromide. INORG CHEM , 35 (12) 3709 - 3712.

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Carmalt, CJ; Cowley, AH; Culp, RD; Jones, RA; (1996) Synthesis and crystal structure of the tris(pyridine) complex of gallium tris(azide). CHEM COMMUN (12) 1453 - 1454.

Carmalt, CJ; Cowley, AH; Decken, A; Lawson, YG; Norman, NC; (1996) Bis(diphenylphosphino)methane disulfide. ACTA CRYSTALLOGR C , 52 931 - 933.

Carmalt, CJ; Cowley, AH; Decken, A; Lawson, YG; Norman, NC; (1996) Synthesis, structures, and reactivity of biphenylylene complexes of bismuth(III). ORGANOMETALLICS , 15 (2) 887 - 890.

Carmalt, CJ; Cowley, AH; Kamepalli, S; Norman, NC; (1996) The synthesis and characterization of bismuth(III) phosphide and related materials. ABSTR PAP AM CHEM S , 211 81 - INOR.

Carmalt, CJ; Crossley, JG; Norman, NC; Orpen, AG; (1996) The structure of amorphous Ph(3)SbO: Information from EXAFS (extended x-ray absorption fine structure) spectroscopy. CHEM COMMUN (14) 1675 - 1676.

Carmalt, CJ; Farrugia, LJ; Norman, NC; (1996) Cationic, arylbismuth(III) complexes of the form [BiR(2)L(2)](+) and [BiRL(4)](2+) where L is a neutral two-electron donor ligand. J CHEM SOC DALTON (4) 443 - 454.

Carmalt, CJ; Farrugia, LJ; Norman, NC; (1996) Cationic, four-co-ordinate, bis(organotransition metal)bismuth(III) complexes. J CHEM SOC DALTON (4) 455 - 459.

Carmalt, CJ; Farrugia, LJ; Norman, NC; (1996) Coordination Chemistry of Thallium(III) Chloride. Main Group Chemistry pp. 339-344.

Carmalt, CJ; Farrugia, LJ; Norman, NC; (1996) Coordination complexes of thallium (III) chloride. MAIN GROUP CHEM , 1 (3) 339 - 344.

Caruana, DJ; (1996) Non-invasive electrochemical sensor for the anesthetic halothane. ABSTR PAP AM CHEM S , 212 29 - IEC.

Caruana, DJ; Giglio, J; (1996) Electrochemical detection of halothane by anodic stripping voltammetry. J CHEM SOC FARADAY T , 92 (19) 3669 - 3670.

Chizmeshya, AVG; Wolf, GH; McMillan, PF; (1996) First-principles calculation of the equation-of-state, stability, and polar optic modes of CaSiO<inf>3</inf> perovskite. Geophysical Research Letters , 23 (20) pp. 2725-2728.

Coffey, TA; Forster, GD; Hogarth, G; (1996) Molybdenum(VI) imidodisulfur complexes formed via double sulfur-carbon bond cleavage of dithiocarbamates. J CHEM SOC DALTON (2) 183 - 193.

Coffey, TA; Forster, GD; Hogarth, G; (1996) Tris(N,N-diethyldithiocarbamato-S,S')(thionitrosyl-N)molybdenum(III), [Mo(eta(2)-S(2)CNEt(2))(3)(NS)]. ACTA CRYSTALLOGR C , 52 2157 - 2159.

Constable, EC; Elder, SM; Hannon, MJ; Martin, A; Raithby, PR; Tocher, DA; (1996) 2,2':6',2'':6'',2'''-Quaterpyridine (qtpy): A versatile ligand in metallosupramolecular chemistry; Crystal and molecular structures of [Ni(qtpy)(OH2)(2)][BF4](2), [Pd(qtpy)][PF6](2), [Cu-2(qtpy)(2)][PF6](2) and [Ag-2(qtpy)(2)][BF4](2). J CHEM SOC DALTON (12) 2423 - 2433.

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Corlay, H; Fouquet, E; Motherwell, WB; (1996) Observations on some Pd-(0) catalysed intermolecular reaction of electron deficient alkylidene cyclopropanes with olefins: A novel route to highly functionalised skipped diene units. TETRAHEDRON LETT , 37 (33) 5983 - 5986.

Corlay, H; James, IW; Fouquet, E; Schmidt, J; Motherwell, WB; (1996) Some intermolecular Pauson-Khand reactions of functionalised alkylidenecyclopropanes. SYNLETT (10) 990 - &.

Corlay, H; Motherwell, WB; Pennell, AMK; Shipman, M; Slawin, AMZ; Williams, DJ; Binger, P; (1996) Stereochemical aspects of intramolecular palladium catalysed [3+2] cycloadditions of methylenecyclopropanes. TETRAHEDRON , 52 (13) 4883 - 4902.

Corma, A; Rey, F; Thomas, JM; Sankar, G; Greaves, GN; Cervilla, A; Llopis, E; (1996) On the atomic environment and the mode of action of the catalytic centre in an intercalated oxo-molybdenum complex [MoO2{O2CC(S)Ph(2)}(2)](2-) for oxygen-transfer reactions. CHEM COMMUN (14) 1613 - 1614.


Daniel, I; McMillan, PF; Gillet, P; Poe, BT; (1996) Raman spectroscopic study of structural changes in calcium aluminate (CaAl2O4) glass at high pressure and high temperature. Chemical Geology , 128 (1-4) pp. 5-15.

Darr, JA; Mingos, DMP; Hibbs, DE; Hursthouse, MB; Malik, KMA; (1996) A volatile erbium(III)/beta-diketonate compound symmetrically bridged by tetraglyme. 3225 - 3231.

Demontis, P; Suffritti, GB; Tilocca, A; (1996) Diffusion and vibrational relaxation of a diatomic molecule in the pore network of a pure silica zeolite: A molecular dynamics study. J CHEM PHYS , 105 (13) 5586 - 5594.


Edelstein, NM; Allen, PG; Bucher, JJ; Shuh, DK; Sofield, CD; Kaltsoyannis, N; Maunder, GH; (1996) The oxidation state of Ce in the sandwich molecule cerocene. J AM CHEM SOC , 118 (51) 13115 - 13116.

Epple, M; Kirschnick, H; Greaves, GN; Sankar, G; Thomas, JM; (1996) Thermochemical reactivity of a solvate crystal studied by thermal analysis and in situ X-ray absorption spectroscopy. J CHEM SOC FARADAY T , 92 (24) 5035 - 5041.

Evans, JRG; (1996) New manufacturing operations for engineering ceramics. Presented at: Interceramex:Processing and Engineering in the Ceramics Industry, Birmingham NEC.

Evans, JRG; (1996) Injection Moulding. In: Brook, RJ, (ed.) Processing of Ceramics Part I. (pp. 267-311).


Farrugia, LJ; Carmalt, CJ; Norman, NC; (1996) Syntheses and X-ray crystal structures of the bismuth(III) thiocyanate and selenocyanate complexes [K-3(dmpu)(4)] [Bi(SCN)(6)] and [K-3(dmpu)(4)] [Bi(SeCN)(6)] (dmpu=N,N'-dimethylpropyleneurea). INORG CHIM ACTA , 248 (2) 263 - 266.

Fielding, HH; Hong, Q; Solans, S; Langley, AJ; Schlorholz, S; Shaikh, W; Taday, PF; (1996) Generation of coherent VUV radiation using resonance-enhanced four-wave difference-mixing of nanosecond and femtosecond laser pulses in Kr. OPT COMMUN , 123 (1-3) 129 - 132.

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Grove, R; Edirisinghe, MJ; Evans, JRG; Oscroft, RJ; Belfield, EA; (1996) Flow behaviour of ceramic injection moulding suspensions:Effect of particle size distribution. Presented at: World Congress on Powder Metallurgy and Particulate Materials PM2 96, Washington DC.

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Grzechnik, A; Zimmermann, HD; Hervig, RL; King, PL; McMillan, PF; (1996) FTIR micro-reflectance measurements of the CO32- ion content in basanite and leucitite glasses. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology , 125 (4) pp. 311-318.


Hall, C; Barnes, P; Cockcroft, JK; Jacques, SDM; Jupe, AC; Turrillas, X; Hanfland, M; (1996) Rapid whole-rock mineral analysis and composition mapping by synchrotron X-ray diffraction. ANAL COMMUN , 33 (7) 245 - 248.

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Herpin, TF; Houlton, JS; Motherwell, WB; Roberts, BP; Weibel, JM; (1996) Preparation of some new anomeric carbohydrate difluoromethylene-phosphonates via phosphonyl radical addition to gem-difluoroenol ethers. CHEM COMMUN (5) 613 - 614.

Hogarth, G; Knox, SAR; Lloyd, BR; Macpherson, KA; Morton, DAV; Orpen, AG; (1996) Reactivity of bis(diphenylphosphino) methane at a di-iron centre: Thermally induced rearrangements of dimetallacyclopentenone complexes [Fe-2(CO)(5){mu-sigma:eta(3)-C(O)CRCR}(mu-dppm)]. INORG CHIM ACTA , 251 (1-2) 167 - 176.

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Hogarth, G; Norman, T; (1996) Linking metal centres with bis(diphenylphosphino)acetylene (DPPA): Syntheses and molecular structures of [{Mo(CO)(4)(mu-DPPA)}(2)] and [{Mo(CO)(3)}(2)(mu-DPPA)(3)]. POLYHEDRON , 15 (17) 2859 - 2867.

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