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Abels, K; (2008) Cross-Serial Dependencies and Linearization. Presented at: Generative Linguistics in the Old World Colloquium: Workshop on Linearization, Newcastle.

Abels, K; (2008) Templates vs. the grabbag theory of the left periphery. [Lecture]. Presented at: NORMS Workshop on Root Phenomena and the Left Periphery, Tromsø, Norway.

Abels, K; (2008) Towards a restrictive theory of (remnant) movement! Linguistic Variation Yearbook , 7 pp. 53-120. 10.1075/livy.7.04abe.

Abels, K; Bentzen, K; (2008) Is there any evidence for punctuated paths? Presented at: Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Sprachwissenschaft, Bamberg, Germany.

Abels, K; Marti, L; (2008) All Split Scope is not Alike. Presented at: Sinn und Bedeutung 9, Stuttgart, Germany.

Abels, K; Marti, L; (2008) German Negative Indefinites are Semantically Negative. Presented at: Comparative Germanic Syntax Workshop, Edinburgh.

Arregi, K; Nevins, A; (2008) Agreement and clitic restrictions in Basque. In: D'Alessandro, R and Fischer, S and Hrafnbjararson, H, (eds.) Agreement Restrictions, Mouton de Gruyter,. (pp. 49-85).


Bailyn, J; Nevins, A; (2008) Russian Genitive Plurals are Impostors. In: Bachrach, A and Nevins, A, (eds.) Inflectional Identity. (pp. 237-270). Oxford University Press


Carston, R; (2008) Linguistic communication and the semantics-pragmatics distinction. Synthese , 165 (3) pp. 321-345.

Carston, R; (2008) Linguistic communication and the semantics-pragmatics distinction. Synthese , 165 (3) pp. 321-345.

Carston, R; (2008) Minimal Semantics (Emma Borg). Mind and Language , 23 (3) pp. 359-367.

Carston, R; (2008) Optional pragmatic processes or optional covert linguistic structure? UCL Working Papers in Linguistics , 20 pp. 143-156.

Cormier, K; Schembri, A; Tyrone, ME; (2008) One hand or two? Nativisation of fingerspelling in ASL and BANZSL. Sign Language and Linguistics , 11 (1) pp. 3-44. 10.1075/sl&l.11.1.03cor.

Cormier, K; Smith, S; (2008) Acquisition of perspective and role shift in deaf children: Evidence from British Sign Language. Presented at: Workshop on Pragmatics and Social Cognition.

Cormier, K; Vinson, D; Schembri, A; Denmark, T; Vigliocco, G; (2008) BSL norming study: Familiarity, age of acquisition and iconicity of BSL signs. British Deaf Association


Fenlon, J; Cormier, K; (2008) Inalienable possession in British Sign Language. In: Quadros, RMD, (ed.) Sign Languages: Spinning and Unraveling the Past, Present and Future. TISLR 9, Forty-five Papers and Three Posters from the 9th Theoretical Issues in Sign Language Research Conference. (95-). Editora Arara Azul: Petrópolis/RJ. Brazil.

Fourcin, A; Abberton, E; (2008) Hearing and phonetic criteria in voice measurement: Clinical applications. Logopedics Phoniatrics Vocology , 33 (1/2008) pp. 35-48.


Grodzinsky, Y; Santi, AN; (2008) The battle for Broca’s Region. Trends in Cognitive Sciences (12) pp. 474-480.


Harris, J; Gallon, N; van der Lely, H; (2008) Prosodic complexity and processing complexity: evidence from language impairment. Revista da Associação Brasileira de Lingüística , 6


Ko, H; Perovic, A; Ionin, T; Wexler, K; (2008) Semantic universals and variation in L2 article choice.Proceedings of the 9th Generative approaches to Second Language Acquisition Conference (GASLA 2007). Cascadilla Proceedings, Somerville, MA.

Kucerova, I; (2008) Givenness and Maximize Presupposition. In: Grønn, A, (ed.) (Proceedings) Sinn und Bedeutung. (pp. pp. 353-366).


Masterson, J; Druks, J; To, N; (2008) Object and Action Picture Naming in English and Cantonese Speaking Children: Investigation of the Noun Bias. In: MBE 2008: ASIA -PACIFIC CONFERENCE ON MIND BRAIN AND EDUCATION. (pp. 180 - 182). RES CTR LEARNING SCI


Neeleman, A; Szendroi, K; (2008) Case morphology and radical pro-drop. In: Biberauer, T, (ed.) The limits of syntactic variation. (pp. 331-348). John Benjamins: Amsetrdam/Philadelphia.

Nevins, A; (2008) Review of Tobias Scheer's 'A Lateral Theory of Phonology: What is CVCV and why should it be'. Lingua , 118 (3) pp. 425-434.

Nevins, A; (2008) Cross-modular Parallels in the Study of Phon and Phi. In: Adger, D and Bejar, S and Harbour, D, (eds.) Phi-Theory. (pp. 329-367). Oxford University Press

Nevins, A; Plaster, K; (2008) Paul de Lacy, Markedness: Reduction and preservation in phonology (Cambridge Studies in Linguistics 112). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2006. Pp. xviii+447. [Review]. Journal of Linguistics , 44 (3) 770 - 781. 10.1017/S0022226708005434. Green open access

Nevins, A; Vaux, B; (2008) Introduction: The Division of Labor between Rules, Representations, and Constraints in Phonological Theory 1.

Nevins, A; Vaux, B; (2008) Underlying Representations that do not Minimize Grammatical Violations. In: Blaho, S and Bye, P and Kramer, M, (eds.) Freedom of Analysis. (pp. 35-61). Mouton de Gruyter


Pearce, M; (2008) Kera tone and voicing interaction. Lingua

Perovic, A; (2008) A crosslinguistic analysis of Binding in Down syndrome. In: First Language Acquisition of Morphology and Syntax: Perspective Across Languages and Learners. (pp. 235-267). John Benjamins: Amsterdam.


Rodrigues, C; Scher, AP; (2008) Studies in Linguistics in Honor of Lucia Lobato. DELTA


Santi, A; (2008) FMRI Studies of Broca's Area in Sentence Comprehension. Doctoral thesis , UNSPECIFIED.

Schembri, A; Cormier, K; (2008) Missing the point?: On the language and gesture 'interface' in signed languages. Presented at: Language Cognition and Communication Conference.

Sperber, D; Wilson, D; (2008) Relevance: Communication and Cognition (Chinese translation). [Book]. Contemporary Linguistic Theory Series. China Social Sciences Press: Beijing, China.

Sperber, D, ; Wilson, D; (2008) A deflationary account of metaphors. In: Gibbs, RW, (ed.) The Cambridge handbook of metaphor and thought. (pp. 84-105). Cambridge Univ Pr: Cambridge.


Uchida, H.; (2008) Scope alternation and type logical grammar. Doctoral thesis , University of London. Green open access


Wharton, T; (2008) MeaningNN and Showing: Relevance-Theoretic and Gricean Intentions. UNSPECIFIED

Wilson, D; (2008) Relevance theory and lexical pragmatics. In: Mora, L, (ed.) Cognición & lenguaje: estudios en homenaje a José Luis Guijarro Morales. (pp. 233-247). University of Cadiz Publications

Wilson, D; Carston, R; (2008) Metaphor and the ‘emergent property’ problem: A relevance-theoretic treatment. The Baltic International Yearbook of Cognition, Logic and Communication , 3 (200 pp. 1-40.

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