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Abels, K; (2007) Alternatives to Cartography: Some implications of improper movement for Cartography. Presented at: Brussels Conference on Generative Linguistics 2, Brussels.

Abels, K; (2007) Keine falsche Bewegung! Presented at: Generative Grammatik im Süden, Konstanz, Germany.

Abels, K; (2007) On the ingredients of exclamativity. [Lecture]. Presented at: NORMS workshop on exclamatives, Tromsø.

Abels, K; (2007) Towards a restrictive theory of (remnant) movement. Linguistic Variation Yearbook , 7 pp. 57-120.

Abels, K; (2007) The focus particle in Kîîtharaka. [Lecture]. Presented at: Information Structure and Syntax, London.

Abels, K; (2007) Deriving selectional properties of 'expletive' predicates. In: Späth, A, (ed.) Interfaces and Interface Conditions. (pp. 115-140). de Gruyter: Berlin.

Ackema, P; Neeleman, A; (2007) Restricted Pro Drop in Early Modern Dutch. The Journal of Comparative Germanic Linguistics , 10 (2) pp. 81-107. 10.1007/s10828-007-9010-0.

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Arregi, K; Nevins, A; (2007) A Distributed Morphology Analysis of Present Tense Auxiliaries in Zamudio. Euskalingua , 9 pp. 146-156.

Arregi, K; Nevins, A; (2007) Obliteration vs. Impoverishment in the Basque g-/z- Constraint. In: Scheffler, T and Tauberer, J and Eilam, A and Mayol, L, (eds.) The Proceedings of the Penn Linguistics Colloquium 30, Penn Working Papers in Linguistics 13. (pp. 1-14).


Carston, R; (2007) How many pragmatic systems are there? In: Frapolli, M-J, (ed.) Saying, Meaning, Referring: Essays on the Philosophy of Francois Recanati. (pp. 18-48). Palgrave Macmillan

Carston, R; Behrens, B; (2007) Making connections - linguistic or pragmatic? In: Nilsen, RA and Amfo, NAA and Borthen, K, (eds.) Interpreting Utterances: Pragmatics and its Interfaces. (pp. 51-78). Novus Press: Oslo.

Cormier, K; (2007) The Deafness, Cognition and Language Research Centre. UNSPECIFIED, University of Worcester.

Cormier, K; (2007) The Deafness, Cognition and Language Research Centre: Research on BSL Signs. UNSPECIFIED, London.

Cormier, K; (2007) Deafness, Cognition and Language Research at DCAL. UNSPECIFIED, London.

Cormier, K; (2007) Do all pronouns point? Indexicality of first person plural pronouns in BSL and ASL. In: Perniss, P and Pfau, R and Steinbach, M, (eds.) Visible variation: Comparative studies on sign language structure. (pp. 63-101). Mouton de Gruyter: Berlin.

Cormier, K; Schembri, A; (2007) How does fingerspelling become a sign? British Deaf Association, Coventry, UK.

Cormier, K; Smith, S; (2007) Development of perspective, location and motion in BSL. UNSPECIFIED, City University, London.


Dellwo, V; Fourcin, A; Abberton, E; (2007) UNSPECIFIED In: (Proceedings) Rhythmical classification based on voice parameters..

Dellwo, V; Fourcin, A; Abberton, E; (2007) Rhythmical classification based on voice parameters. In: (Proceedings) International Conference of Phonetic Sciences (ICPhS).


Fourcin, A; (2007) Voice Quality Assessment and Measurement. In: Han, D and Sataloff, R, (eds.) UNSPECIFIED (pp. 65-73). 2007 People's Medical Publishing House

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Klinedinst, NW; (2007) Plurals, possibilities, and conjunctive disjunction. UCL Working Papers in Linguistics , 19 pp. 261-284. Green open access

Kuo, YC; Xu, Y; Yip, M; (2007) The phonetics and phonology of apparent cases of iterative tonal change in Standard Chinese. In: Gussenhoven, C and Riad, T, (eds.) Tones and Tunes Vol 2: Experimental Studies in Word and Sentence Prosody. (pp. 211-237). Mouton de Gruyter: Berlin.


Nevins, A; (2007) Jonathan Barnes (2006). Strength and weakness at the interface: positional neutralization in phonetics and phonology. (Phonology and Phonetics 10.) Berlin & New York: Mouton de Gruyter. Pp. ix+292. Phonology , 24 (03) pp. 461-469. 10.1017/S0952675707001297.

Nevins, A; (2007) Review of Jonathan Barnes' Strength and Weakness at the Interface: Positional Neutralization in Phonetics and Phonology. Phonology , 24 (3) pp. 461-469.

Nevins, A; Endress, A; (2007) The Edge of Order: Analytic Bias in Ludlings. In: Rau, J and Plaster, K and Liu, P and Gorbachov, Y, (eds.) Harvard Working Papers in Linguistics 12. (pp. 43-53).


Pearce, Daphne Jill; (2007) Aspects of vocal function in male adolescent choristers. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London). Green open access

Pearce, M; (2007) UNSPECIFIED In: (Proceedings) Iambicity in Kera.. (pp. pp. 66-76).

Pearce, M; (2007) The interaction of tone with voicing and foot structure: evidence from Kera phonetics and phonology. University of London -389.

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Rodrigues, C; (2007) Agreement and Flotation in Control Con gurations. New Horizons in the Grammar of Raising and Control. pp. 213-229.


Santi, AN; Grodzinsky, Y; (2007) Syntax and working memory interact in Broca’s area. Neuroimage. , 37 pp. 8-17.

Santi, AN; Grodzinsky, Y; (2007) Taxing working memory with syntax: Bihemispheric modulations. Human Brain Mapping. (28) pp. 1089-1097.


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Wilson, D; Carston, RIA; M, K; K, L; eds, J; (2007) Word meanings in context: A unitary relevance-theoretic account. In: UNSPECIFIED (pp. 283-313). University of the Basque Country Press

Wilson, D; Sperber, D; (2007) On verbal irony (Reprint of Wilson & Sperber 1992). In: Gibbs, R and Colston, R, (eds.) Irony in Language and Thought: A Cognitive Science Reader. (pp. 35-55). Lawrence Erlbaum Associates: New York.


Yip, M; (2007) Tone. In: De Lacy, P, (ed.) The Cambridge Handbook of Phonology. (pp. 229-252). Cambridge University Press: Cambridge.

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