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Abels, K; (2003) Auxiliary Adverb Word Order Revisited. In: (Proceedings) Proceedings of the 26th UPenn Colloquium. UPenn department of linguistics: Philadelphia.

Abels, K; (2003) On the category and base position of R-words. Presented at: Ninth Germanic Linguistics Annual Conference, Buffalo.

Abels, K; (2003) Phases, cyclicity, and stranding. Presented at: IAP workshop on Phases and the EPP,, Cambridge, MA.

Abels, K; (2003) Right Node Raising: Ellipsis or Across the Board Movement? Presented at: North East Linguistic Society 34, Stony Brook.

Abels, K; (2003) Who gives a damn about minimizers in questions? Presented at: Semantics and Linguistic Theory 13, Seattle.

Abels, K; (2003) Who gives a damn about the environment? – Minimizers in Questions. Presented at: UPenn Colloquium 27, Philadelphia.

Abels, K; (2003) Successive Cyclicity, Anti-locality and Adposition Stranding. Doctoral thesis , UNSPECIFIED.

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Carston, R; (2003) Truth-conditional content and conversational implicature. UCL Working Papers in Linguistics , 15 pp. 35-69.

Cormier, K; (2003) The effect of number marking on the use of space in ASL. [Digital scholarly resource].


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Nuti, M; (2003) Ethnoscience: examining common sense. Doctoral thesis , University of London. Green open access


Pearce, M; (2003) Vowel harmony in Kera (Chadic). University College 73 p.-.


Reinhart, T; Szendroi, K; (2003) Optimal Design in Language - Research Proposal. UNSPECIFIED, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

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Rodrigues, C; Lightfoot, D; (2003) Clitic Climbing and Subject Inversion. University of Maryland Working Papers in Linguistics , 12 pp. 115-139.


van de Koot, H; Mathieu, E; (2003) What's in an Island? UCL Working Papers in Linguistics , 15 pp. 277-313.

van de Koot, H; Mathieu, E; (2003) What's in an Island? UNSPECIFIED


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Yip, M; (2003) Feet and tonal reduction at the word and phrase level in Chinese. In: McCarthy, J, (ed.) Optimality Theory in Phonology: A reader. (pp. 228-245). Blackwell: Oxford.

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