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Balda, MS; Matter, K; (1998) Commentary - Tight junctions. J CELL SCI , 111 541 - 547.

Balda, MS; Matter, K; (1998) Tight junctions. In: UNSPECIFIED (pp. 541-547).


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Fabian, G; Szabo, CA; Bozo, B; Greenwood, J; Adamson, P; Deli, MA; Joo, F; ... Szucs, M; + view all (1998) Expression of G-protein subtypes in cultured cerebral endothelial cells. NEUROCHEM INT , 33 (2) 179 - 185.

Futter, CE; Gibson, A; Allchin, EH; Maxwell, S; Ruddock, LJ; Odorizzi, G; Domingo, D; ... Hopkins, CR; + view all (1998) In polarized MDCK cells basolateral vesicles arise from clathrin-gamma-adaptin-coated domains on endosomal tubules. J CELL BIOL , 141 (3) 611 - 623.


Gibson, A; Futter, CE; Maxwell, S; Allchin, EH; Shipman, M; Kraehenbuhl, JP; Domingo, D; ... Hopkins, CR; + view all (1998) Sorting mechanisms regulating membrane protein traffic in the apical transcytotic pathway of polarized MDCK cells. J CELL BIOL , 143 (1) 81 - 94.

Gut, A; Balda, MS; Matter, K; (1998) The cytoplasmic domains of a beta(1) integrin mediate polarization in Madin-Darby canine kidney cells by selective basolateral stabilization. J BIOL CHEM , 273 (45) 29381 - 29388. Gold open access

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Hirst, J; Futter, CE; Hopkins, CR; (1998) The kinetics of mannose 6-phosphate receptor trafficking in the endocytic pathway in HEp-2 cells: The receptor enters and rapidly leaves multivesicular endosomes without accumulating in a prelysosomal compartment. MOL BIOL CELL , 9 (4) 809 - 816.


Kiyokawa, C; Ruhrberg, C; Nie, ZX; Karashima, T; Mori, O; Nishikawa, T; Green, KJ; ... Hashimoto, T; + view all (1998) Envoplakin and periplakin are components of the paraneoplastic pemphigus antigen complex. J INVEST DERMATOL , 111 (6) 1236 - 1238.

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Nagata, K; Puls, A; Futter, C; Aspenstrom, P; Schaefer, E; Nakat, T; Hirokawa, N; (1998) The MAP kinase kinase kinase MLK2 co-localizes with activated JNK along microtubules and associates with kinesin superfamily motor KIF3. The EMBO Journal , 17 pp. 149-158.


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