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Abd El-Aziz, MM; Barragan, I; O'Driscoll, CA; Goodstadt, L; Prigmore, E; Borrego, S; Mena, M; (2008) EYS, encoding an ortholog of Drosophila spacemaker, is mutated in autosomal recessive retinitis pigmentosa. NAT GENET , 40 (11) 1285 - 1287. 10.1038/ng.241.

Aboshiha, J; Weir, R; Singh, P; Ewings, P; Lovering, A; (2008) To what extent does a lack of refrigeration of generic chloramphenicol eye-drops used in India decrease their purity and what are the implications for Europe? BRITISH JOURNAL OF OPHTHALMOLOGY , 92 (5) pp. 609-611. 10.1136/bjo.2006.106518.

Agius, E; Lacy, K; Vukmanovic-Stejic, M; Papageorgiou, AP; Curnow, I; Greenwood, J; Klein, N; (2008) Decreased endothelial activation results in defective secondary T cell immunity in aging skin. In: JOURNAL OF INVESTIGATIVE DERMATOLOGY. (pp. S172 - S172). NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP

Agius, E; Lacy, K; Vukmanovic-Stejic, M; Papageorgiou, AP; Hall, S; Reed, JR; Curnow, J; (2008) Decreased secondary cutaneous memory immune response in old skin due to lack of endothelial activation. In: BRITISH JOURNAL OF DERMATOLOGY. (pp. 2 - 2). BLACKWELL PUBLISHING

Al-Hussaini, H; Kam, JH; Vugler, A; Semo, M; Jeffery, G; (2008) Mature retinal pigment epithelium cells are retained in the cell cycle and proliferate in vivo. MOL VIS , 14 (210) 1784 - 1791. Gold open access

Ali, R; Bainbridge, J; Rubin, G; Robbie, S; Barker, S; Holder, G; Stockman, A; (2008) Improved vision following RPE65 gene therapy in adults with Leber congenital amaurosis. In: HUMAN GENE THERAPY. (pp. 1060 - 1060). MARY ANN LIEBERT INC

Allen, MJ; Bunce, C; Presland, AH; (2008) The effect of warming local anaesthetic on the pain of injection during sub-Tenon's anaesthesia for cataract surgery. Anaesthesia , 63 (3) pp. 276-278. 10.1111/j.1365-2044.2007.05351.x.

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Alvarez-Buylla, ER; Chaos, A; Aldana, M; Benitez, M; Cortes-Poza, Y; Espinosa-Soto, C; Hartasanchez, DA; (2008) Floral Morphogenesis: Stochastic Explorations of a Gene Network Epigenetic Landscape. PLOS ONE , 3 (11) , Article e3626. 10.1371/journal.pone.0003626. Green open access

Amerasinghe, N; Wong, TY; Wong, WL; Mitchell, P; Shen, SY; Loon, SC; Saw, SM; (2008) Determinants of the optic cup to disc ratio in an Asian population - The Singapore Malay Eye Study (SiMES). ARCH OPHTHALMOL-CHIC , 126 (8) 1101 - 1108.

Andersen, MV; Rosenberg, T; la Cour, M; Kiilgaard, JF; Prause, JU; Alsbirk, PH; Borch-Johnsen, K; (2008) Prevalence of age-related maculopathy and age-related macular degeneration among the inuit in Greenland. The Greenland Inuit Eye Study. Ophthalmology , 115 (4) pp. 700-707.

Anderson, EJ; Husain, M; Sumner, P; (2008) Human intraparietal sulcus (IPS) and competition between exogenous and endogenous saccade plans. NEUROIMAGE , 40 (2) 838 - 851. 10.1016/j.neuroimage.2007.10.046.

Anderson, EJ; Mannan, SK; Rees, G; Sumner, P; Kennard, C; (2008) A role for spatial and nonspatial working memory processes in visual search. EXP PSYCHOL , 55 (5) 301 - 312. 10.1027/1618-3169.55.5.301.

Anderson, OA; Jackson, TL; Singh, JK; Hussain, AA; Marshall, J; (2008) Human transscleral albumin permeability and the effect of topographical location and donor age. INVEST OPHTH VIS SCI , 49 (9) 4041 - 4045. 10.1167/iovs.07-1660.

Andrews, W; Barber, M; Hernadez-Miranda, LR; Xian, J; Rakic, S; Sundaresan, V; Rabbitts, TH; (2008) The role of Slit-Robo signaling in the generation, migration and morphological differentiation of cortical interneurons. DEV BIOL , 313 (2) 648 - 658. 10.1016/j.ydbio.2007.10.052.

Arora, A; Minogue, PJ; Liu, X; Addison, PK; Russel-Eggitt, I; Webster, AR; Hunt, DM; (2008) A novel connexin50 mutation associated with congenital nuclear pulverulent cataracts. J MED GENET , 45 (3) 155 - 160. 10.1136/jmg.2007.051029. Gold open access

Aslam, SA; Wong, SC; Ficker, LA; MacLaren, RE; (2008) Implantation of the black diaphragm intraocular lens in congenital and and traumatic aniridia. OPHTHALMOLOGY , 115 (10) pp. 1705-1712. 10.1016/j.ophtha.2008.03.025.

Atkinson, J; Braddick, O; Anker, S; Nardini, M; Birtles, D; Rutherford, MA; Mercuri, E; (2008) Cortical vision, MRI and developmental outcome in preterm infants. ARCH DIS CHILD-FETAL , 93 (4) F292 - F297. 10.1136/adc.2007.116988.

Atkinson, J; Nardini, M; (2008) The neuropsychology of visuospatial and visuomotor development. In: Reed, J and Warner Rogers, J, (eds.) Child Neuropsychology: Concepts, Theory and Practice. Wiley-Blackwell

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Audo, I; Robson, AG; Holder, GE; Moore, AT; (2008) The negative ERG: Clinical phenotypes and disease mechanisms of inner retinal dysfunction. SURVEY OF OPHTHALMOLOGY , 53 (1) pp. 16-40. 10.1016/j.survophthal.2007.10.010.

Aylward, B; DaCruz, L; Ezra, E; Sullivan, P; MacLaren, RE; Charteris, D; Gregor, Z; (2008) Stickler syndrome. OPHTHALMOLOGY , 115 (9) 1636 - 1637.

Aylward, B; daCruz, L; Ezra, E; Sullivan, P; MacLaren, RE; Charteris, D; Gregor, Z; (2008) Stickler syndrome. Ophthalmology , 115 (9) pp. 1637-1638.

Ayoub, SS; Yazid, S; Flower, RJ; (2008) Increased susceptibility of annexin-A1 null mice to nociceptive pain is indicative of a spinal antinociceptive action of annexin-A1. BRIT J PHARMACOL , 154 (5) 1135 - 1142. 10.1038/bjp.2008.166.


Bainbridge, J; Ali, R; (2008) Gene therapy for inherited childhood blindness shows promise. Expert Review of Ophthalmology , 3 (4) pp. 357-359. 10.1586/17469899.3.4.357.

Bainbridge, J; Herbert, E; Gregor, Z; (2008) Macular holes: vitreoretinal relationships and surgical approaches. EYE , 22 (10) 1301 - 1309. 10.1038/eye.2008.23.

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Bakrania, P; Efthymiou, M; Klein, JC; Salt, A; Bunyan, DJ; Wyatt, A; Ponting, CP; (2008) Mutations in BMP4 cause eye, brain, and digit developmental anomalies: Overlap between the BMP4 and hedgehog signaling pathways. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF HUMAN GENETICS , 82 (2) pp. 304-319. 10.1016/j.ajhg.2007.09.023.

Bakrania, P; Efthymiou, M; Klein, JC; Salt, A; Bunyan, DJ; Wyatt, A; Ponting, CP; (2008) Mutations in BMP4 cause eye, brain, and digit developmental anomalies: overlap between the BMP4 and hedgehog signaling pathways. Am J Hum Genet , 82 (2) pp. 304-319. 10.1016/j.ajhg.2007.09.023.

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Barragan, I; Abd El-Aziz, MM; Borrego, S; El Ashry, MF; O'Driscoll, C; Bhattacharya, SS; Antinolo, G; (2008) Linkage validation of RP25 Using the 10K genechip array and further refinement of the locus by new linked families. Ann.Hum.Genet. , 72 (Pt 4) pp. 454-462. 10.1111/j.1469-1809.2008.00448.

Barragan, I; Borrego, S; Abd El-Aziz, MM; El Ashry, MF; Abu-Safieh, L; Bhattacharya, SS; Antinolo, G; (2008) Genetic analysis of FAM46A in Spanish families with autosomal recessive retinitis pigmentosa: characterisation of novel VNTRs. Ann.Hum.Genet. , 72 (Pt 1) pp. 26-34. 10.1111/j.1469-1809.2007.00393.

Barragan, I; Borrego, S; El-Aziz, MMA; El-Ashry, MF; Abu-Safieh, L; Bhattacharya, SS; Antinolo, G; (2008) Genetic analysis of FAM46A in Spanish families with autosomal recessive retinitis pigmentosa: Characterisation of novel VNTRs. ANN HUM GENET , 72 26 - 34. 10.1111/j.1469-1809.2007.00393.x.

Barragan, I; El-Aziz, MMA; Borrego, S; El-Ashry, MF; O'Driscoll, C; Bhattacharya, SS; Antinolo, G; (2008) Linkage validation of RP25 using the 10K GeneChip array and further refinement of the locus by new linked families. ANN HUM GENET , 72 454 - 462. 10.1111/j.1469-1809.2008.00448.x.

Barsam, A; Chandra, A; Bunce, C; Whitefield, LA; (2008) Prospective randomized controlled trial to compare the effect on the macula of AquaLase liquefaction and ultrasound phacoemulsification cataract surgery. J Cataract Refract Surg , 34 (6) pp. 991-995. 10.1016/j.jcrs.2008.02.017.

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Bergin, C; Garway-Heath, DF; Crabb, DP; (2008) Evaluating the effect of the new alignment algorithm for longitudinal series of Heidelberg retina tomography images. Acta Ophthalmol , 86 (2) pp. 207-214. 10.1111/j.1600-0420.2007.01035.x.

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Bourne, RRA; Foster, PJ; Bunce, C; Peto, T; Hitchings, RA; Khaw, PT; Seah, SKL; (2008) The morphology of the optic nerve head in the Singaporean Chinese population (the Tanjong Pagar study): part 2 - biometric and systemic associations. BRIT J OPHTHALMOL , 92 (3) 310 - 314. 10.1136/bjo.2007.123349.

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