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Baranovsky, SF; Djimant, LN; Osetrov, SG; Petrenko, NV; Parkes, HG; Davies, DB; Veselkov, AN; (1998) 1H NMR study of complexation of ethidium bromide with a single stranded non-complementary deoxytetranucleotide 5’-d(GpApApG) in aqueous solution. Journal of Structural Chemistry , 39 pp. 660-670.

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Cousin, MA; Pocock, JM; Nicholls, DG; (1998) UNSPECIFIED In: (Proceedings) Biochemical Society Meeting Transactions. (pp. pp. 648-652).


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Filippi, M; Gawne-Cain, ML; Gasperini, C; vanWaesberghe, JH; Grimaud, J; Barkhof, F; Sormani, MP; (1998) Effect of training and different measurement strategies on the reproducibility of brain MRI lesion load measurements in multiple sclerosis. NEUROLOGY , 50 (1) 238 - 244.

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Gabriel, CM; Hughes, RAC; Moore, SE; Smith, KJ; Walsh, FS; (1998) Induction of experimental autoimmune neuritis with peripheral myelin protein-22. BRAIN , 121 pp. 1895-1902. 10.1093/brain/121.10.1895.

Gawne-Cain, ML; O'Riordan, JI; Coles, A; Newell, B; Thompson, AJ; Miller, DH; (1998) MRI lesion volume measurement in multiple sclerosis and its correlation with disability: a comparison of fast fluid attenuated inversion recovery (fFLAIR) and spin echo sequences. J NEUROL NEUROSUR PS , 64 (2) 197 - 203.

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Held, B; Pocock, JM; Pearson, HA; (1998) Endothelin-1 inhibits voltage-sensitive Ca2+ channels in cultured rat cerebellar granule neurones via the ET-A receptor. PFLUG ARCH EUR J PHY , 436 (5) 766 - 775.

Howard, RS; Thorpe, J; Barker, R; Revesz, T; Hirsch, N; Miller, D; Williams, AJ; (1998) Respiratory insufficiency due to high anterior cervical cord infarction. J NEUROL NEUROSUR PS , 64 (3) 358 - 361.

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Jouvet, P; Rustin P, FU; Pocock J, JU; Mazarakis, ND; Sarraf, C; Edwards, AD; Mehmet, H; (1998) Maple syrup urine disease metabolites induce apoptosis in neural cells without cytochrome c release or changes in mitochondrial membrane potential. In: (Proceedings) Biochemistry Society Meeting. (pp. S341-). The Biochemical Society: London.


Kapoor, R; Miller, DH; Jones, SJ; Plant, GT; Brusa, A; Gass, A; Hawkins, CP; (1998) Effects of intravenous methylprednisolone on outcome in MRI-based prognostic subgroups in acute optic neuritis. NEUROLOGY , 50 (1) 230 - 237.

Kayahara, M; Felderhoff U, PJ; Hughes, MN; Mehmet, H; (1998) Nitric oxide (NO.) and the nitrosonium cation (NO+) reduce mitochondrial membrane potential and trigger apoptosis in neuronal PC12 cells. In: (Proceedings) Biochemical Society. (pp. S340-). The Biochemical Society: London.

Koudriavtseva, T; Pozzilli, C; Fiorelli, M; Gasperini, C; Bagnato, F; Galgani, S; Frontoni, M; (1998) Determinants of Gd-enhanced MRI response to IFN-beta-I a treatment in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis. MULT SCLER , 4 (5) 403 - 407.


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O'Riordan, JI; Cain, MG; Coles, A; Wang, L; Compston, DAS; Tofts, P; Miller, DH; (1998) T1 hypointense lesion load in secondary progressive multiple sclerosis: A comparison of pre versus post contrast loads and of manual versus semi automated threshold techniques for lesion segmentation. MULT SCLER , 4 (5) 408 - 412.

O'Riordan, JI; Losseff, NA; Phatouros, C; Thompson, AJ; Moseley, IF; MacManus, DG; McDonald, WI; (1998) Asymptomatic spinal cord lesions in clinically isolated optic nerve, brain stem, and spinal cord syndromes suggestive of demyelination. J NEUROL NEUROSUR PS , 64 (3) 353 - 357.

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Pocock, JM; Evans, GJO; (1998) The role of tyrosine phosphorylation in the recruitment of L-type calcium channels and their modulation of exocytosis. In: (Proceedings) Satellite Meeting of the 3rd European forum for Neuroscience; Calcium signalling in the nervous system..

Pocock, JM; Kingham, PJ; Cuzner, ML; (1998) Microglial interactions with cerebellar granule neurones: Implications for neuronal signalling and survival. In: J NEUROCHEM. (pp. S58 - S58). LIPPINCOTT WILLIAMS & WILKINS

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Thornton, JS; Mottershead, JP; Yeo, CP; Brenner, RE; McDonald, WI; Miller, DH; Tofts, PS; (1998) High resolution, multi-parameter quantitative MRI studies of rabbit corsum callosum at 7 T. In: (pp. 89-).

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Tubridy, N; Barker, GJ; MacManus, DG; Moseley, IF; Miller, DH; (1998) Optimisation of unenhanced MRI for detection of lesions in multiple sclerosis: a comparison of five pulse sequences with variable slice thickness. NEURORADIOLOGY , 40 (5) 293 - 297.

Tubridy, N; Barker, GJ; Macmanus, DG; Moseley, IF; Miller, DH; (1998) Three-dimensional fast fluid attenuated inversion recovery (3D fast FLAIR): a new MRI sequence which increases the detectable cerebral lesion load in multiple sclerosis. BRIT J RADIOL , 71 (848) 840 - 845.

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Werring, DJ; Clark, CA; Parker, GJM; Barker, GJ; Symms, M; Franconi, F; Miller, DH; (1998) Investigating the relationship between brain structure and function : Combining diffusion tensor imaging with functional MRI in the visual system. NeuroImage , 7 (4 PART I)

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