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Abramov, AY; Zamaraeva, MV; Hagelgans, AI; Azimov, RR; Krasilnikov, OV; (2001) Influence of plant terpenoids on the permeability of mitochondria and lipid bilayers. BBA-BIOMEMBRANES , 1512 (1) 98 - 110.


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Farrer, M; Destee, A; Levecque, C; Singleton, A; Engelender, S; Becquet, E; Mouroux, V; ... Chartier-Harlin, MC; + view all (2001) Genetic analysis of synphilin-1 in familial Parkinson's disease. NEUROBIOLOGY OF DISEASE , 8 (2) pp. 317-323. 10.1006/nbdi.2000.0326.

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Hall, C.; Brown, M.; Jacobs, T.; Ferrari, G.; Cann, N.; Teo, M.; Monfries, C.; (2001) Collapsin response mediator protein switches RhoA and Rac1 morphology in N1E-115 neuroblastoma cells and is regulated by Rho kinase. Journal of Biological Chemistry , 276 (46) pp. 43482-43486. 10.1074/jbc.C100455200. Gold open access

Hall, C.; Michael, G.J.; Cann, N.; Ferrari, G.; Teo, M.; Jacobs, T.; Monfries, C.; (2001) alpha 2-chimaerin, a Cdc42/Rac1 regulator, is selectively expressed in the rat embryonic nervous system and is involved in neuritogenesis in N1E-115 neuroblastoma cells. The Journal of Neuroscience , 21 (14) pp. 5191-5202. Green open access

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Holton, J.L.; Ghiso, J.; Lashle, T.; Rostagno, A.; Guerin, C.J.; Gibb, G.; Houlden, H.; ... Revesz, T.; + view all (2001) Regional distribution of amyloid-Bri deposition and its association with neurofibrillary degeneration in familial British dementia. American Journal of Pathology , 158 (2) pp. 515-526. Green open access

Houlden, H; Parlette, E; Domínguez, K; Hoffler, KD; Chui, CK; (2001) Development of multi-dimensional wavelet methods for simulation aerodynamic modeling. 39th Aerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit

Houlden, H.; King, R.H.M.; Hashemi-Nejad, A.; Wood, N.W.; Mathias, C.J.; Reilly, M.; Thomas, P.K.; (2001) A novel TRK A (NTRK1) mutation associated with hereditary sensory and autonomic neuropathy type V. Annals of Neurology , 49 (4) pp. 521-525. 10.1002/ana.103.

Houlden, H.; King, R.H.M.; Wood, N.W.; Thomas, P.K.; Reilly, M.M.; (2001) Mutations in the 5' region of the myotubularin-related protein 2 (MTMR2) gene in autosomal recessive hereditary neuropathy with focally folded myelin. Brain , 124 (5) pp. 907-915. 10.1093/brain/124.5.907.


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Lang, AE; Lees, AJ; (2001) Editorial. Movement Disorders , 16 (1) pp. 1-2. 10.1002/1531-8257(200101)16:1&lt;1::AID-MDS1015&gt;3.0.CO;2-5.

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O'Farrell, C; Murphy, DD; Petrucelli, L; Singleton, AB; Hussey, J; Farrer, M; Hardy, J; ... Cookson, MR; + view all (2001) Transfected synphilin-1 forms cytoplasmic inclusions in HEK293 cells. MOLECULAR BRAIN RESEARCH , 97 (1) pp. 94-102. 10.1016/S0169-328X(01)00292-3.


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Patel, H; Hart, PE; Warner, TT; Houlston, RS; Patton, MA; Jeffery, S; Crosby, AH; (2001) The Silver syndrome variant of hereditary spastic paraplegia maps to 11q12-q14 with evidence for genetic heterogeneity within this subtype. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF HUMAN GENETICS , 69 (4) p. 512.

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Plun-Favreau, H; Elson, G; Chabbert, M; Froger, J; deLapeyriere, O; Lelievre, E; Guillet, C; ... Chevalier, S; + view all (2001) The ciliary neurotrophic factor receptor alpha component induces the secretion of and is required for functional responses to cardiotrophin-like cytokine. EMBO J , 20 (7) 1692 - 1703.


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Reilly, MM; Lee, MJ; Sweeney, MG; Stephenson, D; Davis, M; Groves, M; Houlden, H; ... Scaravilli, F; + view all (2001) Genetic analysis of the mutilated foot (mf) rat: an animal model for human hereditary sensory neuropathy. AM J HUM GENET , 69 (4) 501 - 501.

Rosenberg, RN; Aminoff, M; Boller, F; Soerensen, PS; Griggs, RC; Hallett, M; Johnson, RT; ... Zochodne, D; + view all (2001) Reporting clinical trials: full access to all the data. Neurorehabil Neural Repair , 15 (3) pp. 157-158.

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Valente, EM; Brancati, F; Ferraris, A; Bentivoglio, AR; Bonifati, V; Vaughan, J; Pizzuti, A; ... European Consortium Genet Suscepti, ; + view all (2001) PARK6 is a major locus in early-onset parkinsonism. AM J HUM GENET , 69 (4) 500 - 500.

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Warr, T; Ward, S; Burrows, L; Harding, B; Wilkins, P; Harkness, W; Hayward, R; ... Thomas, D; + view all (2001) Identification of extensive genomic loss and gain by comparative genomic hybridisation in malignant astrocytoma in children and young adults. GENES CHROMOSOMES & CANCER , 31 (1) pp. 15-22. 10.1002/gcc.1113.

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