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Alam, ZI; Daniel, SE; Lees, AJ; Marsden, DC; Jenner, P; Halliwell, B; (1997) A generalised increase in protein carbonyls in the brain in Parkinson's but not incidental Lewy body disease. J Neurochem , 69 (3) pp. 1326-1329.

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Fox, NC; Kennedy, AM; Harvey, RJ; Lantos, PL; Roques, PK; Collinge, J; Hardy, J; ... Rossor, MN; + view all (1997) Clinicopathological features of familial Alzheimer's disease associated with the M139V mutation in the presenilin 1 gene - Pedigree but not mutation specific age at onset provides evidence for a further genetic factor. BRAIN , 120 491 - 501.


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