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Arnold, S; Noachtar, S; Linke, R; Werhahn, KJ; Yousry, TA; Winkler, PA; Tatsch, K; (2000) Ictal SPECT hyperperfusion reflects the activation of the symptomatogenic cortex in spontaneous and electrically-induced non-habitual focal epileptic seizures: correlation with subdural EEG recordings. EPILEPTIC DISORD , 2 (1) 41 - 44.

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Arroyo, S; Fossas, P; Nieto-Barrera, M; Salas-Puig, X; Sánchez-Alvarez, JC; Serratosa, JM; Soler-Singla, L; ... Shorvon, S; + view all (2000) [Analysis of cost minimization of monotherapy antiepileptic treatment in patients with recent diagnosed epilepsy : the situation in Spain]. Rev Neurol , 31 (9) pp. 828-832.

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