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Allen, JL; Abbott, MJ; Rapee, RM; Coltheart, M; (2006) Ew gross! Recognition of expressions of disgust by children with obsessive-compulsive disorder. BEHAVIOUR CHANGE , 23 (4) pp. 239-249. 10.1375/bech.23.4.239.


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Fern-Pollak, L; Wydell, T; (2006) Trilinguals are not 3 monolinguals in one person, so how do they read in Spanish, English AND Hebrew? Presented at: 13th Annual meeting of the Society for the Scientific Study of Reading (SSSR), Vancouver, Canada.

Fern-Pollak, L; Wydell, T; (2006) Word frequency, string-length and lexicality in reading Spanish, English and Hebrew: Effects of different levels of orthographic transparency on bilingual reading strategy in the native (L1) and the second language (L2). Presented at: Experimental Psychology Society (EPS), Birmingham.

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St James-Roberts, I; Greenlaw, V; Simon, A; Hurry, J; St James-Roberts, I; Greenlaw, V; Simon, A; (2006) Mentoring Schemes 2001 to 2004. UNSPECIFIED

St James-Roberts, I; Greenlaw, V; Simon, A; Hurry, J; St James-Roberts, I; Greenlaw, V; Simon, A; (2006) National Evaluation of Youth Justice Board Mentoring Schemes 2001-2004. Youth Justice Board


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