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Abou Neel, EA; Mizoguchi, T; Ito, M; Bitar, M; Salih, V; Knowles, JC; (2007) In vitro bioactivity and gene expression by cells cultured on titanium dioxide doped phosphate-based glasses. BIOMATERIALS , 28 (19) 2967 - 2977. 10.1016/j.biomaterials.2007.03.018.

Abou Neel, EA; Young, AM; Nazhat, SN; Knowles, JC; (2007) A facile synthesis route to prepare microtubes from phosphate glass fibres. ADV MATER , 19 (19) 2856 - +. 10.1002/adma.200700039.

Ahmed, I; Abou Neel, EA; Valappil, SP; Nazhat, SN; Pickup, DM; Carta, D; Carroll, DL; ... Knowles, JC; + view all (2007) The structure and properties of silver-doped phosphate-based glasses. J MATER SCI , 42 (23) 9827 - 9835. 10.1007/s10853-007-2008-9.

Alekseeva, T; Allovskaya, A; Abou Neel, EA; King, V; Knowles, JC; Brown, RA; (2007) Engineering microchannels into collagen constructs with soluble phosphate glass fibres for neural tissue repair. In: TISSUE ENGINEERING. (pp. 1688 - 1689). MARY ANN LIEBERT INC


Brett, PM; Ivanovski, S; Harle, J; Tonetti, MS; Donos, N; Wall, I; (2007) Investigation of the differentiation potential of periodontal tissues. In: (pp. p. 1).


Calabrese, N; Galgut, P; Mordan, N; (2007) Identification of Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans, Treponema denticola and Porphyromonas gingivalis within human dental calculus: a pilot investigation. J Int Acad Periodontol , 9 (4) pp. 118-128.

Carta, D; Knowles, JC; Smith, ME; Newport, RJ; (2007) Synthesis and structural characterization of P2O5-CaO-Na2O sol-gel materials. J NON-CRYST SOLIDS , 353 (11-12) 1141 - 1149. 10.1016/j.jnoncrysol.2006.12.093.

Carta, D; Pickup, DM; Knowles, JC; Ahmed, I; Smith, ME; Newport, RJ; (2007) A structural study of sol-gel and melt-quenched phosphate-based glasses. JOURNAL OF NON-CRYSTALLINE SOLIDS , 353 (18-21) 1759 - 1765. 10.1016/j.jnoncrysol.2007.02.008.


D'Aiuto, F; Smith, A; Parkar, MH; Nibali, L; Brett, PM; Tonetti, MS; Humphries, S; (2007) Interleukin-6 gene polymorphisms influence systemic inflammatory response following periodontal therapy. In: (pp. p. 1).

Donos, N; Retzepi, M; Wall, I; Brett, PM; Ivanovski, S; (2007) Effect of implant surface in early stages of bone healing. In: (pp. p. 1).


Franch-Chillida, F; Nibali, L; Madden, IM; Newman, HN; Donos, N; Brett, PM; (2007) Association between IL-6 polymorphisms and periodontitis in an Indian population. In: (pp. p. 1).


Georgiou, G; Mathieu, L; Pioletti, DP; Bourban, PE; Manson, JAE; Knowles, JC; Nazhat, SN; (2007) Polylactic acid-phosphate glass composite foams as scaffolds for bone tissue engineering. J BIOMED MATER RES B , 80B (2) 322 - 331. 10.1002/jbm.b.30600.

Grant, K; Knowles, J; Dawas, K; Burnstock, G; Taylor, I; Loizidou, M; (2007) Mechanisms of endothelin 1-stimulated proliferation in colorectal cancer cell lines. BRIT J SURG , 94 (1) 106 - 112. 10.1002/bjs.5536.

Guerry, P; Carroll, DL; Gunawidjaja, PN; Bhattacharya, P; Carta, D; Pickup, DM; Ahmed, I; ... Smith, ME; + view all (2007) Solid State NMR as a probe of inorganic materials:Examples from glasses and sol-gels. Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings , 984 pp. 135-146.


Lilley, KJ; Gbureck, U; Wright, AJ; Knowles, JC; Farrar, DF; Barralet, JE; (2007) Brushite cements from polyphosphoric acid, calcium phosphate systems. J AM CERAM SOC , 90 (6) 1892 - 1898. 10.1111/j.1551-2916.2007.01619.x.


Mihoc, R.I.; (2007) Functional studies of calcium enriched titanium surfaces. Doctoral thesis , University of London. Green open access


Nazhat, SN; Abou Neel, EA; Kidane, A; Ahmed, I; Hope, C; Kershaw, M; Lee, PD; ... Brown, RA; + view all (2007) Controlled microchannelling in dense collagen scaffolds by soluble phosphate glass fibers. BIOMACROMOLECULES , 8 (2) 543 - 551. 10.1021/bm060715f.

Neel, EA; Ahmed, I; Knowles, JC; (2007) Investigation of the mixed alkali effect in a range of phosphate glasses. Bioceramics, Vol 19, Pts 1 and 2 , 330-332 161 - 164.

Nibali, L; Donos, N; Parkar, MH; D'Aiuto, F; Tonetti, MS; Griffiths, GS; Brett, PM; (2007) Association between interleukin-6 haplotypes and aggressive periodontitis. In: (pp. p. 1).

Nibali, L; Ready, DR; Parkar, M; Brett, PM; Wilson, M; Tonetti, MS; Griffiths, GS; (2007) Gene polymorphisms and the prevalence of key periodontal pathogens. J DENT RES , 86 (5) 416 - 420.


Palmer, G.; (2007) Species release from glass ionomer cement. Doctoral thesis , University of London. Green open access

Patel, B; Pratten, J; Mordan, NJ; Gulabivala, K; (2007) Development of an ex vivo model for the study of microbial infection in human teeth. In: (pp. p. 405).

Pickup, DM; Ahmed, I; Guerry, P; Knowles, JC; Smith, ME; Newport, RJ; (2007) The structure of phosphate glass biomaterials from neutron diffraction and P-31 nuclear magnetic resonance data. JOURNAL OF PHYSICS-CONDENSED MATTER , 19 (41) , Article 415116. 10.1088/0953-8984/19/41/415116.

Pickup, DM; Guerry, P; Moss, RM; Knowles, JC; Smith, ME; Newport, RJ; (2007) New sol-gel synthesis of a (CaO)(0.3)( Na2O)(0.2)(P2O5)(0.5) bioresorbable glass and its structural characterisation. J MATER CHEM , 17 (45) 4777 - 4784. 10.1039/b709955j.

Pittayachawan, P; McDonald, A; Petrie, A; Knowles, JC; (2007) The biaxial flexural strength and fatigue property of Lava (TM) Y-TZP dental ceramic. DENT MATER , 23 (8) 1018 - 1029. 10.1016/j.dental.2006.09.003.


Ramirez-Bommer, C; Gulabivala, K; Figueiredo, JAP; Young, A; (2007) The influence of sodium hypochlorite and EDTA on the chemical composition of dentine. In: (pp. p. 404).

Ready, D; Pratten, J; Mordan, N; Watts, E; Wilson, M; (2007) The effect of amalgam exposure on mercury- and antibiotic-resistant bacteria. INT J ANTIMICROB AG , 30 (1) 34 - 39. 10.1016/j.ijantimicag.2007.02.009.


Salih, V; Patel, A; Knowles, JC; (2007) Zinc-containing phosphate-based glasses for tissue engineering. BIOMED MATER , 2 (1) 11 - 20. 10.1088/1748-6041/2/1/003.

Salvio, LA; Correr-Sobrinho, L; Consani, S; Sinhoreti, MAC; de Goes, MF; Knowles, JC; (2007) Effect of water storage and surface treatments on the tensile bond strength of IPS Empress 2 ceramic. J Prosthodont , 16 (3) pp. 192-199. 10.1111/j.1532-849X.2006.00171.x.

Shah, R; Hunt, NP; Mudera, V; Knowles, JC; Lewis, MP; (2007) Novel glasses to engineer human craniofacial muscle. In: TISSUE ENGINEERING. (pp. 1736 - 1736). MARY ANN LIEBERT INC

Skelton, KL; Glenn, JV; Clarke, SA; Georgiou, G; Valappil, SP; Knowles, C; Nazhat, SN; (2007) Effect of ternary phosphate-based glass compositions on osteoblast and osteoblast-like proliferation, differentiation and death in vitro. ACTA BIOMATER , 3 (4) 563 - 572. 10.1016/j.actbio.2006.11.008.

Skelton, KL; Glenn, JV; Clarke, SA; Georgiou, G; Valappil, SP; Knowles, JC; Nazhat, SN; (2007) Effect of ternary phosphate-based glass compositions on osteoblast and osteoblast-like proliferation, differentiation and death in vitro. Acta Biomaterialia , 3 (4) pp. 563-572. 10.1016/j.actbio.2006.11.008.


Tonetti, M.S.; D'Aiuto, F.; Nibali, L.; Donald, A.; Storry, C.; Parkar, M.; Suvan, J.; ... Deanfield, J.; + view all (2007) Treatment of periodontitis and endothelial function. New England Journal of Medicine , 356 (9) pp. 911-920. 10.1056/NEJMoa063186. Green open access

Tymon, A; Young, AM; Pratten, J; Spratt, DA; (2007) The application of Raman microspectroscopy to study biofilm structure. In: Gilbert, P and Allison, D and Brading, M and Pratten, J and Spratt, DA and Upton, M, (eds.) (Proceedings) Biofilms: Coming of Age. (pp. pp. 225-235). The Biofilm Club: Manchester.


Valappil, SP; Pickup, DM; Carroll, DL; Hope, CK; Pratten, J; Newport, RJ; Smith, ME; ... Knowles, JC; + view all (2007) Effect of silver content on the structure and antibacterial activity of silver-doped phosphate-based glasses. ANTIMICROB AGENTS CH , 51 (12) 4453 - 4461. 10.1128/AAC.00605-07. Gold open access


Wall, I; Donos, N; Brett, PM; (2007) Titanium surface modifications promote osteogenic responses of human MSC cultures. In: (pp. p. 1).


Xia, W; Kang, YG; Song, JH; Tarverdi, K; (2007) Biopolymer composites reinforced with fractioned wheat straw. Presented at: 8th International Conference on Eco-materials, London, UK.


Zhao, X; Ho, SM; Young, A; (2007) Injectable biodegradable poly(ester-co-ether) methacrylate monomers for bone tissue engineering and drug delivery applications. In: TISSUE ENGINEERING. (pp. 1372 - 1372). MARY ANN LIEBERT INC

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