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Abrahams, I; Franks, K; Hawkes, GE; Philippou, G; Knowles, J; Bodart, P; Nunes, T; (1997) Na-23, Al-27 and P-31 NMR and X-ray powder diffraction study of Na/Ca/Al phosphate glasses and ceramics. J MATER CHEM , 7 (8) 1573 - 1580.

Abrahams, I; Hawkes, GE; Knowles, J; (1997) Phosphorus speciation in sodium-calcium-phosphate ceramics. J CHEM SOC DALTON (9) 1483 - 1484.

Arias, JL; Mayor, MB; GarciaSanz, FJ; Pou, J; Leon, B; PerezAmor, M; Knowles, JC; (1997) Structural analysis of calcium phosphate coatings produced by pulsed laser deposition at different water-vapour pressures. JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE-MATERIALS IN MEDICINE , 8 (12) pp. 873-876. 10.1023/A:1018553821781.


Brett, PM; Curtis, D; Robertson, MM; Gurling, HMD; (1997) Neuroreceptor subunit genes and the genetic susceptibility to Gilles de la Tourette syndrome. BIOL PSYCHIAT , 42 (10) 941 - 947.


Evans, AM; Kellar, EJC; Knowles, J; Galiotis, C; Carriere, CJ; Andrews, EH; (1997) The structure and morphology of syndiotactic polystyrene injection molded coupons. POLYMER ENGINEERING AND SCIENCE , 37 (1) pp. 153-165. 10.1002/pen.11656.


Gillam, DG; McCarthy, D; Khan, N; Mordan, NJ; Newman, HN; (1997) The use of bioactive glass particles on exposed dentine. In: (Proceedings) Europerio 2. Europerio (?): Florence, Italy.

Gillam, DG; Mordan, NJ; Newman, HN; (1997) The dentine disc surface: a plausible model for dentine physiology and dentine sensitivity evaluation. Advances in Dental Research , 11 (4) pp. 487-501.

Gillam, DG; Mordan, NJ; Sinodinou, AD; Knowles, JC; Gibson, IR; (1997) The effects of oxalates on the exposed dentine surface. In: (Proceedings) IAP Meeting. IAP: Seoul, South Korea.


Ip, T; Gillam, DG; Mordan, NJ; Barber, PM; (1997) Quantification of dentinal tubules using image analysis: a laboratory study. In: (pp. p. 180).

Ip, T; Gillam, DG; Mordan, NJ; Barber, PM; (1997) Quantification of dentine tubule width and area using image analysis. In: (Proceedings) IAP Meeting. IAP: Seoul, South Korea.


Jha, LJ; Best, SM; Knowles, JC; Rehman, I; Santos, JD; Bonfield, W; (1997) Preparation and characterization of fluoride-substituted apatites. JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE-MATERIALS IN MEDICINE , 8 (4) pp. 185-191. 10.1023/A:1018531505484.


Kellar, EJC; Evens, AM; Knowles, J; Galiotis, C; Andrews, EH; (1997) Raman vibrational studies of syndiotactic polystyrene .2. Use of the fundamental nu(1) vibrational mode as a quantitative measure of crystallinity within isotropic material. MACROMOLECULES , 30 (8) pp. 2400-2407. 10.1021/ma961136d.


Ling, TYY; Gillam, DG; Barber, PM; Mordan, NJ; Critchell, J; (1997) An investigation of potential desensitizing agents in the dentine disc model: A scanning electron microscopy study. J ORAL REHABIL , 24 (3) 191 - 203.

Lopes, MA; Knowles, JC; Hing, KA; Santos, JD; Monteiro, FJ; Olsen, I; (1997) Biological evaluation of glass reinforced hydroxyapatite by flow cytometry. In: Sedel, L and Rey, C, (eds.) (Proceedings) 10th International Symposium on Ceramics in Medicine. (pp. pp. 575-578). PERGAMON PRESS LTD

Lopes, MA; Santos, JD; Olsen, I; Knowles, JC; (1997) Proliferation and antigen expression by cells exposed to glass reinforced HA composites. In: J DENT RES. (pp. 1080 - 1080). AMER ASSOC DENTAL RESEARCH


McQuillin, A; Murray, KD; Etheridge, CJ; Stewart, L; Cooper, RG; Brett, PM; Miller, AD; (1997) Optimization of liposome mediated transfection of a neuronal cell line. NEUROREPORT , 8 (6) 1481 - 1484.

Mordan, NJ; Barber, PM; (1997) 3D-localisation of immunogold labelling on collagen fibers in healthy gingiva using stereopairs. In: (pp. p. 1069). AMER ASSOC DENTAL RESEARCH

Mordan, NJ; Barber, PM; Gillam, DG; (1997) The dentine disc. A review of its applicability as a model for the in vitro testing of dentine hypersensitivity. J ORAL REHABIL , 24 (2) 148 - 156.


Noar, JH; Kpendema, H; Hunt, NP; Mordan, NJ; Wilson, M; (1997) Corrosion of intra-oral magnets by multi-species biofilms. In: (pp. p. 188).


Palmer, G; Anstice, HM; Pearson, GJ; (1997) HEMA release from resin-modified glass-ionomers under different curing regimes. J DENT RES , 76 (5) 1073 - 1073.


Tang, JYM; Mordan, NJ; Gillam, DG; (1997) Dentine hypersensitivity: effects of mouthwashes on the etched and unetched dentine surfaces. In: (pp. p. 1057).


Wilson, M; Patel, H; Kpendema, H; Noar, JH; Hunt, NP; Mordan, NJ; (1997) Corrosion of intra-oral magnets by multi-species biofilms in the presence and absence of sucrose. BIOMATERIALS , 18 (1) 53 - 57.

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