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Ackroyd, MR; Prior, S; Whitmore, C; Kaluarachchi, M; Muntoni, F; Brown, SC; (2009) Deficiency of multiple alpha dystroglycan ligand interactions underlie the phenotype of a FKRP-deficient mouse model for muscle eye brain disease. In: NEUROMUSCULAR DISORDERS. (pp. 554 - 555). PERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTD

Ackroyd, MR; Skordis, L; Kaluarachchi, M; Godwin, J; Prior, S; Fidanboylu, M; Piercy, RJ; ... Brown, SC; + view all (2009) Reduced expression of fukutin related protein in mice results in a model for fukutin related protein associated muscular dystrophies. BRAIN , 132 439 - 451. 10.1093/brain/awn335.

Adlam, ALR; Malloy, M; Mishkin, M; Vargha-Khadem, F; (2009) Dissociation between recognition and recall in developmental amnesia. NEUROPSYCHOLOGIA , 47 (11) 2207 - 2210. 10.1016/j.neuropsychologia.2009.01.038. Gold open access

Alexander, DC; Hubbard, PL; Hall, MG; Moore, EA; Ptito, M; Parker, GJM; Dyrby, TB; (2009) Orientationally invariant axon-size and density weighted MRI. In: (Proceedings) International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM). (pp. 357-).

Alexander, N; Eaton, S; Haston, M; Wallace, AS; Smith, VV; Burns, AJ; Salomon, J; ... Thapar, N; + view all (2009) Hirschsprung's disease associated enterocolitis is related to defects in innate immunity. In: NEUROGASTROENT MOTIL. (pp. XXX - XXX). BLACKWELL PUBLISHING

Amlie-Lefond, C; deVeber, G; Chan, AK; Benedict, S; Bernard, T; Carpenter, J; Dowling, MM; ... Ichord, R; + view all (2009) Use of alteplase in childhood arterial ischaemic stroke: a multicentre, observational, cohort study. LANCET NEUROLOGY , 8 (6) pp. 530-536. 10.1016/S1474-4422(09)70106-1.

Amthor, H; Otto, A; Vulin, A; Rochat, A; Dumonceaux, J; Garcia, L; Mouisel, E; ... Partridge, T; + view all (2009) Muscle hypertrophy driven by myostatin blockade does not require stem/precursor-cell activity. PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA , 106 (18) pp. 7479-7484. 10.1073/pnas.0811129106.

Andoniadou, CL; Gaston-Massuet, C; Martinez-Barbera, JP; (2009) Hesx1 antagonises canonical Wnt signalling in anterior forebrain and pituitary gland. Mechanisms of Development , 126 (Supple) S229 - S230. 10.1016/j.mod.2009.06.588. Green open access

Arbogast, S; Beuvin, M; Fraysse, B; Zhou, H; Muntoni, F; Ferreiro, A; (2009) Oxidative Stress in SEPN1-Related Myopathy: From Pathophysiology to Treatment. ANN NEUROL , 65 (6) 677 - 686. 10.1002/ana.21644.

Arbogast, S; Zhou, H; Muntoni, F; Ferreiro, A; (2009) Oxidative stress in SEPN1-related myopathy: A new therapeutical target. In: Caporossi, D and Pigozzi, F and Sabatini, S, (eds.) FREE RADICALS, HEALTH AND LIFESTYLE. (pp. 11 - 13). MEDIMOND S R L

Arechavala-Gomeza, V; Feng, L; Malerba, A; Graham, IR; Brown, SC; Sewry, C; Morgan, J; (2009) Measuring restored dystrophin in treated muscle: An immunohistological intensity measurement method. In: NEUROMUSCULAR DISORDERS. (pp. 615 - 615). PERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTD

Argyropoulos, GP; (2009) Neocerebellar emulation in language processing. In: Alter, K and Horne, M and Lindgren, M and Roll, M and von Koss Torkildsen, J, (eds.) Brain Talk Discourse with and in the Brain : [papers from the First Birgit Rausing Language Program Conference in Linguistics, Lund, June 2008]. (pp. 193-206).

Arthurs, OJ; Gomez, AC; Heinz, P; Set, PAK; (2009) The toddler refusing to weight-bear: a revised imaging guide from a case series. EMERGENCY MEDICINE JOURNAL , 26 (11) pp. 797-801. 10.1136/emj.2008.065177.

Arthurs, OJ; Yates, SJ; Set, PAK; Gibbons, DA; Dixon, AK; (2009) Evaluation of image quality and radiation dose in adolescent thoracic imaging: 64-slice is preferable to 16-slice multislice CT. BRITISH JOURNAL OF RADIOLOGY , 82 (974) pp. 157-161. 10.1259/bjr/52970138.

Arzimanoglou, A; French, J; Blume, WT; Cross, JH; Ernst, JP; Feucht, M; Genton, P; ... Wheless, JW; + view all (2009) Lennox-Gastaut syndrome: a consensus approach on diagnosis, assessment, management, and trial methodology. LANCET NEUROL , 8 (1) 82 - 93.

Astrea, G; Schessl, J; Clement, E; Tosetti, M; Mercuri, E; Rutherford, M; Cioni, G; ... Battini, R; + view all (2009) Muscle MRI in FHL1-linked reducing body myopathy. NEUROMUSCULAR DISORD , 19 (10) 689 - 691. 10.1016/j.nmd.2009.06.372.

Atherton, K; Berry, DJ; Parsons, T; Macfarlane, GJ; Power, C; Hypponen, E; (2009) Vitamin D and chronic widespread pain in a white middle-aged British population: evidence from a cross-sectional population survey. ANN RHEUM DIS , 68 (6) 817 - 822. 10.1136/ard.2008.090456.


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Barrick, TR; Lawes, INC; Clark, CA; (2009) White Matter Tract Visualization Using Properties of Termination Coordinate Eigenmaps. MAGN RESON MED , 61 (5) 1261 - 1267. 10.1002/mrm.21974.

Basavanna, S; Khandavilli, S; Yuste, J; Cohen, JM; Hosie, AHF; Webb, AJ; Thomas, GH; (2009) Screening of Streptococcus pneumoniae ABC transporter mutants demonstrates that LivJHMGF, a branched-chain amino acid ABC transporter, is necessary for disease pathogenesis. Infect.Immun. , 77 (8) pp. 3412-3423. 10.1128/IAI.01543-08.

Bastin, ME; Clayden, JD; Pattie, A; Gerrish, IF; Wardlaw, JM; Deary, IJ; (2009) Diffusion tensor and magnetization transfer MRI measurements of periventricular white matter hyperintensities in old age. NEUROBIOL AGING , 30 (1) 125 - 136. 10.1016/j.neurobiolaging.2007.05.013.

Beghetti, M; Haworth, SG; Bonnet, D; Barst, RJ; Acar, P; Fraisse, A; Ivy, DD; ... Berger, RMF; + view all (2009) Pharmacokinetic and clinical profile of a novel formulation of bosentan in children with pulmonary arterial hypertension: the FUTURE-1 study. British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology , 68 (6) pp. 948-955.

Berkley, JA; Bejon, P; Mwangi, T; Gwer, S; Maitland, K; Williams, TN; Mohammed, S; ... Newton, CRJC; + view all (2009) HIV infection, malnutrition, and invasive bacterial infection among children with severe malaria. Clin Infect Dis , 49 (3) pp. 336-343. 10.1086/600299.

Betcheva, ET; Mushiroda, T; Takahashi, A; Kubo, M; Karachanak, SK; Zaharieva, IT; Vazharova, RV; ... Toncheva, DI; + view all (2009) Case-control association study of 59 candidate genes reveals the DRD2 SNP rs6277 (C957T) as the only susceptibility factor for schizophrenia in the Bulgarian population. J HUM GENET , 54 (2) 98 - 107. 10.1038/jhg.2008.14.

Bishop, MJ; Hales, P; Plank, G; Gavaghan, DJ; Scheider, J; Grau, V; (2009) Comparison of Rule-Based and DTMRI-Derived Fibre Architecture in a Whole Rat Ventricular Computational Model. FUNCTIONAL IMAGING AND MODELING OF THE HEART, PROCEEDINGS , 5528 pp. 87-96.

Bockenhauer, D; Feather, S; Stanescu, HC; Bandulik, S; Zdebik, AA; Reichold, M; Tobin, J; ... Kleta, R; + view all (2009) Epilepsy, Ataxia, Sensorineural Deafness, Tubulopathy, and KCNJ10 Mutations. NEW ENGL J MED , 360 (19) 1960 - 1970.

Boldrin, L; Zammit, PS; Muntoni, F; Morgan, JE; (2009) Mature Adult Dystrophic Mouse Muscle Environment Does Not Impede Efficient Engrafted Satellite Cell Regeneration and Self-Renewal. STEM CELLS , 27 (10) 2478 - 2487. 10.1002/stem.162.

Boldrin, L; Zammit, PS; Muntoni, F; Morgan, JE; (2009) Mature adult dystrophic mouse muscle environment does not impede efficient engrafted satellite cell regeneration and self-renewal. Stem Cells , 27 (10) pp. 2478-2487. 10.1002/stem.162.

Borrego, LM; Stocks, J; Leiria-Pinto, P; Peralta, I; Romeira, AM; Neuparth, N; Rosado-Pinto, JE; (2009) Lung function and clinical risk factors for asthma in infants and young children with recurrent wheeze. THORAX , 64 (3) 203 - 209. 10.1136/thx.2008.099903.

Brandt, KR; Gardiner, JM; Vargha-Khadem, F; Baddeley, AD; Mishkin, M; (2009) Impairment of recollection but not familiarity in a case of developmental amnesia. NEUROCASE , 15 (1) 60 - 65. 10.1080/13554790802613025.

Braun, KPJ; Bulder, MMM; Chabrier, S; Kirkham, FJ; Uiterwaal, CSP; Tardieu, M; Sebire, G; (2009) The course and outcome of unilateral intracranial arteriopathy in 79 children with ischaemic stroke. BRAIN , 132 pp. 544-557. 10.1093/brain/awn313.

Bridger, EK; Herron, JE; Elward, RL; Wilding, EL; (2009) Neural Correlates of Individual Differences in Strategic Retrieval Processing. JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY-LEARNING MEMORY AND COGNITION , 35 (5) pp. 1175-1186. 10.1037/a0016375.

Brockington, M; Torelli, S; Godfrey, C; Muntoni, F; (2009) Expression analysis of alpha-dystroglycan glycosyltransferases during myoblast-myotube differentiation. In: NEUROMUSCULAR DISORDERS. (pp. 551 - 552). PERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTD

Brosgol, Y; Kupferman, J; Prohovnik, I; Paterno, K; Goodman, S; Kirkham, F; Pavlakis, S; (2009) Childhood Hypertension: Transcranial Doppler Ultrasonography (TCD) Measures Abnormal Hypercapnic Cerebral Reactivity. In: (Proceedings) 38th Annual Meeting of the Child-Neurology-Society. (pp. S144-S144). WILEY-LISS

Byrnes, TJD; Barrick, TR; Bell, BA; Clark, CA; (2009) Semiautomatic tractography: motor pathway segmentation in patients with intracranial vascular malformations. JOURNAL OF NEUROSURGERY , 111 (1) 132 - 140. 10.3171/2009.2.JNS08930.


Camberlein, E; Hyams, CJ; Weiser, JN; Khandavilli, S; Cohen, JM; Brown, JS; (2009) THE STREPTOCOCCUS PNEUMONIAE CAPSULE PROTECTS AGAINST ALVEOLAR MACROPHAGE-MEDIATED EARLY LUNG INNATE IMMUNITY. In: (Proceedings) Winter Meeting of the British-Thoracic-Society. (pp. A35-A35). B M J PUBLISHING GROUP

Cangul, H; Ozdemir, O; Yakut, T; Okan, M; Morgan, NV; Baytan, B; Kurian, MA; ... Maher, ER; + view all (2009) Pantothenate kinase-associated neurodegeneration (PKAN): molecular confirmation of a Turkish patient with a rare frameshift mutation in the coding region of the PANK2 gene. TURKISH JOURNAL OF PEDIATRICS , 51 (2) pp. 161-165.

Capovilla, G; Berg, AT; Cross, JH; Moshe, SL; Vigevano, F; Wolf, P; Avanzini, G; (2009) REVISITING THE CONCEPT OF BENIGN. EPILEPSIA , 50 (6) 1648 - 1649.

Channon, S; Drury, H; Martinos, M; Robertson, MM; Orth, M; Crawford, S; (2009) Tourette's Syndrome (TS): Inhibitory Performance in Adults With Uncomplicated TS. NEUROPSYCHOLOGY , 23 (3) pp. 359-366. 10.1037/a0014552.


Chin, RFM; Neville, BGR; Peckham, C; Wade, A; Bedford, H; Scott, RC; NLSTEPSS Collaborative Grp, ; (2009) Socioeconomic deprivation independent of ethnicity increases status epilepticus risk. EPILEPSIA , 50 (5) 1022 - 1029. 10.1111/j.1528-1167.2008.01796.x.

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Collins, CA; Gnocchi, VF; White, RB; Boldrin, L; Perez-Ruiz, A; Relaix, F; Morgan, JE; (2009) Integrated Functions of Pax3 and Pax7 in the Regulation of Proliferation, Cell Size and Myogenic Differentiation. PLOS ONE , 4 (2) , Article e4475. 10.1371/journal.pone.0004475. Green open access

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Doudney, K; Grinham, J; Whittaker, J; Lynch, SA; Thompson, D; Moore, GE; Copp, AJ; ... Stanier, P; + view all (2009) Evaluation of Folate Metabolism Gene Polymorphisms as Risk Factors for Open and Closed Neural Tube Defects. AM J MED GENET A , 149A (7) 1585 - 1589. 10.1002/ajmg.a.32937.

Dowling, J; Lillis, S; Amburgey, K; Leber, S; Zhou, H; Al-Sarraj, S; Wraige, E; ... Jungbluth, H; + view all (2009) King-Denborough syndrome associated with mutations in the skeletal muscle ryanodine receptor (RYR1) gene. In: NEUROMUSCULAR DISORDERS. (pp. 556 - 557). PERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTD

Dowling, JJ; Leber, S; Lillis, S; Zhou, H; Ai-Sarraj, S; Wraige, E; Abbs, S; ... Jungbluth, H; + view all (2009) King-Denborough Syndrome Associated with Mutations in the Skeletal Muscle Ryanodine Receptor (RYR1) Gene. In: ANNALS OF NEUROLOGY. (pp. S133 - S134). WILEY-LISS

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