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Baxter, GF; Mocanu, MM; Brar, BK; Latchman, DS; Yellon, DM; (1999) Transforming growth factor beta 1 attenuates myocardial injury when given at reperfusion. In: CIRCULATION. (pp. 9 - 9). LIPPINCOTT WILLIAMS & WILKINS

Brar, BK; Jonassen, AK; Stephanou, A; Santilli, G; Knight, RA; Yellon, DM; Latchman, DS; (1999) Urocortin protection of cardiac myocytes from lethal ischemic and ischemic reoxygenation injury both <i>in vitro</i> and <i>ex vivo</i>. In:

Brar, BK; Stephanou, A; Okosi, A; Lawrence, KM; Knight, RA; Marber, MS; Latchman, DS; (1999) CRH-like peptides protect cardiac myocytes from lethal ischaemic injury. MOL CELL ENDOCRINOL , 158 (1-2) 55 - 63.

Brownlees, J; Gough, G; Thomas, S; Watts, P; Cohen, J; Coffin, R; Latchman, DS; (1999) Distinct responses of the herpes simplex virus and varicella zoster virus immediate early promoters to the cellular transcription factors Brn-3a and Brn-3b. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BIOCHEMISTRY & CELL BIOLOGY , 31 (3-4) pp. 451-461. 10.1016/S1357-2725(98)00151-4.

Budhram-Mahadeo, V; Morris, PJ; Smith, MD; Midgley, CA; Boxer, LM; Latchman, DS; (1999) p53 suppresses the activation of the Bcl-2 promoter by the Brn-3a POU family transcription factor. J BIOL CHEM , 274 (21) 15237 - 15244. Gold open access

Budhram-Mahadeo, V; Ndisang, D; Ward, T; Weber, BL; Latchman, DS; (1999) The Brn-3b POU family transcription factor represses expression of the BRCA-1 anti-oncogene in breast cancer cells. ONCOGENE , 18 (48) 6684 - 6691.


Carrey, EA; Zhu, L; (1999) Antibodies and nucleotide analogues; their effect on the allosteric response in the mammalian CPS II, the key reaction in pyrimidine biosynthesis. Cellular and Molecular Biology Letters , 4 p. 349.


Dollery, CM; Humphries, SE; McClelland, A; Latchman, DS; McEwan, JR; (1999) Expression of tissue inhibitor of matrix metalloproteinases 1 by use of an adenoviral vector inhibits smooth muscle cell migration and reduces neointimal hyperplasia in the rat model of vascular balloon injury. CIRCULATION , 99 (24) 3199 - 3205.

Dollery, CM; Humphries, SE; McClelland, A; Latchman, DS; McEwan, JR; (1999) In vivo adenoviral gene transfer of TIMP-1 after vascular injury reduces neointimal formation. INHIBITION OF MATRIX METALLOPROTEINASES: THERAPEUTIC APPLICATIONS , 878 742 - 743.


Fairbanks, LD; Carrey, EA; Ruckemann, K; Swaminathan, R; Kirschbaum, B; Simmonds, HA; (1999) Simultaneous separation by high-performance liquid chromatography of carbamoyl aspartate, carbamoyl phosphate and dihydroorotic acid. J CHROMATOGR B , 732 (2) 487 - 493.


Jonassen, AK; Brar, BK; Mjos, OD; Sack, MN; Latchman, DS; Yellon, DM; (1999) Cardioprotective role of insulin at reperfusion may in part be due to an anti-apoptotic mechanism. In: CIRCULATION. (pp. 10 - 10). LIPPINCOTT WILLIAMS & WILKINS

Jonassen, AK; Brar, BK; Mjos, OD; Sack, MN; Latchman, DS; Yellon, DM; (1999) Insulin modifies myocyte apoptosis and reduces myocardial infarct size when administered at reperfusion: A novel mechanism of protection. BRIT J PHARMACOL , 126 ? - ?.

Jonassen, AK; Brar, BK; Mjos, OD; Sack, MN; Latchman, DS; Yellon, DM; (1999) Potential cardioprotective role of insulin at reperfusion by a possible anti-apoptotic mechanism. In: (pp. p. 364).


Kumar, S; Kalsi, JK; Ravirajan, CT; Rahman, A; Athwal, D; Latchman, D; Isenberg, DA; (1999) Molecular cloning. Expression and functional evaluation of the recombinant Fabs of human anti-DNA (B3) and anti-cardiolipin (UK4) antibodies and their hybrids. ARTHRITIS RHEUM , 42 (9) S308 - S308.


Latchman, DS; (1999) Cardiotrophin-1 (CT-1): a novel hypertrophic and cardioprotective agent. Int J Exp Pathol , 80 (4) pp. 189-196. 10.1046/j.1365-2613.1999.00114.x.

Latchman, DS; (1999) Gene therapy with herpes simplex virus vectors. Arch Immunol Ther Exp (Warsz) , 47 (6) pp. 335-340.

Latchman, DS; (1999) Genetic manipulation of the nervous system. BIOMEDICINE , 2 pp. 383-386.

Latchman, DS; (1999) Herpes simplex virus vectors for gene therapy in Parkinson's disease and other diseases of the nervous system. J R Soc Med , 92 (11) pp. 566-570. 10.1177/014107689909201107.

Latchman, DS; (1999) Herpes virus vectors for gene therapy in the nervous system. Biochem Soc Trans , 27 (6) pp. 847-851. 10.1042/bst0270847.

Latchman, DS; (1999) POU family transcription factors in the nervous system. J Cell Physiol , 179 (2) pp. 126-133. 10.1002/(SICI)1097-4652(199905)179:2<126::AID-JCP2>3.0.CO;2-M.

Latchman, DS; (1999) Regulation of DNA virus transcription by cellular POU family transcription factors. Rev Med Virol , 9 (1) pp. 31-38.

Liu, YZ; Boxer, LM; Latchman, DS; (1999) Activation of the Bcl-2 promoter by nerve growth factor is mediated by the p42/p44 MAPK cascade. Nucleic Acids Research , 27 (10) 2086 - 2090. 10.1093/nar/27.10.2086. Green open access

Liu, YZ; Thomas, NSB; Latchman, DS; (1999) CBP associates with the p42/p44 MAPK enzymes and is phosphorylated following NGF treatment. NeuroReport , 10 pp. 1239-1243.


Ndisang, D; Budhram-Mahadeo, V; Latchman, DS; (1999) The Brn-3a transcription factor plays a critical role in regulating human papilloma virus gene expression and determining the growth characteristics of cervical cancer cells. J BIOL CHEM , 274 (40) 28521 - 28527. Gold open access


Rahman, A; Latchman, D; Isenberg, D; (1999) Sequence features of monoclonal antiphospholipid antibodies: comment on the article by Ikematsu et al. ARTHRITIS RHEUM , 42 (8) 1783 - 1784.

Rahman, A; Latchman, DS; Isenberg, DA; (1999) Sequence features of monoclonal anti-phospholipid antibodies. Arthritis and Rheumatism , 42 pp. 1783-1784.

Ravirajan, CT; Rahman, MA; Papadaki, L; Griffiths, MH; Kalsi, J; Martin, ACR; Ehrenstein, MR; ... Isenberg, DA; + view all (1999) Genetic, structural and functional properties of an IgG DNA-binding monoclonal antibody from a lupus patient with nephritis (vol 28, pg 339, 1998). EUR J IMMUNOL , 29 (9) 3052 - 3052.

Ripley, BJM; Stephanou, A; Isenberg, DA; Latchman, DS; (1999) Interlenkin-10 activates heat-shock protein 90 beta gene expression. IMMUNOLOGY , 97 (2) 226 - 231.


Scarabelli, TM; Rayment, NB; Knight, RA; Cooper, TJ; Stephanou, A; Brar, BK; Latchman, DS; ... Yellon, DM; + view all (1999) Occurrence of apoptosis in specific cell types in isolated perfused rat hearts exposed to ischaemia and reperfusion. In: (pp. p. 248).

Simmonds, HA; Ruckemann, K; Fairbanks, L; Carrey, EA; (1999) Demonstration in living human cells that carbamoyl aspartate and carbamoyl phosphate accumulate when dihydro-orotate dehydrogenase is inhibited. Cellular and Molecular Biology Letters , 4 p. 473.

Stephanou, A; Isenberg, DA; Nakajima, K; Latchman, DS; (1999) Signal transducer and activator of transcription-1 and heat shock factor-1 interact and activate the transcription of the Hsp-70 and Hsp-90 beta gene promoters. J BIOL CHEM , 274 (3) 1723 - 1728. Gold open access

Stephanou, A; Latchman, DS; (1999) Transcriptional regulation of the heat shock protein genes by STAT family transcription factors. GENE EXPRESSION , 7 (4-6) 311 - 319.


Wright, MJ; Wightman, L; Lilley, C; De Alwis, M; Coffin, R; Latchman, DS; Thrasher, A; (1999) Differences in timecourse of gene expression following direct intramyocardial injection of recombinant adenovirus, adeno-associated virus and herpes simplex virus. Heart , 81 (SUPPL. 1)

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