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Akbar, AN; Beverley, PCL; Salmon, M; (2004) Opinion - Will telomere erosion lead to a loss of T-cell memory? NAT REV IMMUNOL , 4 (9) 737 - 743. 10.1038/nri1440.

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Ali, K; Bilancio, A; Thomas, M; Pearce, W; Gilfillan, AM; Tkaczyk, C; Kuehn, N; (2004) Essential role for the p110δ phosphoinositide 3-kinase in the allergic response. Nature , 431 (7011) pp. 1007-1011. 10.1038/nature02991.

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BBC News at Ten BBC news correspondent, AM; (2004) Smart drug for lung cancer tested. UNSPECIFIED

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Hartley, JA; Spanswick, VJ; Brooks, N; Clingen, PH; McHugh, PJ; Hochhauser, D; Pedley, RB; (2004) SJG-136 (NSC 694501), a novel rationally designed DNA minor groove interstrand cross-linking agent with potent and broad spectrum antitumor activity: part 1: cellular pharmacology, in vitro and initial in vivo antitumor activity. Cancer Res , 64 (18) pp. 6693-6699. 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-03-2941.

Henry, JA; Le, NM; Nguyen, B; Howard, CM; Bailey, SL; Horick, SM; Buchmueller, KL; (2004) Targeting the inverted CCAAT box 2 in the topoisomerase II alpha promoter by JH-37, an imidazole-pyrrole polyamide hairpin: Design, synthesis, molecular biology, and biophysical studies. BIOCHEMISTRY-US , 43 (38) 12249 - 12257. 10.1021/bi048785z.

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Mayer, A; Sharma, SK; Tolner, B; Minton, NP; Purdy, D; Amlot, P; Tharakan, G; (2004) Modifying an immunogenic epitope on a therapeutic protein: a step towards an improved system for antibody-directed enzyme prodrug therapy (ADEPT). BRIT J CANCER , 90 (12) 2402 - 2410. 10.1038/sj.bjc.6601888.

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