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Al-Azraqi, A; Angus, B; Gokul, S; Sinha, D; Calvert, AH; Lunec, J; (1999) Bcl-2 expression is a potential prognostic co-factor with P53-mutation status in epithelial ovarian carcinoma. British Journal of Cancer , 80 178 - ?.

Al-Mufti, RAM; Pedley, RB; Marshall, D; Begent, RHJ; Winslet, MCAH; K, EF; (1999) In vitro assessment of lipiodol targeted radiotherapy for primary and metastatic liver cancers. British Journal of Cancer , 79 pp. 1665-1671.

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Batey, MA; Wright, JG; Simmonds, D; Proctor, M; Chapman, F; Fishwick, K; Azzabi, A; (1999) Population pharmacokinetics of CMF in the adjuvant treatment of breast cancer. British Journal of Cancer , 80 259 - ?.

Begent, RHJ; (1999) Targeting cancer therapy. In: BRITISH JOURNAL OF CANCER. (pp. 104 - 109). CHURCHILL LIVINGSTONE

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Brooks, N; McHugh, PJ; Lee, M; Hartley, JA; (1999) The role of base excision repair in the repair of DNA adducts formed by a series of nitrogen mustard-containing analogues of distamycin of increasing binding site size. ANTI-CANCER DRUG DES , 14 (1) 11 - 18.


Calabrese, CR; Thomas, HD; Batey, MA; Boritzki, T; Zhang, K; White, AW; Curtin, NJ; (1999) Preclinical pharmacology of novel substituted benzimidazoles - potent inhibitors of poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase. Clinical Cancer Research , 5 543 - ?.

Calvert, AH; Ghokul, S; Al-Azraqi, A; Wright, J; Lind, M; Bailey, N; Highley, M; (1999) Carboplatin and paclitaxel, alone and in combination: Dose escalation, measurement of renal function, and role of the p53 tumor suppressor gene. SEMINARS IN ONCOLOGY , 26 (1) 90 - 94.

Calvert, AH; Hughes, AN; Calvert, PM; Plummer, RE; Highley, MS; (1999) MTA (LY231514) demonstrates clinical activity against malignant mesothelioma in a phase I combination trial with carboplatin. European Journal of Cancer , 35 1146 - ?.

Calvert, AH; Sessa, C; Hughes, A; Jochim, U; Calvert, P; Ghielmini, M; Renard, J; (1999) Pharmacokinetics (PK) of BMS-184476, a new taxane analog, given weekly in patients with advanced malignancies. European Journal of Cancer , 35 1147 - ?.

Calvert, H; (1999) MTA, a novel multitargeted antifolate, from preclinical to phase I and beyond: summary and conclusions. Semin Oncol , 26 (2 Suppl 6) 105 - 108.

Calvert, H; (1999) MTA, a novel multitargeted antifolate, from preclinical to phase I and beyond: summary and conclusions. Semin Oncol , 26 (2 Suppl ) pp. 105-108.

Calvert, H; (1999) An overview of folate metabolism: Features relevant to the action and toxicities of antifolate anticancer agents. SEMINARS IN ONCOLOGY , 26 (2) 3 - 10.

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Casey, JL; Pedley, RB; King, DJ; Boden, R; Chapman, AP; Yarranton, GT; Begent, RHJ; (1999) Improved tumour targeting of di-Fab ' fragments modified with polyethylene glycol. TUMOR TARGET , 4 (4) 235 - 244.

Casey, JL; Pedley, RB; King, DJ; Green, AJ; Yarranton, GT; Begent, RHJ; (1999) Dosimetric evaluation and radioimmunotherapy of anti-tumour multivalent Fab' fragments. BRIT J CANCER , 81 (6) 972 - 980.

Cooke, SP; Pedley, RB; Boden, R; Holliger, P; Winter, G; Begent, RHJ; Chester, KA; (1999) Tumour targeting using MFE-23 :: TNF alpha fusion protein. BRIT J CANCER , 80 85 - 85.

Cooke, SP; Pedley, RBB; R, H; P, W; G, B; R H J and Chester, KA; (1999) Tumour targeting using MFE::TNF fusion protein. In: (Proceedings) Proceedings BACR, Br J Cancer. (pp. 85-).

Curtin, NJ; Bowman, KJ; Turner, RN; Huang, B; Loughlin, PJ; Calvert, AH; Golding, BT; (1999) Potentiation of the cytotoxicity of thymidylate synthase (TS) inhibitors by dipyridamole analogues with reduced alpha(1)-acid glycoprotein binding. BRIT J CANCER , 80 (11) 1738 - 1746.

Curtin, NJ; Kyle, S; Wang, LZ; Durkacz, BW; White, AJ; Srinivasan, S; Griffin, RJ; (1999) Potentiation of temozolomide and topotecan growth inhibition by novel potent benzimidazole poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP) inhibitors. Clinical Cancer Research , 5 520 - ?.


Delaney, CA; Wang, LZ; Kyle, LZ; Srinivasan, S; White, AW; Curtin, NJ; Calvert, AH; (1999) Potentiation of temozolomide and topotecan cytotoxicity by PARP inhibitors in a panel of human cancer cell lines. British Journal of Cancer , 80 62 - ?.


Flynn, AA; Green, AJ; Boxer, G; Pedley, RB; Begent, RHJ; (1999) A comparison of image registration techniques for the correlation of radiolabelled antibody distribution with tumour morphology. PHYS MED BIOL , 44 (7) N151 - N159.

Flynn, AA; Green, AJ; Boxer, GM; Casey, JL; Pedley, RB; Begent, RHJ; (1999) A novel technique, using radioluminography, for the measurement of uniformity of radiolabelled antibody distribution in a colorectal cancer xenograft model. INT J RADIAT ONCOL , 43 (1) 183 - 189.


Ghazal-Aswad, S; Tilby, MJ; Lind, M; Baily, N; Sinha, DP; Calvert, AH; Newell, DR; (1999) Pharmacokinetically guided dose escalation of carboplatin in epithelial ovarian cancer: Effect on drug-plasma AUC and peripheral blood drug-DNA adduct levels. ANN ONCOL , 10 (3) 329 - 334.

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Hunalov, A; Robson, L; Perkins, SJ; Begent, RHJ; Chester, KA; (1999) A vector for expression of dimeric and chelating forms of anti-CEA scFvS. BRIT J CANCER , 80 51 - 51.


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Short, S; (1999) UNSPECIFIED In: (Proceedings) The Royal College of Radiologists Annual Scientific Meeting.

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