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Adams, M; Calvert, AH; Carmichael, J; Clark, PI; Coleman, RE; Earl, HM; Gallagher, CJ; (1998) Chemotherapy for ovarian cancer - a consensus statement on standard practice. BRIT J CANCER , 78 (11) 1404 - 1406.

Almassy, R; Bowman, K; Calvert, AH; Curtin, NJ; Golding, BT; Hostomska, Z; Hostomsky, Z; (1998) 2-phenylbenzimidazole-4-carboxamides are potent inhibitors of the DNA repair enzyme poly(ADP-ribose)-polymerase (PARP). Annals of Oncology , 9 116 - ?.

Arcaro, A; Volinia, S; Zvelebil, MJ; Stein, R; Watton, SJ; Layton, MJ; Gout, I; (1998) Human phosphoinositide 3-kinase C2 beta, the role of calcium and the C2 domain in enzyme activity. JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY , 273 (49) pp. 33082-33090. 10.1074/jbc.273.49.33082.


Botelli, R; Tibballs, J; Hochhauser, D; Watkinson, A; Dick, R; Burroughs, AK; (1998) Ultrasound screening for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) in cirrhosis: the evidence for an established clinical practice. CLIN RADIOL , 53 (10) 713 - 716.


Calvert, AH; Walling, JM; (1998) Clinical studies with MTA. BRIT J CANCER , 78 35 - 40.

Casey, JL; King, DJ; Pedley, RB; Boden, JA; Boden, R; Chaplin, LC; Dorning, M; (1998) Clearance of yttrium-90-labelled anti-tumour antibodies with antibodies raised against the 12N4 DOTA macrocycle. BRIT J CANCER , 78 (10) 1307 - 1312.

Cummings, J; Spanswick, VJ; Gardiner, J; Ritchie, A; Smyth, JF; (1998) Pharmacological and biochemical determinants of the antitumour activity of the indoloquinone EO9. BIOCHEM PHARMACOL , 55 (3) 253 - 260.

Cummings, J; Spanswick, VJ; Tomasz, M; Smyth, JF; (1998) Enzymology of mitomycin C metabolic activation in tumour tissue - Implications for enzyme-directed bioreductive drug development. BIOCHEM PHARMACOL , 56 (4) 405 - 414.


Decoster, E; Cornelis, S; Vanhaesebroeck, B; Fiers, W; (1998) Autocrine tumor necrosis factor (TNF) and lymphotoxin (LT) alpha differentially modulate cellular sensitivity to TNF/LT-alpha cytotoxicity in L929 cells. J Cell Biol , 143 (7) pp. 2057-2065.

Decoster, E; Vanhaesebroeck, B; Boone, E; Plaisance, S; De Vos, K; Haegeman, G; Grooten, J; (1998) Induction of unresponsiveness to tumor necrosis factor (TNF) after autocrine TNF expression requires TNF membrane retention. J Biol Chem , 273 (6) pp. 3271-3277.

Deora, AA; Win, T; Vanhaesebroeck, B; Lander, HM; (1998) A redox-triggered ras-effector interaction. Recruitment of phosphatidylinositol 3'-kinase to Ras by redox stress. J Biol Chem , 273 (45) pp. 29923-29928.


Grant, S; Boyle, F; Calvert, AH; Curtin, NJ; Endicott, J; Golding, BT; Griffin, RJ; (1998) O-6-alkylguanines as selective inhibitors of cyclin dependent kinases. Annals of Oncology , 9 523 - ?.

Griffin, RJ; Srinivasan, S; Bowman, K; Calvert, AH; Curtin, NJ; Newell, DR; Pemberton, LC; (1998) Resistance-modifying agents. 5. Synthesis and biological properties of quinazolinone inhibitors of the DNA repair enzyme poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP). J MED CHEM , 41 (26) 5247 - 5256.


Harland, SJ; Cook, PA; Fossa, SD; Horwich, A; Mead, GM; Parkinson, MC; Roberts, JT; (1998) Intratubular germ cell neoplasia of the contralateral testis in testicular cancer: Defining a high risk group. J UROLOGY , 160 (4) 1353 - 1357.

Henderson, ND; Lacy, SM; O'Hare, CC; Hartley, JA; McClean, S; Wakelin, LPG; Kelland, LR; (1998) Synthesis of new bifunctional compounds which selectively alkylate guanines in DNA. ANTI-CANCER DRUG DES , 13 (7) 749 - 768.

Hochhauser, D; (1998) Molecular biologists map pathways to gastrointestinal cancer. LANCET , 351 (9109) 1109 - 1109.

Holford, J; Raynaud, F; Murrer, BA; Grimaldi, K; Hartley, JA; Abrams, M; Kelland, LR; (1998) Chemical, biochemical and pharmacological activity of the novel sterically hindered platinum co-ordination complex, cis-[amminedichloro(2-methylpyridine)] platinum(II) (AMD473). ANTI-CANCER DRUG DES , 13 (1) 1 - 18.

Hughes, AN; Griffin, MJ; Calvert, AH; Johnston, A; Kerr, B; Lee, C; Newell, DR; (1998) Pharmacokinetic interactions in a phase I study of nolatrexed (AG337, THYMITAQ (TM)) and paclitaxel in patients with advanced solid tumours. Annals of Oncology , 9 463 - ?.


Jackman, AL; Mitchell, F; Lynn, S; Aherne, GW; Rees, C; Calvert, AH; Judson, IR; (1998) Evidence for the duration of the antifolate action of the thymidylate synthase (TS) inhibitor ZD9331 using plasma dUrd as a surrogate marker of enzyme inhibition. Annals of Oncology , 9 604O - ?.

Jackson, H; Bacon, L; Pedley, RB; Derbyshire, E; Field, A; Osbourn, J; Allen, D; (1998) Antigen specificity and tumour targeting efficiency of a human carcinoembryonic antigen-specific scFv and affinity-matured derivatives. BRIT J CANCER , 78 (2) 181 - 188.

Ju, JF; Banerjee, D; Lenz, HJ; Danenberg, KD; Schmittgen, TC; Spears, CP; Schonthal, AH; (1998) Restoration of wild-type p53 activity in p53-null HL-60 cells confers multidrug sensitivity. CLIN CANCER RES , 4 (5) 1315 - 1322.


Maini, MK; Wedderburn, LR; Hall, FC; Wack, A; Casorati, G; Beverley, PCL; (1998) Comparison of two techniques for the molecular tracking of specific T-cell responses; CD4(+) human T-cell clones persist in a stable hierarchy but at a lower frequency than clones in the CD8(+) population. IMMUNOLOGY , 94 (4) 529 - 535.

Marshman, E; Calvert, AH; Newell, DR; Curtin, NJ; (1998) Dipyridamole selectively potentiates antipurine antifolates in human tumour cell lines but not normal tissue targets of dose-limiting toxicity. Annals of Oncology , 9 589 - ?.

Marshman, E; Newell, DR; Calvert, AH; Dickinson, AM; Patel, HRH; Campbell, FC; Curtin, NJ; (1998) Dipyridamole potentiates antipurine antifolate activity in the presence of hypoxanthine in tumor cells but not in normal tissues in vitro. CLIN CANCER RES , 4 (11) 2895 - 2902.

Mayer, A; Chester, KA; Bhatia, J; Pedley, RB; Read, DA; Boxer, GM; Begent, RHJ; (1998) Exemplifying guidelines for preparation of recombinant DNA products in phase I trials in cancer: Preparation of a genetically engineered anti-CEa single chain Fv antibody. EUR J CANCER , 34 (7) 968 - 976.

McAdam, SR; Knox, RJ; Hartley, JA; Masters, JRW; (1998) KW-2149 (7-N-[2-[gamma-L-glutamylamino]ethyldithio-ethyl] mitomycin C): DNA interactions and drug uptake following serum activation. BIOCHEM PHARMACOL , 55 (11) 1777 - 1783.

McDonald, AC; Vasey, PA; Adams, L; Walling, J; Woodworth, JR; Abrahams, T; McCarthy, S; (1998) A Phase I and pharmacokinetic study of LY231514, the multitargeted antifolate. CLIN CANCER RES , 4 (3) 605 - 610.

Mead, GM; Russell, M; Clark, P; Harland, SJ; Harper, PG; Cowan, R; Roberts, JT; (1998) A randomized trial comparing methotrexate and vinblastine (MV) with cisplatin, methotrexate and vinblastine (CMV) in advanced transitional cell carcinoma: results and a report on prognostic factors in a Medical Research Council study. MRC Advanced Bladder Cancer Working Party. Br J Cancer , 78 (8) pp. 1067-1075.

Meyer, T; Hart, IR; (1998) Mechanisms of tumour metastasis. Eur J Cancer , 34 (2) pp. 214-221.

Meyer, T; Marshall, JF; Hart, IR; (1998) Expression of alphav integrins and vitronectin receptor identity in breast cancer cells. Br J Cancer , 77 (4) pp. 530-536.

Middleton, MR; Lunn, JM; Morris, C; Rustin, G; Wedge, SR; Brampton, MH; Lind, MJ; (1998) O-6-methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase in pretreatment tumour biopsies as a predictor of response to temozolomide in melanoma. BRIT J CANCER , 78 (9) 1199 - 1202.

Mitchell, F; Lynn, S; Rees, C; Judson, I; Calvert, AH; Ratain, M; Diab, S; (1998) Plasma 2 '-deoxyuridine (dUrd) as a surrogate marker of thymidylate synthase (TS) inhibition in patients in phase I clinical trials of the TS inhibitor ZD9331. Annals of Oncology , 9 614 - ?.


Ornadel, D; Ledermann, JA; Eagle, K; Pedley, RB; Boxer, G; Ward, SE; Olabiran, Y; (1998) Biodistribution of a radiolabelled monoclonal antibody NY3D11 recognizing the neural cell adhesion molecule in tumour xenografts and patients with small cell lung cancer. BRIT J CANCER , 77 (1) 103 - 109.


Plummer, R; Calvert, AH; Judson, I; Beale, P; Rees, C; Gokal, S; Highley, M; (1998) Phase I trial of ZD9331 given as a 30 minute infusion on days 1 and 8 with cycles repeated every 3 weeks. Annals of Oncology , 9 617 - ?.

Price, P; Hoskin, PJ; Hutchinson, T; Stenning, S; UK Med Res Council, ; (1998) What is the role of radiation-chemotherapy in the radical non-surgical management of carcinoma of the oesophagus? BRIT J CANCER , 78 (4) 504 - 507.

Prvulovich, EM; Stein, RC; Bomanji, JB; Ledermann, JA; Taylor, I; Ell, PJ; (1998) Iodine-131-MIBG therapy of a patient with carcinoid liver metastases. J NUCL MED , 39 (10) 1743 - 1745.


Rafi, I; Boddy, AV; Calvete, JA; Taylor, GA; Newell, DR; Bailey, NP; Lind, MJ; (1998) Preclinical and phase I clinical studies with the nonclassical antifolate thymidylate synthase inhibitor nolatrexed dihydrochloride given by prolonged administration in patients with solid tumors. J CLIN ONCOL , 16 (3) 1131 - 1141.

Rees, C; Beale, P; Plummer, R; Highley, M; Calvert, AH; Judson, I; Smith, R; (1998) Phase I trial of ZD9331 given as a 30 minute infusion on days 1 and 8 with cycles repeated every 3 weeks. Annals of Oncology , 9 628P - ?.

Roy, K; Chiao, JH; Spengler, BA; Tolner, B; Yang, CH; Biedler, JL; Sirotnak, FM; (1998) Chromosomal localization of the murine RFC-1 gene encoding a folate transporter and its amplification in an antifolate resistant variant overproducing the transporter. CANCER GENET CYTOGEN , 105 (1) 29 - 38.

Roy, K; Tolner, B; Chiao, JH; Sirotnak, FM; (1998) A single amino acid difference within the folate transporter encoded by the murine RFC-1 gene selectively alters its interaction with folate analogues - Implications for intrinsic antifolate resistance and directional orientation of the transporter within the plasma membrane of tumor cells. J BIOL CHEM , 273 (5) 2526 - 2531. Gold open access


Saunders, MI; Rojas, A; Lyn, BE; Pigott, K; Powell, M; Goodchild, K; Hoskin, PJ; (1998) Experience with dose escalation using CHARTWEL (continuous hyperfractionated accelerated radiotherapy weekend less) in non-small-cell lung cancer. Br J Cancer , 78 (10) pp. 1323-1328.

Siegal, G; Davis, B; Kristensen, SM; Sankar, A; Linacre, J; Stein, RC; Panayotou, G; (1998) Solution structure of the C-terminal SH2 domain of the p85 alpha regulatory subunit of phosphoinositide 3-kinase. JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR BIOLOGY , 276 (2) pp. 461-478. 10.1006/jmbi.1997.1562.

Smith, PG; Newell, DR; Barnes, MJ; Calvert, AH; Curtin, NJ; (1998) Potentiation of the in vitro activity of the multi-targeted antifolate MTA (LY231514) by dipyridamole. Annals of Oncology , 9 588 - ?.

Spanswick, VJ; Cummings, J; Ritchie, AA; Smyth, JF; (1998) Pharmacological determinants of the antitumour activity of mitomycin C. BIOCHEM PHARMACOL , 56 (11) 1497 - 1503.

Spanswick, VJ; Cummings, J; Smyth, JF; (1998) Current issues in the enzymology of mitomycin C metabolic activation. GEN PHARMACOL-VASC S , 31 (4) 539 - 544.

Stein, R; (1998) SH2 and SH3 domains. Unraveling signaling networks with peptide antagonists. Methods Mol Biol , 88 pp. 187-195. 10.1385/0-89603-487-9:187.

Sunters, A; Grimaldi, KA; Souhami, RL; Hartley, JA; (1998) Gene and human tumour cell line specific differences in nitrogen mustard induced DNA alkylation and interstrand crosslinking frequencies. NUCLEIC ACIDS RES , 26 (24) 5617 - 5623. Gold open access


Tilby, MJ; McCartney, H; Gould, KA; O'Hare, CC; Hartley, JA; Hall, AG; Golding, BT; (1998) A monofunctional derivative of melphalan: Preparation, DNA alkylation products, and determination of the specificity of monoclonal antibodies that recognize melphalan-DNA adducts. CHEM RES TOXICOL , 11 (10) 1162 - 1168.

Tolner, B; Roy, K; Sirotnak, FM; (1998) Structural analysis of the human RFC-1 gene encoding a folate transporter reveals multiple promoters and alternatively spliced transcripts with 5 ' end heterogeneity. GENE , 211 (2) 331 - 341.


Varrault, A; Ciani, E; Apiou, F; Bilanges, B; Hoffmann, A; Pantaloni, C; Bockaert, J; (1998) hZAC encodes a zinc finger protein with antiproliferative properties and maps to a chromosomal region frequently lost in cancer. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A , 95 (15) pp. 8835-8840.


Watson, R; Boxer, GM; Jones, A; (1998) Quantitation of CEA and oestrogen receptor expression in human breast cancers by radioimmunoluminography. BRIT J CANCER , 78 59 - 59.


Zilch, CF; Walker, AM; Timon, M; Goff, LK; Wallace, DL; Beverley, PCL; (1998) A point mutation within CD45 exon A is the cause of variant CD45RA splicing in humans. EUR J IMMUNOL , 28 (1) 22 - 29.

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