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Adiseshiah, M; (1999) Good health innovations. Daily Mail p. 42.

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Fellowes, D; Fallowfield, L; Saunders, C; Houghton, J; (1999) Patient evaluation of hormone therapy in breast cancer: Quantifying trade-offs between survival gains and quality of life. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

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Potyka, I; Houghton, J; Baum, M; Odling-Smee, W; CRC, BCTG; (1999) Is postoperative radiotherapy necessary in the management of early breast cancer patients who also receive adjuvant systemic treatment. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.


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Ryan, JM; (1999) Surviving the Millenium Bug - Hospital preparations for the millenium, London Weekend Television. UNSPECIFIED

Ryan, JM; (1999) The reconstruction of a university teaching hospital in Kosovo (Test Bed Science Series), BBC Radio 4. UNSPECIFIED

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Thrush, S; Christie, R; Brooks, M; Bates, A; Houghton, J; Coltart, RS; Bates, T; (1999) UNSPECIFIED Presented at: Is radiotherapy to the breast and lower axilla adequate treatment for a positive node sample (Abstract).

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