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(2000) Public awareness of cigarette smoking and erectile dysfunction. Journal of the Royal Society of Health , 120 (1) pp. 7-8.

(2000) Chemoprevention: An important treatment option for prostate cancer. Journal of the Royal Society for the Promotion of Health , 120 (3) pp. 146-147.

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(2000) Impairment of corpus cavernosal smooth muscle relaxation by glycosylated human haemaglobin (Letter). BJU International , 86 (6) pp. 756-757.

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(2000) Bilirubin and peripheral vascular disease (Letter). British Journal Of Surgery , 87 (2) pp. 251-252.

(2000) Endothelins in the urinary tract (Review). BJU International , 86 (1) pp. 97-106.

(2000) Nitric oxide in the lower urinary tract: Physiological and pathological implications (Review). BJU International , 85 (5) pp. 567-578.

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Achermann, JC; Brook, CGD; Hindmarsh, PC; (2000) The GH response to low-dose bolus growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH(1-29)NH2) is attenuated in patients with longstanding post-irradiation GH insufficiency. EUR J ENDOCRINOL , 142 (4) 359 - 364.

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Al Saffar, N; Revell, PA; (2000) Differential expression of transforming growth factor-alpha and macrophage colony-stimulating factor/colony-stimulating factor-1R (c-fms) by multinucleated giant cells involved in pathological bone resorption at the site of orthopaedic implants. Journal of Orthopaedic Research , 18 (5) 800 - 807.

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Anderson, FM; O'Hare, CC; Hartley, JA; Robins, DJ; (2000) Synthesis of new homochiral bispyrrolidines as potential DNA cross-linking antitumour agents. ANTI-CANCER DRUG DES , 15 (2) 119 - 126.

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Ardeshna, KM; Pizzey, AR; Thomas, NSB; Orr, S; Linch, DC; Devereux, S; (2000) Monocyte-derived dendritic cells do not proliferate and are not susceptible to retroviral transduction. BRIT J HAEMATOL , 108 (4) 817 - 824.

Ardeshna, KM; Walker, SJ; Devereux, S; Linch, DC; Khwaja, A; (2000) The p38 stress activated protein kinase mediates the increased responsiveness of mature dendritic cells to macrophage inhibitory protein 3 beta (MIP3 beta) and secondary lymphoid chemokine (SLC). BLOOD , 96 (11) 33A - 33A.

Ariad, S; Benharroch, D; Lupu, L; Davidovici, B; Dupin, N; Boshoff, C; (2000) Early peripheral lymph node involvement of human herpesvirus 8-associated, body cavity-based lymphoma in a human immunodeficiency virus-negative patient. ARCH PATHOL LAB MED , 124 (5) 753 - 755.

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Arkenau, H-T; Lüthi, U; (2000) Seifenblasenläsionen. Schweizerische Medizinische Wochenschrift , 130 (51-52) 2017 - 2017. Gold open access

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