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Barba-Montoya, J; dos Reis, M; Schneider, H; Donoghue, PCJ; Yang, Z; (2018) Constraining uncertainty in the timescale of angiosperm evolution and the veracity of a Cretaceous Terrestrial Revolution. New Phytologist (In press).

Brittain, S; Ngo Bata, M; De Ornellas, P; Milner-Gulland, EJ; Rowcliffe, M; (2018) Combining local knowledge and occupancy analysis for a rapid assessment of forest elephants in Cameroon’s timber production forests. Oryx (In press).


Chen, S; Cunningham, AA; Wei, G; Yang, J; Liang, Z; Wang, J; Wu, M; ... Turvey, ST; + view all (2018) Determining threatened species distributions in the face of limited data: spatial conservation prioritization for the Chinese giant salamander (Andrias davidianus). Ecology and Evolution (In press).


Duncan, C; Owen, H; Thompson, J; Koldewey, H; Primavera, J; Pettorelli, N; (2018) Satellite remote sensing to monitor mangrove forest resilience and resistance to sea level rise in ecology and evolution. Methods in Ecology and Evolution (In press).

dos reis, M; Gunnell, GF; Barba-Montoya, J; Wilkins, A; Yang, Z; Yoder, AD; (2018) Using Phylogenomic Data to Explore the Effects of Relaxed Clocks and Calibration Strategies on 5 Divergence Time Estimation: Primates as a Test Case. Systematic Biology (In press).


Evans, TG; Kumschick, S; Şekercioğlu, ÇH; Blackburn, TM; (2018) Identifying the factors that determine the severity and type of alien bird impacts: Data File. [Dataset]. UCL Division of Biosciences: London, UK. Green open access


Gibb, R; Moses, LM; Redding, DW; Jones, KE; (2018) Understanding the cryptic nature of Lassa Fever in West Africa. Pathogens and Global Health (In press).


Habib, AM; Matsuyama, A; Okorokov, AL; Santana, S; Bras, JT; Aloisi, AM; Emery, EC; ... Cox, JJ; + view all (2018) A novel human pain insensitivity disorder caused by a point mutation in ZFHX2. Brain (In press).

Hardesty-Moore, M; Deinet, S; Freeman, R; Titcomb, GC; Dillon, EM; Stears, K; Klope, M; ... McCauley, DJ; + view all (2018) Migration in the Anthropocene: how collective navigation, environmental system, and taxonomy shape the vulnerability of migratory species. Philosophical Transactions B: Biological Sciences 10.1098/rstb.2017.0017. (In press).

Harrison, XA; Antwis, RE; (2018) Probiotic Consortia Are Not Uniformly Effective Against Different Amphibian Chytrid Pathogen Isolates. Molecular Ecology 10.1111/mec.14456. (In press).


Lawson, B; Franklinos, L; Rodriguez-Ramos Fernandez, J; Wend-Hansen, C; Nair, S; Macgregor, SK; John, SK; ... de Pinna, EM; + view all (2018) Salmonella Enteritidis ST183: emerging and endemic biotypes affecting western European hedgehogs (Erinaceus europaeus) and people in Great Britain. Scientific Reports (In press).

Lawson, B; Robinson, RA; Toms, MP; Risely, K; Macdonald, S; Cunningham, AA; (2018) Health hazards to wild birds and risk factors associated with anthropogenic food provisioning. Philosophical Transactions B: Biological Sciences (In press).


Maor, R; Ferguson-Gow, H; Dayan, T; Jones, KE; (2018) Temporal niche expansion in mammals from a nocturnal ancestor after dinosaur extinction. Nature Ecology and Evolution (In press).

Molenaar, FM; Jaffe, JE; Carter, I; Barnett, EA; Shore, RF; Rowcliffe, M; Sainsbury, AW; (2018) Poisoning of reintroduced red kites (Milvus milvus in England. European Journal of Wildlife Research (In press).

Murray, NJ; Keith, DA; Bland, LM; Ferrari, R; Lyons, MB; Lucas, R; Pettorelli, N; (2018) The role of satellite remote sensing in structured ecosystem risk assessments. Science of the Total Environment (In press).


O'Kelly, HJ; Rowcliffe, M; Durant, S; Milner-Gulland, EJ; (2018) Experimental estimation of snare detectability for robust threat monitoring. Ecology and Evolution (In press).


Peart, CR; Dasmahapatra, KK; Day, JJ; (2018) Contrasting geographic structure in evolutionarily divergent Lake Tanganyika catfishes. Ecology and Evolution

Pettorelli, N; (2018) Applied ecology in the 21st century. Ecology 10.1002/ecy.2116. (In press).

Pettorelli, N; Barlow, J; Stephens, P; Durant, SM; Connor, B; Schulte to Bühne, H; Sandom, C; ... du Toit, JT; + view all (2018) Making rewilding fit for policy. Journal of Applied Ecology (In press).


Rocchini, D; Luque, S; Pettorelli, N; Bastin, L; Doktor, D; Faedi, N; Feilhauer, H; ... Nagendra, H; + view all (2018) Measuring β-diversity by remote sensing: a challenge for biodiversity monitoring. Methods in Ecology and Evolution (In press).

Roll, U; Feldman, A; Novosolov, M; Allison, A; Bauer, AM; Bernard, R; Bohm, M; ... Meiri, S; + view all (2018) The global distribution of tetrapods reveals a need for targeted reptile conservation. Nature Ecology & Evolution (In press).


Salvador-Martínez, I; Coronado-Zamora, M; Castellano, D; Barbadilla, A; Salazar-Ciudad, I; (2018) Mapping selection within Drosophila melanogaster embryo's anatomy. Molecular Biology and Evolution , 35 (1) pp. 66-79. 10.1093/molbev/msx266.

Schulte to Bühne, H; Pettorelli, N; (2018) Better together: Integrating and fusing multispectral and radar satellite imagery to inform biodiversity monitoring, ecological research and conservation science. Methods in Ecology and Evolution (In press).

Schulte-Herbrüggen, B; Cowlishaw, G; Homewood, K; Rowcliffe, M; (2018) Rural protein insufficiency in a wildlife-depleted west African farm-forest landscape. PLoS ONE , 12 (12) , Article e0188109. 10.1371/journal.pone.0188109. Green open access

Strassert, JFH; Karnkowska, A; Hehenberger, E; Del Campo, J; Kolisko, M; Okamoto, N; Burki, F; ... Keeling, PJ; + view all (2018) Single cell genomics of uncultured marine alveolates shows paraphyly of basal dinoflagellates. ISME J , 12 (1) pp. 304-308. 10.1038/ismej.2017.167.


Wang, J; (2018) Effects of sampling close relatives on some elementary population genetics analyses. Molecular Ecology Resources 10.1111/1755-0998.12708. Green open access

Wang, J; (2018) Estimating genotyping errors from genotype and reconstructed pedigree data. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 10.1111/2041-210X.12859. Green open access


Yang, Z; Angelis, K; dos Reis, M; (2018) An evaluation of different partitioning strategies for Bayesian estimation of species divergence times. Systematic Biology , 67 (1) pp. 61-77. 10.1093/sysbio/syx061. Green open access

Yang, Z; Shi, C-M; (2018) Coalescent-based analyses of genomic sequence data provide a robust resolution of phylogenetic relationships among major groups of gibbons. Molecular Biology and Evolution (In press).

Yang, Z; Zhu, T; (2018) Bayesian selection of misspecified models is overconfident and may cause spurious posterior probabilities for phylogenetic trees. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (In press).


Zamora-Gutierrez, V; Pearson, RG; Green, RE; Jones, KE; (2018) Forecasting the combined effects of climate and land-use change on Mexican bats. Diversity and Distributions (In press).

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