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Aguileta, G; Bielawski, JP; Yang, Z; (2006) Evolutionary rate variation among vertebrate beta globin genes: implications for dating gene family duplication events. Gene , 380 (1) pp. 21-29. 10.1016/j.gene.2006.04.019.

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Thomas, MG; (2006) BBC News 24. UNSPECIFIED

Thomas, MG; (2006) BBC Radio 5 Live. UNSPECIFIED

Thomas, MG; (2006) BBC Radio 5 Live. UNSPECIFIED

Thomas, MG; (2006) Britain AD (Channel 4). UNSPECIFIED

Thomas, MG; (2006) Chimps Are People Too (Horizon, BBC2). UNSPECIFIED

Thomas, MG; (2006) Royal Roots (Shine TV for Sky 1). UNSPECIFIED

Thomas, MG; (2006) Sky TV News. UNSPECIFIED

Thomas, MG; (2006) The Today Programme (BBC Radio 4). UNSPECIFIED


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