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Agostinelli, C; Hartmann, S; Klapper, W; Korkolopoulou, P; Righi, S; Marafioti, T; Piccaluga, PP; (2011) Peripheral T cell lymphomas with follicular T helper phenotype: a new basket or a distinct entity? Revising Karl Lennert's personal archive. HISTOPATHOLOGY , 59 (4) pp. 679-691. 10.1111/j.1365-2559.2011.03981.x.

Amary, MF; Bacsi, K; Maggiani, F; Damato, S; Halai, D; Berisha, F; Pollock, R; (2011) IDH1 and IDH2 mutations are frequent events in central chondrosarcoma and central and periosteal chondromas but not in other mesenchymal tumours. J PATHOL , 224 (3) 334 - 343. 10.1002/path.2913.

Amary, MF; Damato, S; Halai, D; Eskandarpour, M; Berisha, F; Bonar, F; McCarthy, S; (2011) Ollier disease and Maffucci syndrome are caused by somatic mosaic mutations of IDH1 and IDH2. Nat Genet , 43 (12) pp. 1262-1265. 10.1038/ng.994.


Banks, MR; Haidry, R; Butt, MA; Whitley, L; Stein, J; Langmead, L; Bloom, SL; (2011) High resolution colonoscopy in a bowel cancer screening program improves polyp detection. WORLD JOURNAL OF GASTROENTEROLOGY , 17 (38) pp. 4308-4313. 10.3748/wjg.v17.i38.4308. Gold open access

Bates, AW; (2011) The anatomy of beauty in nineteenth-century England. Hektoen International , 3 (1)

Blanc, V; Nariculam, J; Munson, P; Freeman, A; Klocker, H; Masters, J; Williamson, M; (2011) A Role for Class 3 Semaphorins in Prostate Cancer. PROSTATE , 71 (6) pp. 649-658. 10.1002/pros.21281.


Chambers, W.; (2011) Dukes stage B colorectal cancers analysed with array comparative genomic hybridisation. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). Green open access


Dina, R; Gudi, M; Kocjan, G; Schmitt, F; Vielh, P; (2011) The danger to cytopathology of over-specialization and its relevance for histopathology. CYTOPATHOLOGY , 22 (2) 140 - 140. 10.1111/j.1365-2303.2011.00865.x.

Doebroessy, M; Klein, A; Janghra, N; Nikkhah, G; Dunnett, SB; (2011) Validating the use of M4-BAC-GFP mice as tissue donors in cell replacement therapies in a rodent model of Huntington's disease. JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE METHODS , 197 (1) pp. 6-13. 10.1016/j.jneumeth.2011.01.015.

Dudderidge, TJ; Kelly, J; Wollenschlaeger, A; Leung, H; Okoturo, O; Prevost, T; Prevost, T; (2011) DIAGNOSIS OF BLADDER CANCER BY COMBINED DETECTION OF MINICHROMOSOME MAINTENANCE 5 PROTEIN AND NMP22 IN URINE. EUR UROL SUPPL , 10 (2) 73 - 74.

Dunn, JM; Banks, MR; Oukrif, D; Mackenzie, GD; Thorpe, S; Rodriguez-Justo, M; Winstanley, A; (2011) Radiofrequency ablation is effective for the treatment of high-grade dysplasia in Barrett's esophagus after failed photodynamic therapy. ENDOSCOPY , 43 (7) 627 - 630. 10.1055/s-0030-1256443.

Dunn, JM; Hveem, T; Pretorius, M; Oukrif, D; Nielsen, B; Albregtsen, F; Lovat, LB; (2011) Comparison of nuclear texture analysis and image cytometric DNA analysis for the assessment of dysplasia in Barrett's oesophagus. BRIT J CANCER , 105 (8) 1218 - 1223. 10.1038/bjc.2011.353.

Dunn, JM; Mackenzie, GD; Thorpe, S; Austwick, M; Mosse, CA; Oukrif, D; Rodriguez-Justo, M; (2011) A Randomised Controlled Trial of ALA V Photofrin PDT for High Grade Dysplasia in Barrett's Esophagus. In: GASTROENTEROLOGY. (pp. S215 - S216). W B SAUNDERS CO-ELSEVIER INC




Feber, A; Wilson, GA; Zhang, L; Presneau, N; Idowu, B; Down, TA; Rakyan, VK; (2011) Comparative methylome analysis of benign and malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors. Genome Research , 21 (4) pp. 515-524. 10.1101/gr.109678.110. Gold open access

Foroni, L; Wilson, G; Gerrard, G; Mason, J; Grimwade, D; White, HE; de Castro, DG; (2011) Guidelines for the measurement of BCR-ABL1 transcripts in chronic myeloid leukaemia. BRITISH JOURNAL OF HAEMATOLOGY , 153 (2) pp. 179-190. 10.1111/j.1365-2141.2011.08603.x.


Gerrard, G; Mudge, K; Stewart, R; Foskett, P; Stevens, D; Khorashad, JS; Szydlo, R; (2011) Duplex quantitative PCR for molecular monitoring of BCR-ABL1-associated hematological malignancies. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF HEMATOLOGY , 86 (3) pp. 313-315. 10.1002/ajh.21954.

Goh, V; Shastry, M; Engledow, A; Reston, J; Wellsted, DM; Peck, J; Endozo, R; (2011) Commercial software upgrades may significantly alter Perfusion CT parameter values in colorectal cancer. Eur Radiol , 21 (4) pp. 744-749. 10.1007/s00330-010-1967-4.

Graham, TA; Humphries, A; Sanders, T; Rodriguez-Justo, M; Tadrous, PJ; Preston, SL; Novelli, MR; (2011) Use of methylation patterns to determine expansion of stem cell clones in human colon tissue. Gastroenterology , 140 (4) 1241-1250.e1-9-. 10.1053/j.gastro.2010.12.036.

Groves, AM; Shastry, M; Rodriguez-Justo, M; Malhotra, A; Endozo, R; Davidson, T; Kelleher, T; (2011) F-18-FDG PET and biomarkers for tumour angiogenesis in early breast cancer. EUR J NUCL MED MOL I , 38 (1) 46 - 52. 10.1007/s00259-010-1590-2.

Guerra, C; Collado, M; Navas, C; Schuhmacher, AJ; Hernández-Porras, I; Cañamero, M; Rodriguez-Justo, M; (2011) Pancreatitis-induced inflammation contributes to pancreatic cancer by inhibiting oncogene-induced senescence. Cancer Cell , 19 (6) pp. 728-739. 10.1016/j.ccr.2011.05.011.

Gutierrez-Gonzalez, L; Graham, TA; Rodriguez-Justo, M; Leedham, SJ; Novelli, MR; Gay, LJ; Ventayol-Garcia, T; (2011) The Clonal Origins of Dysplasia From Intestinal Metaplasia in the Human Stomach. GASTROENTEROLOGY , 140 (4) 1251-+. 10.1053/j.gastro.2010.12.051.


Harrison, JD; Rodriguez-Justo, M; (2011) Commentary on IgG4-related sialadenitis: Mikulicz's disease, Küttner's tumour, and eponymy. Histopathology , 58 (7) pp. 1164-1166. 10.1111/j.1365-2559.2011.03824.x.

Hartmann, S; Agostinelli, C; Klapper, W; Korkolopoulou, P; Koch, K; Marafioti, T; Piccaluga, PP; (2011) Revising the historical collection of epithelioid cell-rich lymphomas of the Kiel Lymph Node Registry: what is Lennert's lymphoma nowadays? HISTOPATHOLOGY , 59 (6) pp. 1173-1182. 10.1111/j.1365-2559.2011.04069.x.

Hong, H.K.; (2011) Cdc7/ASK kinase as a novel target for anti-cancer drug development programmes. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). Green open access


Ibrahim, AR; Eliasson, L; Apperley, JF; Milojkovic, D; Bua, M; Szydlo, R; Mahon, F-X; (2011) Poor adherence is the main reason for loss of CCyR and imatinib failure for chronic myeloid leukemia patients on long-term therapy. BLOOD , 117 (14) pp. 3733-3736. 10.1182/blood-2010-10-309807.


Kocjan, G; Chandra, A; Cross, PA; Giles, T; Johnson, SJ; Stephenson, TJ; Roughton, M; (2011) The Interobserver Reproducibility of Thyroid Fine-Needle Aspiration Using the UK Royal College of Pathologists' Classification System. AM J CLIN PATHOL , 135 (6) 852 - 859. 10.1309/AJCPZ33MVMGZKEWU.


Lawrenson, K; Sproul, D; Grun, B; Notaridou, M; Benjamin, E; Jacobs, IJ; Dafou, D; (2011) Modelling genetic and clinical heterogeneity in epithelial ovarian cancers. CARCINOGENESIS , 32 (10) pp. 1540-1549. 10.1093/carcin/bgr140.

Lobo, C; McQueen, A; Beale, T; Kocjan, G; (2011) The UK Royal College of Pathologists Thyroid Fine-Needle Aspiration Diagnostic Classification Is a Robust Tool for the Clinical Management of Abnormal Thyroid Nodules. ACTA CYTOLOGICA , 55 (6) pp. 499-506. 10.1159/000333234.


Manchanda, R; Abdelraheim, A; Johnson, M; Rosenthal, AN; Benjamin, E; Brunell, C; Burnell, M; (2011) Outcome of risk-reducing salpingo-oophorectomy in BRCA carriers and women of unknown mutation status. BJOG-INT J OBSTET GY , 118 (7) 814 - 824. 10.1111/j.1471-0528.2011.02920.x.

Masir, N; Jones, M; Marafioti, T; Mason, DY; (2011) Heterogeneous expression of B cell-associated markers in follicular lymphoma. Histopathology , 58 (4) pp. 633-636. 10.1111/j.1365-2559.2011.03782.x.

Menezes, LJ; Kotze, CW; Agu, O; Richards, T; Brookes, J; Goh, VJ; Rodriguez-Justo, M; (2011) Investigating Vulnerable Atheroma Using Combined F-18-FDG PET/CT Angiography of Carotid Plaque with Immunohistochemical Validation. J NUCL MED , 52 (11) 1698 - 1703. 10.2967/jnumed.111.093724.

Milojkovic, D; Apperley, JF; Ibrahim, AR; Bua, M; Reid, A; Gerrard, G; Foroni, L; (2011) Prolonged Survival Following Imatinib Failure for CML Patients in CP May Require Multiple TKI Strategies for Responding Patients. In: (Proceedings) 53rd Annual Meeting and Exposition of the American-Society-of-Hematology (ASH)/Symposium on the Basic Science of Hemostasis and Thrombosis. (pp. pp. 1613-1614). AMER SOC HEMATOLOGY

Milojkovic, D; Gerrard, G; Paliompeis, C; Bua, M; Reid, A; Alikian, M; Khorashad, J; (2011) The Natural History of RTQ-PCR Levels After the Achievement of Complete Molecular Remission (CMR): Implications for 'Stopping' Studies. In: (Proceedings) 53rd Annual Meeting and Exposition of the American-Society-of-Hematology (ASH)/Symposium on the Basic Science of Hemostasis and Thrombosis. (pp. p. 278). AMER SOC HEMATOLOGY

Milojkovic, D; Ibrahim, AR; Foroni, L; Lucas, C; Gerrard, G; Wang, L; Szydlo, RM; (2011) Assessment of BCR-ABL1 Transcript Levels At 3 Months Is the Only Requirement for Predicting Outcome for Patients with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Treated with Imatinib. In: (Proceedings) 53rd Annual Meeting and Exposition of the American-Society-of-Hematology (ASH)/Symposium on the Basic Science of Hemostasis and Thrombosis. (pp. p. 729). AMER SOC HEMATOLOGY

Mohamedbhai, SG; Sibson, K; Marafioti, T; Kayani, I; Lowry, L; Goldstone, AH; Linch, DC; (2011) Rituximab in combination with CODOX-M/IVAC: a retrospective analysis of 23 cases of non-HIV related B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma with proliferation index > 95%. BRIT J HAEMATOL , 152 (2) 175 - 181. 10.1111/j.1365-2141.2010.08447.x.


Navani, N; Booth, HL; Kocjan, G; Falzon, M; Capitanio, A; Brown, JM; Porter, JC; (2011) Combination of endobronchial ultrasound-guided transbronchial needle aspiration with standard bronchoscopic techniques for the diagnosis of stage I and stage II pulmonary sarcoidosis. RESPIROLOGY , 16 (3) 467 - 472. 10.1111/j.1440-1843.2011.01933.x.

Navani, N; Nankivell, M; Nadarajan, P; Pereira, SP; Kocjan, G; Janes, SM; (2011) The learning curve for EBUS-TBNA. THORAX , 66 (4) 352 - 353. 10.1136/thx.2010.146407.

Navani, N; Nankivell, M; Woolhouse, I; Harrison, RN; Munavvar, M; Oltmanns, U; Falzon, M; (2011) Endobronchial Ultrasound-Guided Transbronchial Needle Aspiration for the Diagnosis of Intrathoracic Lymphadenopathy in Patients with Extrathoracic Malignancy A Multicenter Study. J THORAC ONCOL , 6 (9) 1505 - 1509. 10.1097/JTO.0b013e318223c3fe.


Patel, B; Dey, A; Ghorani, E; Kumar, S; Malam, Y; Rai, L; Steele, AJ; (2011) Differential Cytopathology and Kinetics of Measles Oncolysis in Two Primary B-cell Malignancies Provides Mechanistic Insights. MOL THER , 19 (6) 1034 - 1040. 10.1038/mt.2011.44.

Pillay, N; Amary, FM; Berisha, F; Tirabosco, R; Flanagan, AM; (2011) P63 does not regulate brachyury expression in human chordomas and osteosarcomas. HISTOPATHOLOGY , 59 (5) pp. 1025-1027. 10.1111/j.1365-2559.2011.03973.x.

Presneau, N; Shalaby, A; Ye, H; Pillay, N; Halai, D; Idowu, B; Tirabosco, R; (2011) Role of the transcription factor T (brachyury) in the pathogenesis of sporadic chordoma: a genetic and functional-based study. J Pathol , 223 (3) pp. 327-335. 10.1002/path.2816.

Presneau, N; Shalaby, A; Ye, HT; Pillay, N; Halai, D; Idowu, B; Tirabosco, R; (2011) Role of the transcription factor T (brachyury) in the pathogenesis of sporadic chordoma: a genetic and functional-based study. J PATHOL , 223 (3) 327 - 335. 10.1002/path.2816.

Proctor, IE; McNamara, C; Rodriguez-Justo, M; Isaacson, PG; Ramsay, A; (2011) Importance of Expert Central Review in the Diagnosis of Lymphoid Malignancies in a Regional Cancer Network. J CLIN ONCOL , 29 (11) 1431 - 1435. 10.1200/JCO.2010.31.2223.


Quinn, J; Glassford, J; Percy, L; Munson, P; Marafioti, T; Rodriguez-Justo, M; Yong, K; (2011) APRIL promotes cell-cycle progression in primary multiple myeloma cells: influence of D-type cyclin group and translocation status. BLOOD , 117 (3) pp. 890-901. 10.1182/blood-2010-01-264424.


Shalaby, A; Presneau, N; Ye, H; Halai, D; Berisha, F; Idowu, B; Leithner, A; (2011) The role of epidermal growth factor receptor in chordoma pathogenesis: a potential therapeutic target. J Pathol , 223 (3) pp. 336-346. 10.1002/path.2818.

Simmonds, N; Bates, AW; (2011) Reporting Paneth Cell Metaplasia in Paediatric GI Biopsies: An Audit on Current Practice and Review of Guidelines. In: JOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY. (pp. S19 - S19). WILEY-BLACKWELL

Stephens, PJ; Greenman, CD; Fu, B; Yang, F; Bignell, GR; Mudie, LJ; Pleasance, ED; (2011) Massive Genomic Rearrangement Acquired in a Single Catastrophic Event during Cancer Development. CELL , 144 (1) pp. 27-40. 10.1016/j.cell.2010.11.055.


Tudzarova, S; Colombo, SL; Stoeber, K; Carcamo, S; Williams, GH; Moncada, S; (2011) Two ubiquitin ligases, APC/C-Cdh1 and SKP1-CUL1-F (SCF)-beta-TrCP, sequentially regulate glycolysis during the cell cycle. P NATL ACAD SCI USA , 108 (13) 5278 - 5283. 10.1073/pnas.1102247108. Gold open access


Zhang, L; Chari, S; Smyrk, TC; Deshpande, V; Kloeppel, G; Kojima, M; Liu, X; (2011) Autoimmune Pancreatitis (AIP) Type 1 and Type 2 An International Consensus Study on Histopathologic Diagnostic Criteria. PANCREAS , 40 (8) pp. 1172-1179. 10.1097/MPA.0b013e318233bec5.

Zhang, Q; Wang, H; Kantekure, K; Paterson, JC; Liu, X; Schaffer, A; Paulos, C; (2011) Oncogenic tyrosine kinase NPM-ALK induces expression of the growth-promoting receptor ICOS. BLOOD , 118 (11) pp. 3062-3071. 10.1182/blood-2011-01-332916.

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