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Al Saffar, N; Burrows, MG; Revell, PA; (2000) Immunopathological reaction to orthopaedic biomaterial. In: Cracium, C and Ardelean, , (eds.) Current Problems in Cellular and Molecular Biology. (pp. 37-50). RISOPRINT: Cluj-Napoca.

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Whitely, W; Tariq, A; Peters, B; Kocjan, G; Miller, RF; Kocjan, G; (2000) Pyrexia of undetermined origin in the era of HAART - (1) - Disseminated cryptococcosis - (2) - Immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome with atypical mycobacteriosis causing lymphadenitis. SEX TRANSM INFECT , 76 (6) 484 - 488.

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