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Barua, JM; Bates, AW; Baithun, SI; (1998) Squamous cell carcinoma arising in a paraurethral cyst - Reply. BRIT J UROL , 81 (4) 657 - 658.

Bates, AW; (1998) Variation in major pulmonary fissures: Incidence in fetal postmortem examinations and a review of significant extrapulmonary structural abnormalities in sixty cases. PEDIATR DEVEL PATHOL , 1 (4) 289 - 294.

Bates, AW; Baithun, SI; (1998) Atypical cutaneous mixed tumour. J PATHOL , 184 43A - 43A.

Bates, AW; Baithun, SI; (1998) Atypical mixed tumor of the skin - Histologic, immunohistochemical, and ultrastructural features in three cases and a review of the criteria for malignancy. AM J DERMATOPATH , 20 (1) 35 - 40.

Bates, AW; Baithun, SI; (1998) Secondary tumours of the bladder. J PATHOL , 184 40A - 40A.

Bates, AW; Fegan, AW; Baithun, SI; (1998) Xanthogranulomatous cystitis associated with malignant neoplasms of the bladder. HISTOPATHOLOGY , 33 (3) 212 - 215.

Bay, JO; Grancho, M; Pernin, D; Presneau, N; Rio, P; Tchirkov, A; Uhrhammer, N; (1998) No evidence for constitutional ATM mutation in breast/gastric cancer families. INT J ONCOL , 12 (6) 1385 - 1390.


De Lord, C; Mercieca, J; Ashton-Key, M; Singh, L; Ryley, S; Isaacson, P; Catovsky, D; (1998) Aggressive NK cell lymphoma preceded by a ten year history of neutropenia associated with large granular lymphocyte lymphocytosis. Leukemia and Lymphoma , 31 (3-4) pp. 417-421.

Dunn-Walters, DK; Dogan, A; Boursier, L; MacDonald, CM; Spencer, J; (1998) Base-specific sequences that bias somatic hypermutation deduced by analysis of out-of-frame human IgV(H) genes. JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY , 160 (5) pp. 2360-2364.


Harvey, CJ; Amin, Z; Hare, CM; Gillams, AR; Novelli, MR; Boulos, PB; Lees, WR; (1998) Helical CT pneumocolon to assess colonic tumours: Radiologic-pathologic correlation. American Journal of Roentgenology , 170 pp. 1439-1443.

Hermann, M; Niemitz, C; Marafioti, T; Schriever, F; (1998) Reduced phagocytosis of apoptotic cells in malignant lymphoma. Int J Cancer , 75 (5) pp. 675-679.

Howie, D; Spencer, J; DeLord, D; Pitzalis, C; Wathen, NC; Dogan, A; Akbar, A; (1998) Extrathymic T cell differentiation in the human intestine early in life. JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY , 161 (11) pp. 5862-5872.


Lankester, KJ; Lishman, S; Ayliffe, U; Kocjan, G; Spittle, MF; Miller, RF; (1998) Primary effusion lymphoma and Kaposi's sarcoma in an HIV-infected man. INT J STD AIDS , 9 (10) 616 - 618.


Morrison, JJ; Klein, N; Chitty, LS; Kocjan, G; Walshe, D; Goulding, M; Geary, MP; (1998) Intra-amniotic inflammation in human gastroschisis: possible aetiology of postnatal bowel dysfunction. BRIT J OBSTET GYNAEC , 105 (11) 1200 - 1204.


Peniket, AJ; Perry, AR; Williams, CD; MacMillan, A; Watts, MJ; Isaacson, PG; Goldstone, AH; (1998) A case of EBV-associated lymphoproliferative disease following high-dose therapy and CD34-purified autologous peripheral blood progenitor cell transplantation. BONE MARROW TRANSPL , 22 (3) 307 - 309.

Pietrzik, CU; Hoffmann, J; Stober, K; Chen, CY; Bauer, C; Otero, DAC; Roch, JM; (1998) From differentiation to proliferation: The secretory amyloid precursor protein as a local mediator of growth in thyroid epithelial cells. P NATL ACAD SCI USA , 95 (4) 1770 - 1775.

Presneau, N; Laplace-Marieze, V; Sylvain, V; Lortholary, A; Hardouin, A; Bernard-Gallon, D; Bignon, YJ; (1998) New mechanism of BRCA-1 mutation by deletion/insertion at the same nucleotide position in three unrelated French breast/ovarian cancer families. HUM GENET , 103 (3) 334 - 339.


Scholefield, JH; Johnson, J; Hitchcock, A; Kocjan, G; Smith, JHF; Smith, PA; Ferryman, S; (1998) Guidelines for anal cytology - to make cytological diagnosis and follow up much more reliable. CYTOPATHOLOGY , 9 (1) 15 - 22.

Stoeber, K; Mills, AD; Kubota, Y; Krude, T; Romanowski, P; Marheineke, K; Laskey, RA; (1998) Cdc6 protein causes premature entry into S phase in a mammalian cell-free system. EMBO J , 17 (24) 7219 - 7229.


Verma, L; Macdonald, F; Leedham, P; McConachie, M; Dhanjal, S; Hulten, M; (1998) Rapid and simple prenatal DNA diagnosis of Down's syndrome. LANCET , 352 (9121) 9 - 12.


Williams, GH; Romanowski, P; Morris, L; Madine, M; Mills, AD; Stoeber, K; Marr, J; (1998) Improved cervical smear assessment using antibodies against proteins that regulate DNA replication. P NATL ACAD SCI USA , 95 (25) 14932 - 14937.

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