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Abel-Ollo, K; Rahu, M; Rajaleid, K; Talu, A; Ruutel, K; Platt, L; Bobrova, N; (2009) Knowledge of HIV serostatus and risk behaviour among injecting drug users in Estonia. AIDS CARE , 21 (7) 851 - 857. 10.1080/09540120802657522.

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Alcock, GA; More, NS; Patil, S; Porel, M; Vaidya, L; Osrin, D; (2009) Community-based health programmes: role perceptions and experiences of female peer facilitators in Mumbai's urban slums. HEALTH EDUC RES , 24 (6) 957 - 966. 10.1093/her/cyp038. Gold open access

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Bansi, L; Turner, J; Gilson, R; Post, F; Gazzard, B; Leen, C; Anderson, J; (2009) Is 1 Alanine Transaminase > 200 IU Enough to Define an Alanine Transaminase Flare in HIV-Infected Populations? A New Definition Derived From a Large Cohort Study. JAIDS-J ACQ IMM DEF , 52 (3) 391 - 396.

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Berlin, AP; (2009) Discussion of the relevance of Luce Irigaray’s work to: doctor/patient and student/tutor relations in clinical practice. Presented at: UCL Research Seminar 'Ethics & aesthetics of globalisation: towards a sexuate perspective', UCL, London.

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